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Is a Tier 6 planned ?

Not at the moment.

Question One  : Will you “Developers” still have interest to continue improve/updated this game after version 1.0 in the near future?


Second Question : If the first question was a no, will you then start on a new game project?


Of course yes.


Will the new T5 ships have 6 turrets like before? Or will they have better res to EM to combat the aliens? Because it said “to help in the fight with the aliens…”


No, new T5 ships are not excluded in future, but we won’t have any changes with the turrets.


Will the developers have enough servers with sufficient size to deal with the large influx of newcomers that the release will hopefully bring?

Why is the game being released when the developers have only been paying attention to Russian players? Would you not think it wise to act on the concerns of the entire playerbase? The game is unfinished to me.

Edit: Today there was server lag unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was not packet loss or high ping. It was different. There were no readings. It was server lag. I was rubberbanding. There was too many players on the server. I urge you strongly to have more or bigger servers. Also the ping in Russia is unacceptable and yet I am always put on there. Ping was averaging on 700.



It’s not true. We pay attention to all players.

Release does not mean the end of the development. Release is a milestone, an important step. The game will continue to evolve without major changes.


When feedback from European forums is forwarded to the Devs, do they have a fluent English speaker to review the feedback or do they use a third party / software to translate the feedback to Russian?


Yes, they do.


Will there be a hangar for Pirate players? (Like Karma -1/-2)


Not soon.


Why is discussion of monetisation not allowed, given how important it is to the game’s survival?


Because it’s a commercial secret.


Will we get 3D option?


When this technology will be available to many players, we’ll consider this idea. Now it is irrelevant. And Oculus Rift gives a very similar experience. In my opinion, it’s even better (I used both).

However, using NVIDIA 3D Vision, you can make a 3D right now.


Will the ‘Cruise Engine Modification’ & the ‘Heavy Guard Drone’ also receive the upgrade-versions Mk2, Mk3, Mk4 (and maybe Mk5)?




1)do you planning to implement mining system from asteroid or anything?

2)do you planning secondary planet outposts(really big comlex buildings) or anything like that?


We thought about it, but don’t have any decisions.



Is there any plans to add new mechanics, like allowing Active modules give a passing effect to the ship ?

So for example if I equip let’s say, micro-locator on my recon, that item give me a permanent buff of 20% sensor range.


Is there’s the possibility that new completely different mechanics from what we currently have beeing added to the game ; or we can consider that the fights mechanic’s won’t change that much ?



No, all the basic mechanics of the game are fixed at the time of release.

Is it planned to have an public authorization API?

Similar to the one on this forum which authenticates user information and verifies that the user is account-holder. Sending back a temporary session key after authorization

I can’t think of many uses besides mine. But since its already a thing, it shouldn’t be too much trouble exposing it to public

P.S. just realized i posted this in the wrong section. Can someone please move it to ‘devs version’ QA forum

Better move it to ‘Offers’, because I can’t understand how it should work.


Is there any plans on fixing the issue with the way it chooses instances, my corporation and I experimented with how to make sure that groups always stay together, xKostyan said that you have to wait until 1 person is fully loaded into a sector before the rest of the team can go through, but we still have the issue of groups being seperated even if we do that.

Also, I remember someone saying that there won’t be a tutorial or information on invasion because it could change during beta, but now that it is released, could we get information on how it works?

We are working on it, but can’t give you information regarding instances right now. Yes, we’ll create Invasion tutorial soon.


Is there any plan to make the sectors that pay gold give out more so that it’ll pay for licenses?


Not now.


Are there any plans to somehow weaken the interceptor balls that are dominating higher tier pvp?

Will the gunship dps be put equal with that of a covert ops or higher, or will Cov Ops be nerfed? Cov Ops can do 3x the dps as a gunship for only 3 seconds less if fit properly (Crit build and OP 'Orion"). Oh, they can go off radar and are super agile as well, while gunships are easier to hit.

Will guards pulsar not be effected by ecm disable in the future? Pulsar was a way to help breaking up interceptor balls before the nerf.

How soon will we see more buildable ships put in the game? I’d really like to get my hands on a command or guard.

