[R] Kit for cruise engine modification III mk4 description

Playing the PVE mission to kill transports, defenses, then protect transports, I found the most expensive upgrade module I have seen (cost over 600k to take it). I would have just salvaged it as I needed money, but I notice it was bugged so I grabbed it.


Not sure what it is for as I don’t have any ships that can equip, so I don’t know if it is just a bugged description or it is something that isn’t supposed to drop.


It is the purple “Kit for cruise engine modification III” and where the description is supposed to be it says " Module; itemSubType_DoomBoost_desc_woParams "


If it isn’t supposed to be in game, a refund when you take it back would be nice.




It’s just a text bug. Nothing to fear.


When you will reach R7 you will have ships (Fighters : Command/Tackler/Gunship) able to equip the Cruise Engine Modification :slight_smile:




Title Edited.

Makes sense, I couldn’t find anything it fit because I don’t have any r7 fighters yet.

The Mk2 Kit has the same description bug.