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Server Specs,


I had a question regarding the Technical Server specs :


I hope you don t find this too intrusive but I am quite curious:  (feel free to ignore my questions if they are too intrusive.)


How many matches can you have on a virtual or physical server at a time?

What is your WAN throughput increase for lets say a 12v12 match ?

What are the server specs that softlayer provides for your US Servers ?

Are the Star Conflict servers virtual or do they require their own specialized physical server ?

What is the requirement on the server memory / CPU for a single 12 v 12 pvp match ?

Has there been any review of putting some more servers in US/ CAN ? 


Please, let me know, how much so called “resources” are at your disposal and who authorizes them, when more are required?

It is very important for me!


Thanks for your question, but it has already been answered that such information cannot be given out.



It is a test I designed and it will answer all of my questions.

Asking your questions is a better way instead of a test. The test will only show you the results you want to see.


Thank you for your input!

It will determine the future of this game!

I don’t know how you came to such a conclusion, but I can tell you that this test will in no way determine the future of the game :wink:



Current mood:


1- extremely low (running out - imminent collapse, need pills, because there is no Vodka left, to stay in a good mood)

2- low                 (barely holding out as it is - running on fumes, but holding together in one piece with an empty bottle)

3- medium         (stable operation, but below desirable levels of expectation and ambition - progress is almost stagnating to a dead point)

4- high              (we spend most on Vodka, but the game will get much better in the future, since we are happier now and we sing a lot)

5- very high      (we will fix everything and add much more content, so that 100k players per day will be a regular routine)


You are asking about the current mood at this moment. 1-3 have nothing to do with the development of the game and will not give any hint on how the future of the game will be. Even if one of us would pick one of these, it does not tell how the situation is going with the whole project, only how our personal situation is. Not to mention that our personal mood does not only get influenced by Star Conflict, but also many other factors :wink:

About 4-5: Well we cannot predict the future, so we cannot choose any of these without telling a possible lie.

We are constantly working on the game, adding new content, fixing bugs and working on improving the player count. If we wouldn’t noone of use would be here by now.



Real situation:


1- very bad    (greedy and irresponsible people won’t give us any funds, because they dislike us and they only like our money we get from our fans)

2- bad            (we get funds, but we are barely holding together, but we must, for Russia!)

3- stable        (we are not happy, nor unhappy with the cooperation from the Publisher and Commercial Department, but we could get a lot more funds in our direction)

4- good         (we are very happy with the resources we get and we will spend them for further development of SC Project)

5- very good (massive paid promotion is not far away and we will surprise you and this game will be at the top 10 F2P games in 2016)


One sentence does by far not suffice to describe the whole situation of the game.

Money and economics are not going to be discussed, so you only leave the choice to pick number 5. As stated above, for such a choice we would have to able to see the future, but none of use can. We can only tell you that we are doing our best and of course we want to achieve this future.



If you reached 0%, you’re at a point, when you deserve a raise for more motivation (Ask your Boss for a raise)

I don’t know your boss, but none of the bosses I had so far would be conviced by such a sentence to give me a raise. I am now talking about all my jobs, not only Star Conflict.

My final value of happiness: Error, value could not be found.

Will the new weapons be available to everyone?

To summarise Koromac’s “test”, here is a simple question:


What percentage of the devs like to drink vodka and how frequently do they do so?  :005j:

Please stick to questions related to the game :wink:

Have the devs ever considered that the amount of vodka consumed by players may have a serious influence on their gameplay in Star Conflict, and should therefore be taken into account in the MM? And have they ever tested this themselves?


Of course, and these tests are pretty hard!.



  1. Why a survey now?

It’s time to collect the stats


  1. Why is there no mention of the Dreadnoughts gamemode in the survey?


You can write about Dreads in PvP or Open Space questions.


  1. What next? After the MM is finalised, what will be the next big objective? Or will the results of the survey determine this?


Hard to say, new big ships maybe?



Kindof linked to the previous question I guess: when can we expect the next developper’s blog?


Soon  :fed001:


It has been four/five weeks since the first official tutorial video with Igromania. Are you happy with the work produced and do you think it has an impact on new players? If yes, how will you make sure all new pilots know about the videos after completing the tutorial?


Yes, we love these videos. We try to promote videos on the forums, facebook, twitter and in game promo window.


Can you give us a hint as to what Santa Claus will bring us for Christmas this year? 


Something big :slight_smile:

Are you going to make quality matches a thing again? I’m very disappointed in 5 min long matches, and I usually join them 1-2 mins into the game already, when the outcome most of the times is already decided. The poor MM choices aren’t helping it either, with people joining CtB matches with just one ship (but of course, 90% of times they end up on my team, because I’m supposed to carry them), or with several ships from a lower tier they don’t even know how to pilot.


Also squadding is mostly dead in T4 these days (or at least when I manage to find some time to play), which only adds to my disappointment in this game over the last few weeks. Perhaps you should consider bringing back 2vRandom?


So yeah… are you going to do something about any of these points in near future?


Sorry I’m a pain in the xxxx, but I’ve been having a really difficult time enjoying this game recently.


Regarding the MM:

The in battle joining system is still pretty new so there are still a couple of issues we need to sort out. We are aware of the mentioned issue and discussing possible solutions.



We are currently working on something that might make flying in a squad more attractive. For now I cannot give out more info, but we hope it will encourage more pilots in creating squads.

Interesting, very interesting :slight_smile: Similar to War Thunder?

For now I cannot give anymore hints. I did not play War Thunder for a long time.

Hi, my Octopus turned into full black. Is this a bug or there were some colour changes? I bought “Colour 1 Black” when I crafted Octopus, now I have to buy “Colour 3 Yellow” and delete “Colour 1 Black” to make it look like before.

Will covert ops White Noise Jammer some day work against Predators and other aliens in open space?


What other active modules are inoperable in open space? What’s the full list of what does not do anything out there?


I ride around in there with a command fighter’s shield & hull buffs on assuming those work, but I don’t really know.

Would it be possible as a way to balance ping issues to make the targeting circle bigger in poor ping situations and normally sized in good ping situations in other words, if you have bad ping could the game recognize this and make the area you shoot at larger for a hit on your opponent to count as damage. Bad ping big area to hit with a larger circle, good ping the circle in normal size

Such a system is not possible due to many factors that would need to be considered.

When will we get more information on Cruisers?


Soon, be patient.


When will the Laboratory open and what is its purpose?


No info for now.


When will the Halloween missions become available? It’s almost Halloween!! 


After Halloween update.


Will multicrew ships ever be implemented?

Hard to say. It’s too serious decision, more serious than even Destroyers.

How long will I have to complete the new missions?

Does the Shield Havoc module do damage based on max shields, or current shields?

Will the event module be available after the event, or will it be another exclusive like the mass driver?

Has there been any thought to increase the pvp match length.  Back in the day there used to be 12 min games.  Now adays 6:00min is pretty quick.

Has there been any thought to increase the pvp match length.  Back in the day there used to be 12 min games.  Now adays 6:00min is pretty quick.

We are not planning to do this in the near future

Dreadnought matchmaking is too picky at the moment and it is hard for smaller corporations to attack due to members being busy or offline. Will there ever be an option to attend dreadnought battles without a wing, so that people can just join in on the fun? You can make it where at least one member of the attacking corporation has to attend.

We are not planning to do this in the near future

But why did you shorten the matches anyway?

Do you plan to make dread battle queuing more reliable? As of recently every battle that my corporation has prepared for has either said “attackers did not show up” or just not let us join at all