Any news on the dreadnoughts? Or a rendering of what the Jericho one will look like? :smiley:

Any plans of implementing new modules for each class specific roll? More of a variety would make things interesting.

Lastly, could the devs pay more attention to the non Russian forums and push for more US/EURO players to join so they have a good server population during all times of the day and listen to the whole player base?


We don’t think that it’s a big problem in balance. Many pilots love to fly with interceptors.

We gonna check the statistic and then we decide.


Please, stay tuned. I hope, very soon.



As it was mentioned earlier, we pay attention to all players.


Do we have enough tier 4 players yet to allow separating T4 and 5 again?




Will the “frigball” (large groups of frigates on a team) problem in combat recon and team battle be looked into? I have noticed in 9 out of 10 matches I play of these two game modes this seems to be the team composition for both sides. It makes the game mode very static and less enjoyable


If you have interesting offer, please, let us know.


It now makes 1 month that Stickers contest is now finished and I’m starting to get impatient. Is it a matter of weeks or months to add those 2 winning stickers into the game ?

Is there plans to buff the Spacial Scanner (The premium item for invasion) ? Right now, it can cost more than some premiums ships for a so small effect. I proposed something like that : [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24450-spacial-scanner-buff/#entry284662)

We did it.



Will you ever fix the ship tree (ie: make it all like Tier 5)?

Will you ever fix the issues of Ranks 4, 7 and 10 being so pathetically useless compared to the rest of their tiers?

Will we ever get Tier 4 back? It doesn’t exist anymore and flying weak T4 vs strong T5 sucks.

Will something be done about how unfair it feels to be stuck with weak (Mk I or II) modules and low synergy vs full synergy ships with Mk IV or Mk V gear?

Will factions ever matter for ships again (ie: faction-specific special modules) or will it just be purely cosmetic from now on?

Do any of you play on the public servers? If so, what modes and tiers?


No. It’s not a fix.

No. It’s not a problem.

Many T4s fly well against T5s.

Yes, but you are able to upgrade it too.


Yes, everywhere a little.


Not really for devs, but for the marketing department :

Will there be discounts on 3/6 month premiums ?

Was expecting one on release, so new players would’ve bought and commit to the game.

Please, follow the news.

I’m… sorry… But if that were true, they’d be spending a bit more time than an hour a month on this forum, no? All the community is important, and, truth be told, we feel somewhat ignored. So, can they find the time to spend, say, a bit more time hearing our side of how we think the game is progressing?


Evolving without major changes means not making large changes to game mechanics. I’d advise against that, considering how… most of the game is currently sitting, truth be told. And, considering the rumours, we are expecting some fairly decently-sized changes. A simple yes or no would suffice to satisfy my curiosity.


Yes, most of the dev team is not chatting with you on the forum, because of English or lack of free time, but it absolutely doesn’t mean that the game based on the Russian offers. That is why there is crew of CM, GM and moderators, who help them to contact with you. There are lot of reports for devs, so they know the situation from both sides, believe me.

Are there more Offensive Multipurpose Modules on the drawing board so to speak?


You have many medals pertaining to “Developer” interactions (Assisting of, destroying of, etc.) yet I have only one medal and more than 1,500 games.  I know players with many more games than this and still have an impossibly low medal count.


My Q:  Where are these testers, and will they be more prevalent in the future?  If they exist, they are not highly active (which is surprising considering how many balancing changes are made).


They exist, but they can’t exist in each battle.


Will we get PVE back how it was? I dont like the new version how it is.




Will t4-t5 be two different queue again in the future?

If no, any plans to make t4 on an equal feet with t5? Like implants working within a tier? (Assuming that t4 and t5 is one tier)


T4 is quite competitive. However, it is possible if there will be a lot of T5 in a queue.


Do you have any plans to favor older, hardcore, players to actually HELP newer players instead of farming upon them (as is often the case, mostly in T3). For example, you could :


  • in T1-T3, offer good (x2 or x3) reward to a veteran player that squad with a newer player, BUT the synergy/loyalty/etc gained would be computed from the reward gained by the newest player and NOT according to the kills and assist of the veteran player.


