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When are bots being banished from PvP?

This has been requested by players since they were added, and they serve no real purpose but for annihilating weaker players with auto-aim weaponry.


Edit: A chance of bots being removed from PvP? Now THAT is a patch worth getting hyped for!

Combat alert when?

Are there any plans to make a playable version of the Experimental Destroyer ‘Wood Louse’, and if there aren’t - can there be?



For now

So you’re saying  there’s a chance. Good. E. Nuff.

Are there any plans for balancing PvE insignias? Often it’s 200+ power level player carrying everyone else. Also, new players get matched with 50+ power level players and these players can’t do anything.


Are there any plans for seed chip value changes?


Are there any plans for new seed chip types?(Hull, speed) If yes, are there any plans to change chip farming to avoid too many random possibilities preventing getting good chips?


Will there be any mining buffs for Mole laser?


Will there be another r16/r17 premium ship like Boremys/Executor?


Any big changes to OS gameplay?

  • #1 Will the ship Phoenix ever go on sale again?

  • #2 With the addition to seed chips there is a possibility to turn PVE into something similar to (diablo, grim dawn or path of exile) an ARPG.
           Basically space dungeons with elite packs and bosses dropping seed chip like weapons and mods. Are there thoughts about something like this?

  • #3 Does the ship you fly when getting seed chips affect the chip stats, for example flying engineering frigate vs gunship do each type have access to different stats on chips dropped?

Thank you

  1. When Mk-3 plasma gun will be released in the market?


  1. Any new R16-17 fighters or interceptors planned?