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Dear conquerors of the Star Conflict Universe!

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The ship Blood Tormentor will just be removed from the Store or permanently from the game for everyone?

  1. Will there be offers in the store only for ships? Some players just want the ships, not the extra GS, not the days of premium license. Will these offers be diversified in the future?

  2. Similarly - related to the current Custodian offer - why can’t players buy the decors and the colourings only? There are lots of pilots who already own the ship, but would like to buy those extra things. More personalisation, in fact.

  3. Should we expect or not more tasks related to teams / wings / corporations? Right now, 99% of the daily tasks are player-related, not team-related. Medals too.

4. Is the matchmaking going to be fixed or not, so that we don’t get 4 vs 1 RL players (and the rest bots) in sector conquest ?!

4.1. Why is this sort of matchmaking even allowed ? Normally, it should be a software error, not something that happens a few times a month. Because the outcome of that match is obvious, and a waste of time (read mockery) for that single player.

  1. In Open Space, right now pirates have pre-determined places/routes. So farming for exp. or modules can become boring, and it shouldn’t be. So how about generating random places and/or routes for those pirates?

  2. Also in Open Space, when will the pirates/police regulations be fixed? I am talking about shooting pirates with AoE weapons and accidentally hitting police, so you become a “criminal”, with or without the PVE enabled ! 


Thank you!


1- will the pirate ecm’s ability to cloak ever be removed?

2- will th’ak’len be available outside of tournaments/contests in the future?

Any word on when I’ll be getting my Hunter? 

are the three r17 destroyers scheduled to be released this year? or only the relic?

Are there actually efforts to revise the matchmaker.In Sector Conquest it happens again and again that one side is filled with bots.This causes fights where you have to fight alone or in pairs against 4 or 5 human players.And I checked that they are really bots, they don't have a weapon or module in their atlas.Below I show a few more examples (one evening at 7 p.m. fighting time)


2 vs 4



Again 2 vs 4

Darktoon was not a Bot and Fenrirlol also was not a Bot




Again 2 vs 4 

My Question

Why is the FlyAR player not on the other side then it would be a 3 vs 3




3 vs 5

Same Question why not one Player change. Than it is a 4 vs 4

1: Related to sector conquest, if it’s a mode for wings or teams, why are solo joinings allowed? Will they be forbidden?


Comment: by NOT allowing players to queue solo, you remove the bots (it would be 4-4 or 8-8 teams, and so on). And you solve one more problem: the players outside of a corporation can not join sector conquest, which is not 100% fair-play, as long as there are bots… because bots don’t have a corp, riiiight? So if bots “play” sec con (and deal that perfect damage!), and solo players are allowed to Q, then why can’t players with no corp play it? This question is for portals too. Basically, a player can not get past level 16 clearance unless he’s in a corp. 


2: assuming the bots will not be removed form sec con (though i hope they will !!) shall they be improved ?! A few examples: when you LRF, a guard or engi comes RIGHT in front of you, so you have to move and to destroy your cammo. It happened VERY often in my games that 2-3 enemy bots were guarding the comm.tower, so it was very hard (or impossible, in a small ship) to capture, WHILE the bots in my team went solo and got killed by turrets. So enemy bots were guarding, my bots guarded NOTHING and kept on dying. Will this be fixed ?! It was a clear and major disadvantage. 


3: Will the 2,5 x damage factor be reduced or removed for destroyers? That would bring normality back, after all it’s not ok for 1-2 level 8 (!!) covert ops to plasma arc a level 15-17 destroyer. Nor is it ok for 1 LRF to be lethal for a dessie (not to mention 2-3 LRF can kill it very fast).  That strongly affects the balance. 


  1. Why can’t parts for Relic, Raven or any other manufacturable ship be permanently traded?