Queueing group indicator

Since I’ve got some positive feedback, here is my newest game improvement idea.


Probably we all know how hard it is to get in a PvP battle when queuing with a group of 2 or more. PvE is fast, considering, but it is just not the same. That is why many players don’t even try to form a group, which is unfortunate because this game is so much about team work.

So, in order to improve the existing system, I would recommend adding an indicator to the Skirmish window where players could see if there are any groups waiting for battle, what sizes of these groups have and which of the tiers are they queuing for. A similar system already exists for Sector Conquest, where the ‘Total pilots in queue’ and ‘Total wings in queue’ are shown, therefore this isn’t a far fetched idea I think. A simple table format would perfectly do:

Size\Tier    T1  T2  T3  T4  T5





Of course in a more stylish way that fits to the game’s design.


Well, this is it. Please leave your comments below as always,



Well, I would like to have it in game.

But I can dream, right?