[R] Bug Report: client can't connect to server when I press "launch" (ingame)

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  1. When i press “launch” to play skirmish or pve missions, after the game is found, instead of starting the level, a message pops up saying “Connection lost. Reason: Client is unable to connect to the server”
  2. I think this is a bug, because my friend who invited me in the game is able to play whereas i’m not. Aside that, many players in the game were able to play normally when i asked them at the chat box.
  3. How often does this bug occur. This bugs occurs EVERY time i try to play pvp or pve (not, i were only able to finish the tutorial and do some upgrades to my ship. I haven’t been able to play a single match after the tutorial.
  4. Easy! Just logged in my account, hit the “Launch” button to play a pvp or pve level, waited for the matchmaker to find a game session and then the pop up message appeared. 
  5. After talking to your support representative, I did the following with this order:
       a) run the connection tester at the time when the message appeared.
       b) sent it to your representative

   c) checked some tcp and udp ports if they were open. they were open. (the representative sent me this link: http://scanme.firebind.com/applet.html)

   d) disabled all the background running processes and startup processes from the msconfig. also uninstalled antivirus (my antivirus could not be just disabled so i resorted to this)

   e) contacted my isp to see if there’s a problem by their end. as i thought there weren’t. my isp also boosted my net speeds and wifi signal (i use wired internet though)

   f) sent a screenshot of my local area connection to your representative and she told me to tick the internet protocol version 6 (tcp/ipv6) and then try o launch and play a mission. did it, but the problem persisted.

   g) i was also asked to type “netsh winsock reset” on cmd, restart my pc and play the game. that also didn’t fix the problem.

   h) she also told me to unplug and plug again my internet cable and try to play a mission. did it, but the problem persisted.

   i) she suggested me to fill this bug report and leave my problem in your hands

  1. I added my DxDiag.txt with everything you want there.
  2. I added a screenshot with the exact message I get when I couldn’t get in the match session.
  3. Log files + Exceptions I added the game.log and the game.net.log (in .zip form) as well as the conntest.log (from the last time I did it -today at 12:43 PM-)



Random moment of despair: please fix this issue of mine!!! :’( This is the only game that has this kind of issue and I really like it! Don’t ruin such a good game to me! :’(

[DxDiag.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=8360)


[conntest.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=8364)

[2014.11.13 13.17.30.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=8365)

can you guys help me???



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is there an estimated time of when there will be a solution for me or?

I have same problem like that guy can someone say how to fix that pls

yeah. it’s been 3-4 days, guys!! i wanna play your game!

yeah. it’s been 3-4 days, guys!! i wanna play your game!


Thats wrong, its been 3-4 months already…

@admins for God’s sake ,guys! can you help me or not?

@admins for God’s sake ,guys! can you help me or not?


Try to select ‘USA’ (or other) region