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StatueofLibroty, on 15 Aug 2015 - 01:40 AM, said:snapback.png

What are the damage and explosion radius of holograms?
How much damage do spy drones and parasitic remodulator do in an average match?

1)till 2500 EM, radius till 400м

2) we can’t provide this data



On an average day, how many corporations announce dreadnought attacks in Empire space? In Jericho? And Federation?
On an average day, how many corporations show up for dreadnought attacks in Empire space? In Jericho? And Federation?
On an average day, how many corporations do damage to sectors in Empire space? In Jericho? And Federation?

We do not provide this data



A question/suggestion that I have is, would it be possible to actually have all this info on active mods, etc. in the game? The current descriptions are alright, but I would like a detailed version too (e.g. one that would explicitly say how much damage Static Barrier can actually withstand, or what the actual values of engie heals are; both as explained in this thread by Aliskosan).

We have discussed this suggestion. It is reasonable but there is a set of complications including technical, perception and also it will cause a lot of resources to keep that info up to date.



And also a few more questions:
-What is the ETA on the rework for ancient ruins?
-Will the secret project ship lineup include two LRFs (one for Jericho, one for Empire)?
-If/when a new special operation is added, will it have a MM? I ask since barely anyone does the current one in my time zone and I’m yet to beat the defiler :frowning:
-Will the secret ship from the event be exclusive to players who completed the event or will it be released after a period of exclusiveness?



I know I’m being greedy and the last batch of SP ships hasn’t even arrived yet, but could you tell us if you plan on something similar to SP for secondary ship lines? I’d love to see a customisable Fed recon or a Jerry tackler.
(Apologies, I know that even if there’s a positive answer to this question, such update wouldn’t be released very soon, but I’m not sure where else I could ask this question)

New patch is already on so you can check out the changes.



I got 10 questions.
1.) Why are you no longer removing provided YouTube’s Star Conflict videos with malicious links and hacks, even when I inform you to remove them?
Note: I am aware that those links don’t pose any major threat, if you’re smart enough to avoid them. It is a matter of principle.
2.) Would you be willing to add some additional weaponry on each main station in Invasion, if I suggest it?
Note: I would like to know, if you would be willing to improve Station’s defenses.
3.) Now that the update 1.1.9 and 1.2.0 is approaching soon, will you update an outdated Fan-Kit?


Note: New soundtracks, videos, art, etc. In short, all up-to-date material should be included.
4.) Are your plans for Star Conflict advertisement almost complete?
Note: I am talking about paid advertisement on Steam and elsewhere, after the update 1.2.0 is released.
5.) What should I do, if some annoying major bugs, which were properly reported in the bug report section, according to its policy, are still not fixed after one year or more?
Note: I do not wish to post again on the old existing threads, since there are so many of them.
6.) Why do we get so much new or old bugs back with each new update?
Note: Quality assurance team is in charge of testing, right?
7.) If you accidentally deleted some exclusive item, when it is no longer available, will the support department compensate you with one such item, if you provide logs and/or screenshots as a proof?
Note: I hope that the support team has all the tools to make such things happen.
8.) When do you plan to add or unlock all  tier three to tier five mark 5 items , all of it?
Note: We only got a small percentage of such items unlocked so far.
9.) Why did you or your development team decided to implement mixed/merged tiers again?
Note: Rank 9 Premium ships will still be matched against Rank 12 Premium ships, since they no longer count as one rank lower, like rank 8.
10.) Is it possible to provide  free Premium license for 7 days  to all new players in a game?
Note: I think that people would realize then, just how much better and useful a Premium license can be, when they see the difference, after it expires.
I hope that your answers will be clear enough and thorough.

1) The strikes have been given.

2)Our designers need to see examples. Please write the general concept and all the details will be discussed afterwards.

3)Yeswe are planning to update it

4)Yes it will be soon after release

5)If it happens please contact me or Skula through PM

6)We have a great team of testers working on spotting bugs, but unfortunately there are no companies in the industry that can say that their game is without any bugs no matter how big the budget and the crew is. But we are doing the best we can to fix them as soon as they are spotted.

7) If anything like that happens you should contact the support and the request will be considered and if approved the item will be returned.

8)As part of the leveling system it’s assumed that only T5 will have all the MK 5 modifications, so at the moment it is decided to leave it like that

9) The answer is simple. We have been receiving a lot of feedback regarding MM and our team was working for a long time on the plan of improvements for it. The first step to reaching our goal we have made. The rest are coming. The problem that you have described is known and it will be solved as soon as we get to the final point. Unfortunately it’s a price that we pay for improving such a complicated thing as MM.

