[R] Booster refill bug.

I clearly already have remaining uses of a booster. I do not use this booster that I am prompted to get for awhile, but still getting prompt to buy.

I think the bug comes from that it was in the other slot and now the system checks that slot for being empty, rather than the correct one.


I have this bug as well. I was prompted to by the shield booster twice right after being prompted to buy the military CPU. My guard was at -3 EM res before I bought the shield booster which should have brought it up to 7, it is currently at 17. My tackler also has higher res than it should. I am willing to bet that the military CPU is also active at the same time as my 2 shield boosters.










I have also been experiencing this.

“Welcome to the station, mercenary!” and then Bang ! “Would you like to buy a booster” ?
The second one sounds only in my head :smiley:

Thanks for reporting this I’ll forward it.


Also getting it.

Mine stopped, but simply because I started playing without booster.
Genel - you will probablyget that for the next 288 battles ! Good luck keeping your sanity.

I guess that’s what I get for buying 99 at once. :01515:

I also have this bug. I started getting it when I bought the Hull Resistance booster by mistake while still having a Shield Resistance booster active.


Ever since then the game prompts me to ‘refill’ my Hull booster after every single match. Even when I run out of the Shield booster, I am prompted to refill with a Hull booster. I tried flying without any boosters active to see if the game would reset itself. As long as I didn’t have any boosters active, I didn’t get the prompts. But once I started using the Shield booster again, I’m still getting prompts to refill my Hull booster after every single match.


It’s driving me crazy.

  I am surprised there is not the UPROAR…   where as you used to have not only the HULL or Shield booster but the 7% additional main Battle damage as well.   Now you can only have one.  


I am still trying to figure out why they did it that way.  


The other booster slot will remain empty as I see no need to spend additional GS for what my premium license already affords me.

Yes! I have had the same issue as well and it gets pretty irritating.  Pls fix

  I am surprised there is not the UPROAR… 


You missed the uproar. We weren’t happy about it. Devs didn’t care. And then crews came out…

 Pls fix


Wait 'till new patch.

Wait 'till new patch.


:smiley:  yay that means it’s getting fixed! 

:smiley:  yay that means it’s getting fixed! 


I can’t promise anything. I just did my job. But it will be hopefully fixed for tomorrow’s patch.