  • allow (through Dreadnaught or Corpo HQ) and encourage veteran players to give credits/modules/weapons to newer players by rewarding them for that (with loyalty or GS or blueprints or … or even nothing)


  • rethink “rating” to lessen the importance of killing and improve the cooperation and coordination within a team.


In my opinion, these suggestions would help newer players to feel interested in Star Conflict and, thus, increase the player population.


(And, of course, separate again T4 from T5, but this is anoter point :o) )


We’ve a mentoring system for such help.


What time can support Chinese?


Please, rephrase your question.


What are the IP addresses and location of the game servers?

Can this information be added to a server status page?


Thank you in advance!


Here you can find all information regarding servers. Possibly.


Will there be craftable ships for the other tiers as well?



Will we start having 100% accurate patch notes, without ninja changes? I think this is the most important question, atm, so the devs stop reading all the hate posts that spawn around…

We don’t have any hidden changes. And, of course, we don’t want to hide something from you. But we’ll try make it in more detail next time.

1: Will there be an option to obtain additional crews by means other than Galactic Standards in the future?

2: Are you planning to introduce more Secret Project ships in the future to fill in the rest of the ship tree?

3: If there are more Secret Project ships planned, are you able to give us a timeline when they might be released?

Sorry, no comments.

We are not planning to create such ships in low tiers.

Do the developers play their own game often (as in 3+ times a week)?

I want to finish of my incomplete medals.

Yes, but they don’t have a schedule. And often, test your luck.

When do you plan to focus on developing the size of the player base? I feel that despite the games flaws that it is a very attractive game, particularly in the freedom of the movement system and the ship design, and it is a shame that almost nobody knows about it.

Invite your friends! And yes, we are working on it.

Will all those questions above, ever be answered?

Why there are so many ninja changes which are not shown in the patch logs?

Will we get more craftable equipment for T3?

More weapons / (multipurpose) modules planned?

We don’t have any hidden changes. And, of course, we don’t want to hide something from you. But we’ll try make it in more detail next time.


Not soon.

Will dreadnoughts receive an immediate release or will it be put into CBT like what happened with the “Invasion” mode?

We can’t tell you right now.

What other methods of getting Alien Monocrystals are planned? Because 6-9 per day at a cost of 600k is 100% insane.

Questions of economy are not commented.

Is it possible to get a list of features, bugs where the devs are currently working on so we have a little summary like feature X - xx% ready, bug xx -

You can restrict to the items the players have contributed, bugfixes, status of dreadnaughts, balancing, … if it’s something totally new you can leave it out.


Remember this, devs?


Is there any consideration for this to return?

What exactly do you mean?

What programming language is used on Star Conflict, and what game engine do you use?


We use our own engine, C++ and Lua.


They eared you. Now it’s at the cost of 800k x 3.  :005j:

Joking appart, +1 on this question, we need this.




My questions :

  • Do you plan on giving a buff to material loot in invasion, to make it as viable as salavaging ? Like them stacking under the same cargo slot.

  • Can you in the future give us more details about patch notes ? Particularly on the balance part : Know why a modification is needed and why this modification seems good for you.


== Please, no more ninja nerf.  Show us everything. We don’t really care about the attack drone nerf if it was written on the patch note : “Speed reduced to X and AI is now static while shooting because BlaBlaBla”.

Same goes for the increase in the Quick Travel price for invasion and switching contracts. Saying “Price now vary from t1 to t5” isn’t enough. We needed the prices of each ranks, not to discover it in-game.

Because here, what I understand from the patch note is “Cool, now t1 have a cheap travel cost”, but no, it’s “Now t5 have x4 the cost”.



Same goes for the contests. You give us some small rules and say “Go and do it”. But when we ask for some clarifications over what is allowed and what’s not, there’s nobody to answer us in time before the contest is done.


So : Will you have a true community manager in the future, to carry the role of a better communication with players ?


By the way : The “Rest from the Helm” contest. We don’t have a proper way to send our drawings and don’t know when the contest end.


We’ll consider your offer.

As I answered before, we don’t have any secrets from you.