10) Good idea. We had one too and our company has experience of offerings like that but it doesn’t meet the expectations.



Can I get the voice acting (ENGLISH acting) for my videos? I mean like the phrases they say, but in audio format not text.
Like “We’re on the same target, fire of a missile” or whatever he says.
I can get them my self by recording, but it’ll take me a lot of time to get all of them.

Although we are highly interested in the video content, we can’t provade those so you have to record them (

Is the new special operations meant to be solo queue? Group queues don’t work, and I’m not sure if it’s intended or not.

I guess you have already seen an answer [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/28094-star-conflict-v12-discussion/?p=334418)


Was the concept for the recon holograms taken from this link? If not, where did it come from?

Will the new video lessons from “igro” have different narrators? If so, may community members be part of an audition process for each video? For example, a script is given to applying community members. We record our voices and you pick what you like best.

I don’t know exactly how it was created in the minds of our game designers, but your concept is very inspiring  :fed001: .  

About Igromania videos: Unfortunately it is not possible to participate in these videos, but you can always create your own video and we will be happy to see it, we love video content.


In the trailer for Star Conflict  -link-


The guy with the guard ship uses a module that made his full power to the front shield, and he was simply un hit able from the front, but no shield at all from the back. 


Will we see such a thing in the future? Or is there’s already a module like this for tier 4 and 5 that I didn’t see?

There are no such modules in the game now, and I can’t say anything about the future.

Dear Developers, The Newest News Title Of The Final Push, Does this Suggest a End to The BioMorph Conflict, Or the End of Star Conflict Itself?

No, it doesn’t :slight_smile: Just the end of the game event.



What are these circles and what function do they serve in dreadnought battles?

Those are 4x Turret nodes

  • Destroy them all and it goes gray

  • If Dread does not have them built at all, there are not there

Regarding secret ships.


For clarifications sake -


  1. What exactly is the loss of materials when disassembling a completed secret project ship?


and, more importantly -


  1. Why have a loss of materials when disassembling a secret project ship?


P.S After several hundred (thousands of) hours of playing this game and several questions posed on the forum, I have never had any direct response from the dev staff.


If this is because you find my forum name offensive then feel free to change it.

Hello, I’ve created, and placed into the correct thread, my own pve map for the contest, but I’d like some input from the devs whether or not they are even able to implement the map, or if I should tone down the complexity.

If I can, I would ask for suggestions from the devs if they feel that they have any interest in it at all to make it buildable and playable.



This is the pve setup mentioned. - 


(Open for me to edit until the deadline)


T4-T5 PVE Mission


Name: Cyber Dreadnought Assault.

Location: undisclosed Cyber base.


Main Objective: The Cybers have created their own dreadnoughts using Biomorph Technology, and they are amassing for war upon the factions. 

Beware, for the Biomorphs have been spotted in the area, and they seem to have bulked up the cyber station’s defenses with their own fleet, alongside a Defiler, and one Destroyer,

they fight alongside the first cyber dreadnought!

Your job is to disable the other Cyber dreadnoughts before they have the chance to leave their docks.  



To start out, there should be radio chatter where the pilots are able to listen to what the main fleet is going through; if they’re taking heavy damage, I want to hear that distress. Of course, if we lose, their utter demise must be recorded; because, we failed to hold back enemy reinforcements. 


Round 1 -

4 mercenaries warp in, as contracted, to a key front where they are to break the enemy, while the three Dreadnoughts, one from each faction, and the main force, attack a much larger fleet, a Defiler, one destroyer, and the first Cyber Dreadnought in existence. There will also be smaller ships, but those can be signified by multitudes of small explosions in-between the Behemoths at war.

(Can be background, or a recorded video, but the state that your fleet is in will depend on how well your team keeps up with the mission, for instance, if the enemy pushes out even one more Cyber Dreadnought, your fleet will have a much harder time, and will show that damage is being taken heavily, and it’ll show the extra Cyber Dreadnought/s that have joined the battle in the background.)


In round one, your mission is to fight off the attacking Cybers, who the Biomorphs have taken sides with to defend the cyber’s dreadnoughts, in this battle. 50 cyber ships in the first round, 75 cyber ships in the second, and 30 ships in the third. The Third wave will have 3 hunters and one predator who will jump in mid-way. while the rest of the 30 enemy ships are cyber frigates and base biomorphs.

The Cybers themselves will have a good amount of damage in their guns, as will the biomorphs. 


Once they are dead, round 2 begins.


