[R]EMP Bomb issues (Cheaters?)

Hi there,


i played a lot of Arcade in the last week and there is one thing i noticed in about 20% of all games.



There seems to be a group of players who can actually turn their invisible module on while carrying the bomb without loosing it. they can also grab the bomb in less then 2 seconds and plant it in under 2.


is there something wrong, is it a bug, a cheater or are there any modules/ships that are able to do this.


this seems kind of unfair to me.

What invisible modules are you talking about? Interceptor or federal fighter? Don’t blame people for using cheats please. They are not cheaters, trust me. Some bugs may occur, but it is a beta testing, so just report it with logs and screenshots.

This is a bug.

/Thread closed in order to prevent exploiting.