Regarding the contest, please post your work on the [forum](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24650-contest-%E2%80%98rest-from-the-helm%E2%80%99-discussion/).


Will LRF’s and Guards be getting a buff next patch?


Most of the communtiy agree’s that the classes need one, yet they keep getting nerfed.


 We rely primarily on statistics.


Why hasn’t the English wiki been given the same amount of official support as the Russian one? Do you actually have any interest in an English Wiki?


Why has ship background information been put on the Russian Wiki only, rather than giving it to both (or better yet, putting it back in game)?

We are working on it and will be glad if you help us to improve it.

Can we please have some sort of news on the dreadnoughts? It’s almost October and they have been promised for 2014 yet we have heard nothing yet on even how far into development they are.


*you can ignore this question if you want, but I REALLY want to know how they are going to work and when I can expect to use one*

As soon as there are some news, we will post them.

What do Piercing missiles do that’s different from standard missiles? The stat’s look the same.


While I shouldn’t be answering this I’ll give you a fast answer since Akaurl and the devs in general are very busy and they need time to answer all the questions and yours can be answer fast.


There’s no difference between Piercing Missiles and Standard Missiles, they just deal different kind of damage.

The Shark looks like a retrofitted Kastor, tbh.

That was my thought - a salvaged Castor refitted by Pirates. But no, it’s an upgraded Prometheus. Note, “Upgraded”.  :fed014:

An upgraded version that managed to be weaker than their counterparts. How does that even work, hahaha

In Soviet Russia…

See, that bugs me, cause they can jury-rig pretty much ANYTHING to actually work properly.



3. Any discussion in this subject will be considered as flame and offtopic and will be punished appropriately.

When will it be possible for our corporation to get our logo in-game?  It has been on your thread for a couple of months now, alongside logos several other corporations, but nothing has happened.


Here is a link to the thread in case you lost it: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22197-topic-for-submitting-corporation-logos/page-2)

I will post some news in this thread during the next days about the status.

Oh yes, can the devs include some kind of blocking like they do in PvE, so you can’t fight with low tier ships in a high tier match? 


According to our information, it is not a big problem. But we will consider your offer.


That isn’t what I meant, sorry for the confusion. I was asking if you were planning to release more “Tier 6” Secret Project ships, such as a Tackler and Covert Ops in the Federation tree, an LRF and Recon in the Empire tree, and a Command and Guard in the Jericho tree.


Yes, we are planning to release more “Secret Project” ships. Regarding the Tier 6, we can’t give you a definitive answer right now.


Why does ‘Effects of Covert Ops modules are increased by 20%’ bonuses on some Covert Ops ships not work on modules such as Adaptive Camo or ‘White Noise’ Jammer?


They’re affected by ‘Reloading Rate of Covert Ops modules reduced by 20%’, Rank 10 Empire (Rapidus II) and Jericho implant (WPN-FS3) bonuses, so surely the effect bonus on the ship should be applied as well.


It works. You are invisible on radar at 120% and jammer suppresses the opponent’s systems as well at 120%, but it is not very noticeable.




TANK32, on 16 Sept 2014 - 05:30 AM, said:[![snapback.png](< base_url >/public/style_images/master/snapback.png)](< base_url >/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=285394)


He means “When will Star Conflict have the Chinese language in the game?”



Not soon. Now we have a separate chat for Chinese players.


I did forget to expand on that…


I meant the ability to choose your place of birth and, with it, racial bonuses. And, with this, I actually just want SOME of the game’s lore to have some kind of meaning other than just a thing that’s there for people to go “oh. so that’s what it is.” I’d actually like to see those old days brought back, where being born Empire or Fed actually MEANT something.


There are no such plans.


When will LRFs be buffed to compensate for idiotic nerfs?

Please excuse the rudeness, I meant to ask; When will our beloved and powerful LRFs be brought back in to play? They are currently a bit wimpy.


It depends on you. If you use them, we have more statistics for analysis.


Is lowering the credit price for high ranked players up for consideration?

I only went on to get monocrystals and credit gains rarely broke even. Now I can only get 2 monocrystals and it is no longer worth to log in…


No comments, sorry.