Round 2 - 


In round two, you will be joined by a small squadron of four Empire Gunships. They are Rigged to the brim with torpedoes, thus they are slow and lack thrusters. 

Their Objective is to destroy, or disable, the two remaining docked Cyber Dreadnoughts. Your Objective is to defend their route. If they all die, the dreadnoughts will escape towards the main battlefield, and the mission will be lost, the main fleet destroyed. If one Gunship is destroyed, they will destroy one dreadnought, and disable the other. If two are destroyed, they will disable both dreadnoughts, however, if 3 are destroyed, you will only be able to disable one Cyber Dreadnought, and one dreadnought will escape to the main battlefield, and the main fleet will sustain heavy damage. If all four are destroyed, then the mission will be lost, the main fleet destroyed. 


Round 3 -

In round three, you have succeeded in disabling, or destroying, at least one of the Cyber Dreadnoughts, but the battle does not end here.


Wave one: You must now defend yourselves against Cybers and Biomorphs who are trying to take back their station, so they can retain their ability to quickly recreate the dreadnoughts once more.

The first wave of Cybers and Biomorphs number 100 strong, however, a good number of them are damaged, as they are coming from the main battle-field.


Wave two: This round holds four predators, a Cyber frigate mini-boss, alongside 10 interceptors that spawn two at-a-time as the mini-boss is damaged. (15 ships total)


Wave three is the final wave, and from here, you can see that the decreased amount of enemy ships in the main fleet’s battle has left your main fleet with an advantage, and they have destroyed the Defiler, and crippled the destroyer, while the three damaged dreadnoughts fire their main rounds to finish off the destroyer, and begin to push their rounds to take down the damaged Cyber Dreadnought. (or the two damaged cyber dreadnoughts, if you failed to stop one of them from going into battle, in which case one of the friendly dreadnoughts may be evacuated from severe damage near the end, though the one to be evacuated can be random.) 

wave 3: The Biomorph boss ship and a stronger Cyber-Boss appear both at once. Both are equipped with large weaponry that fires quickly but with slow enough projectile speed for one to dodge.

Each shot must hurt, a lot. Alongside them, five Biomorph interceptors will jump in when the Biomorph-boss’ hull reaches 50% integrity, and ten Cyber

Interceptors will jump in when the Cyber-boss’ hull reaches 75% Integrity. 


I don’t mind if the Cyber dreadnought is destroyed at the end, but I would ask whether or not it can be captured and studied or if it can escape at the end of the mission to wreak havoc another day.

Please use the event topic for such questions.


I need to know, where can I check for my starting faction information?

Now, I do not know to which faction I belong.

This is shown, when you’re given the choice at the start of the game (creating your in-game’s profile).

I think that I am of Federation origin.

It is not possible to check. The initial factions has no influence on the future progress in game.


The implementation of the the new PVE mission ‘Defense Contract’ is a mess.


There is no precedent as to the behaviour of the AI ships.


None of it has any relation to the Star Conflict narrative.


Most of the teams I’ve seen at T2/3 have no clue as to what is going on.


Placing it as the first (top left) PVE in the ‘pick scenario’ section is very poor design choice.

This thread is not for suggestions, discussions or feedback.


My Game Launcher will Load to the End but Play Button wont Light up never had a Problem with it before been Plying a Long Time. Ive Tried Cleaning out everything re downloading. It just Started this Morning after Update

Hey there! if the problem is still on, please place a bug report with screens and a zip file of the “launcher_log” folder. Our specialists will help you.


Out of curiosity, is there a reason why joining PvP battles in-progress causes such massive jumps (rubberbanding, ping spikes, etc) while this does not happen in Open Space?

This issue is very controversial in a way that we are not sure about the cause of the mentioned problems. We would appreciate if you could post a bug report with logs and even better a video spotting this jumps, so that we could analyze it more accurately.

Is there a ETA with fixing the dread battle match making,

 and yes there are bug reports I counted 8 of them on the first page of the bug reports

 all with logs and pics it is really becoming an irritant

Out of all last week we played on our dreadnought once.

The changes will be seen in 1.2.1 patch

Patch will come this week on Thursday?

We are planning to do it, but it’s no 100%-info.

Why is Northern Mining Station referred to as Western Mining Station in the Russian version?

What is the explosion radius of the flux phaser projectile?


What is the explosion radius of the phase suppressor projectile?

  1. explosion radius is 80м

2) explosion radius is 50м

Why is Northern Mining Station referred to as Western Mining Station in the Russian version?

Em… I haven’t spotted this mistake… Can you provide the screen?