new player with questions… my english is not good so…


1/ in OS, sometime, when i get message “sample delivered to the station” what i need to do ?.

2/ seeds and bonus atk & def (get in PVE missions) works for pvAI or not ? for PvP too ?

3/ when i earn lvl in PVE mission, what changes ?


thanks in advance for your answer ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

  1. When you have picked up the quest item, bonk the underside of the allied station just under the piece where it says the words allied station.

  2. Seed chips work in PvAi, not PvP. Attack and Defence levels only work in PvE missions.

  3. You are able to select the next level up the next time you do the same PvE mission. Higher level PvE missions give more credits and insignias whilst having significantly stronger enemies and objectives.

thank you TheDerpNukem :slight_smile: