[R]Ship inside Beacon on Dreadnought PvE

Hi guys


I faced about this situation 3 times by now. I started the Dreadnought PvE mission and was laying on the beacon.

By moving around especially close the where the textures cross I could “enter” the beacon.


This results in me being stuck in it and I cant exit it.


Thanks for checking


It happened to me once.  Thankfully it was the last beacon.

We’re aware of the issue.


Just a few days ago I did a mission with Error and a few others and Error ended up stuck inside a beacon himself. I think it was all a ploy to make us do the hard work while he ate a sandwich, personally.  ;)wt


It’s being looked at, though  :good:

Reported since uuuuhmmm… 3 Months or so.


Minor Issue for the Devs…


Btw. Nearly all Ships can enter the Station. Did it with Frigate, Fighter and also with some Inters. Only Problem, you are stuck then.

This kind of stuff tends to be simpler to fix.


if (playerlocation == impossible) {




It’s a common problem in games, the fixes are common as well.