[R]Non-typed damage

Let me explain a little…


Playing the game, I get attacked and I die. When the “kill cam” comes up, showing my killer, it also shows the most recent players to damage me, as well as what they used, with a color-coded read-out.


On several occasions, I’ve noticed damage listed in white text, not red, yellow or blue to indicate the damage type. Is this a bug, happening because they switch weapon mods after breaking through my shields, or is there something nefarious going on, such as exploiting a bug to deal non-typed damage, thus bypassing all resistances? 


this is some kind of display bug. People think it gives them more damage, but it actually doesn’t.

It has already been reported.

I don’t know if it happens in the killfeed too, but when you change your weapon module while firing, ideally with lasers in the middle of a damage tick, the number takes the neutral color, but in fact the game just combines both damages into a single message, becoming white as it can’t point out both at the same time.

White is actually collision damage, like the kind you take when running into a wall… I have enough THUD! Medals, Ive seen it often enough.

When you use lasers, if you change your damage type (from thermal to EM by example) by switching your weapon modifier, the next damage will appear in white because they are part thermal and part EM, so the game can decide which color to apply.