"Quick Play" Mode

Quick Play mode would be a division of “Skirmish” mode, possibly places just next to it. It would have modes like Team Battle, Capture The Beacons, and Survival, but the time limits would be reduced to a maximum of 5 minutes per battle. They would all still count as PvP battles in terms of missions, and use the same MM, but they would simply move much faster to accommodate players who don’t like sitting around in battles waiting for them to end, once their goal has been achieved. I would suggest that all times be lowered, but some gamemodes are very fun when you have lots of time.

The time limit should also be constant across all ranks, and the minimum players per team would be 2, so that MM can get players in to battles much faster. The maximum number of players would possibly need to be lowered, and the “join in progress” should be stopped 30 seconds in to the battle.

You should not think about these things when all over the world, thousands of players waiting to join a battle.