[R] Bug - Shield Booster M - Lance S

Just been trying to fit a shield booster M to the lance S but dont appear to have the option to buy one?


Definately a bug after discussion with Oryngton as it was available to buy via Armory menus.


I am aware of this issue. In fact, I recently wanted to get another T5 mark mass shield generator available for my Naga.

I wanted to buy another regular one, but I couldn’t. I had to go to the shop, to get it directly.

Avoid buying directly from that interface.

Buy it from the shop!

I think this bug is present for every pirate version for the modules.


It needs to get fixed.

This is a known bug thanks for your concern and for reporting it anyway.

what do the [R] and [NB] mean?

Reported and No Bug respectively.

ahh ok. are there any other code?

[NB] = [No Bug] 
[NA] = [No Answer] If the bug report is open for more than 1 month and the player does not add the missing information.
[O] = [Open]
[R] = [Reported]
[F] = [Fixed]