Race rank lower than ship rank

Hi there,
I am having some ingame issue with Federation race. I bought Hawk ship way back (back then it was rank 5 i think, but now it’s rank 6) but still my rank is showing rank 5 for the Federation race. It’s kinda annoying because i am unable to buy rank 6 implant. It is my understanding that the rank for the race is the rank of the highest ship you own in that race tech tree. I already tried to sell the ship and to buy it again but the rank is still 5. I am currently grinding with it and need 2 more ranks in order to buy the next ship (rank 7) but I sincerely hope that i won’t remain rank 5 even then…


Any way to maybe fix this or some workaround ?

R6 fighters/frigates? 

It’s Federation R6 Interceptor:Recon (Hawk)

I know, but did you try to unlock a r6 fighter or Frigate to solve the problem? 

Unfortunately not. Because i don’t play that much with frigates, and with fighter i also need 2 more ranks :confused: