R15 ships in T4 dreads

we played against all R15’s today in R10-12 Dreads


Fix your rotting game and stop being horrible (said everyone). You have been breaking core features of the game for over a year.

If we are playing a r15 match let us queue with r15 ships… You guys… Have anyone at stargem played the game? Stop sucking so bad and create a good well balanced, and stable game!


And remember, respect is everything.



I got a game yesterday, 4x R8-9 standard ships, vs 4x R10-11 Thargas, etc… LOL

Their pvp matchups are stupid in general.  try 7-9 ships but facing 11-13’s.  #logic  #balanced #obviouslytheyknowwhattheyaredoing.

Tier for dread. not working like as match making for PvP or other modes ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

at this moment , there’s 2 tier for Dread.

  • T3 , each corp can deploy a wing with ship from rank 7 to rank 9

  • T4 , each corp can deploy a wing with ship from rank r10 and more


its the same matter as a SCL , we can acces to this league tournement with ship rank 11 and more

may be to avoid some confusion , Dev. need to change the name rank for Dread ^^