[R] Way off on the matchmaking system

Well, how to best describe this?.. I play a lot of T2 matches because I find T3 to be too overwhelmed by corps. This is mildly unfair to indie pilots because these corp squads usually dominate the area. I’m ok with that, I just don’t touch T3s unless I’m in a corp. However, that’s not the problem.


The main issue arises with the fact that Rank 7 ships are allowed in T2 matches. One might argue they’re ok with that, but the extra modules available to only T3 tend to make them a bit overpowered if used correctly. T2 pilots are ok with that because these ships are also easy to kill. But the problem with this matchmaking system shows its true colors when you start seeing pilots with 2 T3s and a Rank 6 ship in their active hangar. This is where the problem begins. And it worsens by the fact that, iirc, if there aren’t enough pilots for a T2 match, those T3 pilots get bumped down to T2. Yesterday, I saw the epitome of this issue. One single pilot (though with zero skills), managed to bring not one, not two, but THREE T3 ships. And they weren’t Rank 7s. There was a Crusader and, iirc, a Crus-S in his active hangar. The Crus-S is a Rank NINE ship, that’s high-end T3, not only highly unfair, but game breaking.


This Rank8/9 in T2s doesn’t happen often, it’s, maybe, once a week (?). I mean, it’s so rare, it’s probably not even worth mentioning, I’ve only seen it happen once or twice, but seeing them kinda veers me away from the game.


How to reproduce the “bug”. Hmm, jeez… huh… Just ask half the pilots in-game? I’ve no idea how, nor wish to do it, they often have 1 T2 equipped (Rank 6) and the other two are often Rank 7s. But seeing 3 T3 ships in a T2 match from the same pilot is a bit overwhelming.


However, I fail at screenshotting and recording a Crusader would’ve been useful, but I was too lazy to press the record button… ._.


I… think this is all… Hope this gets fixed, soon… I’d hate to see more T3s in T2 matches…




Got another Rank 8, today. His 2 other ships were T2s.


[2013.06.17 18.22.27.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6220)

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