[R] Daily Rewards stuck on same day

Well, its pretty much what the title says. It won’t go past day 1 rewards even though I’ve been playing a week straight.

Mac Specs just in case (Don’t really think it matters, issue is probably serverside:

OS X 10.8.3

2.6 GHz i7


Intel HD Graphics Card 4000



Don’t really have picture sorry, tomorrow I’ll try and update with one.


Charactername: -SantiBalza


What did you expect to see: -Day 5 Reward


What happened: -Day 1 Reward showed up for fifth day in a row


What was your last action: -Logging into SC


If the bug is reproduceable, please describe the steps to reproduce the bug: -Wait a day, then start SC for daily reward


Attach the game logs from the session to your post. Only the logs from the session where the bug occured.

(On Mac log file can usually be found around there:  /Users/***/Library/Application Support/StarConflict/)- No log files, or not of any use really


What Mac are you working on (its specs, if you know): - See above

Thank you for your input, SantiBalza! 

The bug has been already been reported and is in work.