Quick Battle!

A wonderful little mode would be a sort of “Mamba Battle” (Very few of you will understand that reference) where if pilots don’t have much time but still want to get in some PvP time, they can join a match quickly.


Basically the idea is that players can click a little button by “Battle” to automatically be queued up in to this mode, and in this mode the only ship that can be used (and is auto-selected) is the Hercules, as found in the pilot’s hangar. (Because everyone has that ship.)


This mode would be a sort of “pure skill” PvP mode where the only thing that can get you to the top of being good at what you do.


The ship loadouts could be dependent on the pilot’s load out for that ship, as the only thing that can really be changed are the active modules. (And the 4 modules for this ship are quite user-balanced anyways.)



Basically, log in, click Quick Battle, get dropped in to an ongoing free-for-all to try to get the most kills before you are killed.

More kills means more reward!