[R]Bug with Metastable Energy Field.

First off, the MEF to me is the worst special module of any ship.  I generally use it for a hard break expecting incoming fire, like nukes at the first beacon, or when I’m almost dead.  At least 75% of the time when it’s because I’m almost dead, I have at least five missiles coming in, and a bunch of people firing at me.  They see a ship with less than 25% hull strength and not moving, and fire away so I die the instant the field goes away.  I can try a suicide to deny the kill, but the game normally still logs it as a kill for the enemy.


Secondly, the bug.  Yesterday I was playing and activated the field.  Several enemy ships moved close, like normal, and I died.  The killing blow was from an engineering combat drone that was only a couple hundred meters away.  It doesn’t look like the combat drones are affected like they should.  I would have died anyway, but not by a nearby combat drone.

Drones don’t shoot you inside the Coccoon. They do resume shooting right after the Field blows, which is annoying, considering everyone else is stunned.

Dtones are not affected by the MEF.