quick question regarding experience gain

So finally i got my T3 frig for farming PvE. Fitted it nicely with t1 gear 'till i get used to it.

it’s nice, far superior to t2 frig.


Yesterday i log in for my daily double XP bonus. I specifically remove the Anaconda from my active hangar to make sure i stay in mainly T2 match.

Start a match, win. Get only cca. 3,500 XP.

Up untill now i got cca 2,500 XP per win, shy over 5,000 for first win of the day. Now, only 3500 for the first daily win. I’m quite frankly afraid to try and see how much i’d get for normal win, or god forbid - a loss.


So: why is that? My points were high, up there in top 25%. 


is it the game sensed my T3 ship, so it started giving less in T2 battles, so that it would push me towards higher tier matches?


I’m :confused:



what is cca?

If by XP you think of ship synergy, then it depends on what you have done in match, i.e. doing more dmg to enemies increse it.

If by some reason you think about Reputation, then I’m quite sure it have been said in patch notes, that flying in lower tier ships than your current available gives you reduced amount of reputation.

cca is short for latin circa, meaning ‘around’ , but in this context, ‘approximately’


yeah, i was talking about the reputation with current faction


So this is yet another way to artificially push me towards flying higher tier ships?

Because xxxx that, T2 fights were the only thing truly fun in this game,… Don’t feel like farming t3 all over again, plus the stories i hear about higher tier fights…




So i would gave been better if i never bought that t3 frig, and would in fact continue to farm more rep if i jsut stayed in lower tier…

xxxx beyond any reason…


edit: thanks for the answer, mate