Race Faction Locked at Tier 12?

I am playing lots of SC, very much enjoying it :slight_smile:


I am a bit confused with the recent changes to faction and reputation gains however. 


Currently I am 114000/205000 with Jericho and it doesn’t appear to be increasing any further despite how many contracts/battles/scenarios I win. 


My Raid (a sub faction of Jericho) rank is 13 (196583/535000) and appears to be increasing every time however. 


Am I correct in thinking therefore that Jericho increases have been locked because Tech 5 ships have not been implemented yet? Will I be credited retrospectively with Jericho reputation points once T5 is released? 


I am paying for premium currently and if I am wasting my time working for Jericho I will either suspend future payments or start working for another race in the meantime.


If anyone can clarify I’d be most grateful




the main Faction reputation is capped on rank 12 until the release of T5.

At the moment there are no details to credit players who already farmed.
The best choice is to rank up another faction.