[R]Combat Reboot doesn't work with stuns

Combat reboot (fighter module) says it removes all negative effects and gives you a short invulnerability.

However, if you are stunned or have modules disabled by any kind of ECM (from interecptor ion/stasis beam, from stasis cocoon, from emp missile) you cannot activate this. It should break the stun immmediately but instead you cannot use it since your modules are disabled.

Could you please add the game logs.

Sorry I don’t have logs, but it happens every time, it’s not a rare or remote or hard to reproduce error.

Take any interceptor with an ion beam or stasis coccoon, use it on a fighter that has combat reboot equipped, and you can see you won’t be able to use it, because *all* your modules are disabled. That’s the ion effect. Though the reboot should still cancel it if its description is correct.

Confirmed, Combat Reboot does not work as a Stun Break at the moment.


If you have any debuff on you which prevents you from using Active Modules, you cannot use Combat Reboot as well, whereas the description clearly states that it breaks you out of everything.


As the op said, it’s not rare, it’s not ocassional, it’s very easy to reproduce. Just take a Gunship and an ECM interceptor, ask it to CC the Gunship and you will see that it cannot break out of it.

Well , can confirm that . It’s the reason i took it out of my module-slot.

Better 100% working speed increase , then only 2 invurnerabillity .