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what is the expected date of the waz’got release? and is there any more information on what modules it will have?

Any chance that the Broker will give out Beryllium or Electrum?

Okay let’s start with a simple question:


Do you intend making rare ressources like monocrystals or electrum easyer to optain by adding in game contracts, that provide said materials more than already existing contracts?



When am I getting my Proto-Hunter?

How to fast get monocrystals? I know that’s most stupid question.

Didn’t you hear about any terrorist group, who will blast the Ellydium Station?  ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

A) Does fleet strength have anything to do with loot drops like how often you get the good stuff?

B) Is Electrum in OS yet and if so then where?

C) Are you tired of answering questions about stuff that’s in this forum somewhere? If so, maybe make search work better. ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)


When will the Jericho activators become available?  Will it be in July and are you giving each destroyers activators one month or what. And will making the Was’got be like the Taikin? And when will the trade update come?



When online player counter will return?

Ooo ooo, pick me pick me, I have a question. A really good one too.



Ok. What is the deal with airline food special module parts packs for the cool ships like the phoenix and reaper? Why can’t we spend xenochips on that instead of new ships?

Were the federation activator GS boxes added stealthily this morning or am I blind as heck?

How inhibitor crystal works? I don’t know how to use it.

Which makes me think about… What about the Sirius-activators-missions from the Broker being not available anymore ? Sirius-Activators Event is already over ? Or is it some kind of bug ? (nb: if it’s over, when can we expect the same mission-round with the Tyrant-activators to begin ?

This may be an odd question but I am very curious as to how AI picks targets in PvE. It seems, most of the time, I’m the only one they shoot at. Like, I can be in defense contract and go to wait for the cruiser to spawn over 10km away form ai and they still target me. How they can even lock on at that distance is another thing.

We can expect see Star Conflict at E3 someday?

should make one of the Devs a Moderator that way we know all our questions will be read by a Dev :slight_smile: lol  but to my question…today noticed that in PvP its just me vs another human player ok not that bad but the AIs on my team EVERY match are dumber then road kill capture the beacon’s they all head for B where as the enemy AIs 2 head for A and C rest for B and i lose and when its kill 10 enemy’s the moment 1 enemy shows up they all go for it enemy AI has 2-3 that out flank and hit us from behind my teams AI never try to out flank why is this?

Another question while playing i DCd no idea why but when i logged back in i could not rejoin the fight why is this? you should at least give players a chance to reconnect to the game like say 60-90/120 seconds to rejoin the fight was winning that fight but lost cause server would not let me rejoin the fight.

Will you extend PUBLIC api?

So we recently had the poll on MM suggestions that you guys gave 50 MonoCrystals for completion.


What are the results on this and when will we start seeing some changes?


Yesterday I go into several PvP matches and almost every one of them were 1 sided and maybe 2 of them I was on the winning side. How is that even possible? Is the rumors true that if you are paying then you get put into the winning side more often? <— Seems like bs but I wonder how I can get put on losing side so often and I am usually in top 3 efficiency so don’t say cause I am nub.