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Please use the bug report forum for bug reports.

Will star conflict reach the grind levels of war thunder, and, if so, how do we stop

that from happening? Will GS be increased in ‘in-game’ value for less money per-GS?

Will the Dev team stop looking for Hitler in fairly normal numbered and English lettered names. (I’ve seen a great many negative reviews on it. Please improve English-written/spoken relations)

Will very mild words like ‘B a s t a r d’, ‘J e r k’, and ‘c r a p’ be allowed in pilot speech, name, and written conversations within game, as the game goes as far as to call everyone’s mother a ‘b i t c h’ when it asks us if we want to live forever.

Do Russian players receive this kind of treatment, or just us?

Let’s see. Don’t know.

Everyone must follow the rules of the game, including Russian players also. By the way, they receive much more treatment. -Statistics

Regarding the nicknames, we are not trying to find someone to punish. Just there are some rules, which help reduce the amount of insults and negative emotions. Also, the most punishes were made after reports from other players. So, please, stop flame.

P.S. the last cool nickname, which I saw, was “DefecatingDog”. Nice one! (Akaurl’s opinion)


Since it was deleted for some reason I’ll ask it again: who do we speak to about the oddities, inconsistencies or just plain incorrect information in the game’s background? Is this something being worked on or has it been abandoned?

Please feel free to contact me if you find some incorrect information. Regarding the background of the game, it is being worked.

Any major rework planned for Sector Conquest with Dreadnoughts or it will be even more “grind, save, bid, hope” type as it is now ?

Any plans to increase Invasion population outside of forcing people to fly recons between stations ?

TO clarify : I was expecting people farming asteroids and NPC and other people “PK”(Player Killers) hunting them down in hope to grab their loot for profit. I see none of that.

Of course, the Dreadnoughts will be a part of the Sector Conquest.

In this fact (PK) we made more peaceful zones and added Cargo Drones.

Will it be possible to revert the Jericho Torpedo range BACK to 10K in T2 like it is in other Tiers  ?


How many programmers does star conflict have working on it?

Differently. Depending on the current task. Total amount of people in the project is 20.

How do you view this game’s community?

How do you think community views you?


Why is community engagement not important to you? (if you claim it is, why aren’t you doing it?)

Why do your priorities never seem to match those of the community?

Do you think the game would be more successful if the veteran community was more positive? If yes, what steps do you intend to take to achieve this?


Why don’t we get hotfixes for major issues? Example: Implants randomly reassigning every game.


Why don’t we get complete patch notes? Example: failure to mention increase in duplicator crafting cost.


When core mechanics are changed for the worse (they never change for the better), why do we never get an explanation as to why you think these changes are needed?


Why are you so against teamwork? (eg: removing free revives in PvE, punishing squads in PvP matchmaking) This is meant to be a team game, so why don’t you encourage teamwork with mechanics and positive reinforcement?


When will mentoring work? Last time I checked it’s still impossible for players like me (over 1300 Skill Rating) to get a PvP match with a Recruit.


Is it really necessary to have TEN currencies in this game? [credits, 6x loyalty types, iridum, monocrystals and Gold Standards]. Isn’t 2-3 enough?

We think that our community likes what we do.

Yes, sometimes we have some problems, but we try to fix it asap. Please, stop flame and ask such questions as “When will the game be better?”. We are trying to make it better everyday. And we are listening to our community, so please send us your feedback via forum. We very much appreciate your opinion, but can’t release everyones.

I have a single question to the developers:


Why don’t you revert to the previous build if the last patch have a lot of bugs? We have been playing 2 weeks now with either adaptives or implants working. It is not a small glitch, it is a major game breaking feature, both in general game characteristics (implants) or just nullifying a whole tech tree (federation ships)

It’s not easy to revert the patch as you know. And we fix bugs as fast as we can.

Adaptive Shield. Is it or is it NOT bugged? Is it intended to buff SOLELY the Shields, now? Or is that a bug and will it be fixed to buff the Armour again?


I’m ok with it like this, though, I just think it kills most Federation fits that are relying entirely on speed tanking (which is precisely how they survive, btw) and this module nuked half their tank… Compensation is required elsewhere to make up for the loss of armour tank, imo… Maybe more speed or handling? Perhaps slot tweaking?

I believe his question is this: Are the adaptive shield modules intended to stack their resistances?

If so, why are they not stacking?

Is it a bug?

In the opposite words: Are adaptive shield modules supposed to only have one activated at a time?

In other words, are they not supposed to stack?


You can stack Adaptive shield after patch 1.0.4

Rule of addition of the influence modules (except damage resistance modules):

first, all modifiers are added, and then applied to the result of one of the formulas:

IF mod < 0 THEN newValue = baseValue / ( 1 - mod )

IF mod > 0 THEN newValue = baseValue * ( 1 + mod )

It is important to understand that the impact of each subsequent modifier modifies the total value linearly, if the amount of modifier mod> 0 (for those modifiers that improve one or other parameter). If the modifier reduces the parameter, its effect will be non-linear.

Adaptive shield is “mod > 0”.

Alright, I have a question:


Under the workshop there is this description for each craftable ship part:


“Can be found in destroyed ship or produced in the workshop”


Does the ‘destroyed ship’ line mean you can loot these very expensive parts from Cartel or Cyber ships the player shoots down, or are they only looted from destroyed Player ships, or are they looted from the Invasion item “Ship Debris”?


Because I have yet to come across any of these parts in Invasion.

Any destroyed ship in the Invasion.


1.) Will we ever get a sale/discount on warehouse “ship’s active GS boosters”, crews/implants, loyalty vouchers - mark III upgrade and monocrystals upgrade/requirement cost? I am talking about up to 50% sale discount.

     Note: If you answered with no for crews/implants question, will we get an option to use in game credits, as a means of unlocking a slot for free, for those who want an alternative?


2.) Will you ever add all of the non-existing/missing modules, weapons and especially equipment parts to mark V section, since a lot of those, are still not listed/available?

     Note: So far, ship’s equipment cannot be upgraded to mark V, since there isn’t any mark V’s upgrades for equipment. Warehouse don’t have any mark V option available to sort mark V items.


3.) Will you ever add all/some not yet added blueprints in the game to the Workshop section, so they can be bought with normal in game credits and/or Galactic Standards only as well?

     Note: Some of us don’t want to search for months in Invasion mode to get them. This applies from T3 to T5.


4.) Will you add the option to upgrade mark IV equipment to mark V in your warehouse also by means of Galactic Standards currency only, which in return will not require use of Monocrystals, if the upgrade was bought with GS?

     Note: Only applies, if you already own mark IV modules, weapons, equipment. Mark II can be bought with Galatic Standards to get upgraded to mk III. So, mark IV to mark V with “GS” is an option as well?


5.) Will you revamp loyalty vouchers upgrade system in the future, similar to what I have described in my thread here?

     Note: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24780-slightly-revised-loyalty-system-for-mark-iii-upgrade-system/)

              Simple yes or no will suffice.


6.) Will we get an option to pay for Internal Structures modules, which are required to build “T5 Secret Projects” by using Galactic Standards?

     Note: Normal game credits and materials in Invasion or just their salvage in the warehouse is tedious/time consuming and quite costly for some. Alternative option/choice should be given.

              It would also spare existing monocrystals.


7.) When, if you considered such idea at all, will you add “not yet named” DLC pack, which will unlock “ship customization options” and grant you 100% access to all paints, emblems, presets, etc. without any restrictions?

     Note: I would buy it, others as well, for a reasonable price, of course.


8.) Do you plan to add separate/independent “PVE only” rank 1-15 contract system as well, so all of the contracts could get completed in PVE mode, if proper/high/est rank of ships would be used?

     If not, do you plan to add any “special boosters”, which will enable such a feature on existing contracts in PVE as well?

     Note: So far, there is no description, which missions are achievable in PVE, so a lot of players don’t even know, that they’re not getting all of them, but only some of them.


9.) Will you limit abuse/stacking of the same equipment parts, for example, such as missile pylons, adaptive shields and other similar builds?

     Note: If you answered with yes, will there be an option, notifying us that the same equipment “cannot be equipped/disabled” by being “greyed out”, a measure, which prevents to equip items of the same kind?

              This would eliminate balance issues or need to buff or nerf certain statistics of each equipment piece.


10.) Some spell errors, like Dreadnaught instead of Dreadnought, disassmebled instead of disassembled, five battlse instead of 5 battles in the contract tree and Jericho hangar red ship’s engine trail only visual bug…

       Why are those bugs, though reported in bug section, still not yet fixed? Some are months old! I don’t want to post spelling/bug reports more than once. If you’re aware of them, why don’t you fix them?

       Will you fix them, even if they are on low priority list?


11.) I posted a request to add “Flag of Slovenia” in customization options months ago. Request was forwarded to your development team, at least to my knowledge.

       Does this process needs to be approved by my own country, because the flag is a national symbol and if that’s true, was it declined?


12.) Do you plan to add female voices in the game, like pilot’s comments (not AI computer voice) in PVP/PVE? So far we got only AI female announcer voice for the ship’s systems, like incoming missile, shields down, etc.

       Note: We don’t have any female pilots commenting in battles, like PVP/skirmish now. Do women don’t deserve a pilot’s license? Women play this game too, you know. Joke aside, it should be added. :wink:




Thank you very much for taking your time to answer all of my 12 questions in detail.





  1. I hope so, but can’t give you any definitive answer, sorry. And we’ll consider your idea.

  2. Yes, one day.

  3. We don’t want to make such option. You won’t be able to buy all the blueprints.

  4. No comments.

  5. Not soon.

  6. Not sure.

  7. Nice, but we are not ready to answer you now.

  8. No.

  9. We don’t think that stacking of the same equipment parts is abuse. Of course, if it is balanced!

  10. We are fixing. Also, there is an option in game, which allows you send a request to devs, if you find some mistakes (alt+shift+~).

  11. No, we’ll add it soon.

  12. We’ll think about it.

Why do I see advertisement about War Thunder everywhere. Even on surveys there is offer to download and play 5 games to receive stuff ?

Why we do not see such things about SCon ?

Didn’t you say “We will have more advertisement and try to increase player base upon release” ?

Game is released for almost a month already.

Actually, we have much advertisement in the Internet. Also there lots of partnership programs. We have very specific audience, WT has another one, and all the parameters go up.

Also we still don’t have a StarCon, as Blizzcon.


Is the pylons stay like this?  I’ve seen too many 3 pylon setup ships, Did you change them for doomsday missiles?

Changes are not planned.


Target them. Shoot them. They die in 5 seconds, well before you do, unless they’re flying ECMs.


Which reminds me, what is the dev team thinking about the current ECM meta? I mean… we’re back to the old ECM iWin-series with the new Pylon changes…

We’re monitoring the balance of all the roles, including ECM. If we find a disbalance with ECM, we’ll fix it.


how do you become a game developer?


One day I decided to change my career…

Are dreadnoughts coming out within the next 3 months? Please don’t say “no comment”. Yes or no

Honestly, the answer is “possibly”. We want it too.


What is the tick rate on your servers and have you considered raising it?


Why are all the tiers mixed now?


Why wasn’t this in the patch notes?


Why isn’t the game been advertised?(you said that you’ll advertise the game after it’a released)


Why are all the premium ships recognised by the MM as 1 tier lower than they are?

Not mixed and not all.

Because it is not connected to patches and configured on the server without server maintenance.

It is their bonus, and, as we know, it has no significant effect to the balance.



The amount of hidden information in patch notes is becoming ridiculous.

When will this change? Better question: Will this ever change?

That’s not true. There are no hidden changes that significantly affect to the gameplay.


When will the remaining corp stickers be put in-game? (a date would be nice)

Not earlier than a month. There is no exact date yet.


Why is this still being posted at the top of every thread when answers usually only come once a month?

It was a force majeure situation, sorry.  


What is the formula to calculate the new SR?


Will be published soon in the dev blog.

Has the location changed for the RU servers? After patch 1.05 my ping has gone up from 75 to 95 on RU servers



A question about game’s background :

We, players of Star conflict, are mercenary. Jericho, Empire, and Federation are in war and fight each other.

So, does PvP represent that war ?

If yes, why it’s only a war between mercenary ? Where is the Empire’s army, or the Federation’s army ?

You are mercenaries. Someone of you a patriot of his race, someone totally apolitical. There is a Cold War in the Galaxy, and the parties of the conflict are not interested in open confrontations. In addition, you are acting in a very dangerous area of space, full of mysterious and unpredictable anomalies and basing here a regular fleet of the races is undesirable for safety reasons: there is no guarantee that the next anomaly will not destroy the entire fleet at once.


  • Any plan to allow players to type in Global chat while they are in battle or in invasion with some chat command ?
    This has been suggested long time before Example- /o or /og . This will sure help players.
  • Are you gonna fix the match making for Premium ships ? 
    They are always queue with their lower tier. Which is an unfair way to promote premium ships.

in fact premium ships has some good bonuses & they generates 400% more free synergy compare to credits ships and free repair, free respawn in invasion.

There is other fair ways to promote premium ships like generates 20-30% more credits or the glow effect on all premium ships. But not like the current unfair matching making advantages.



It is not broken.

Are you planning on answering any of the questions being asked?  :005j:  Also will there be a Alien ship DLC sometime in the future?

We haven’t planned it. But maybe.


I do not think we are going to need to turn SCon into MOBA type of game. 1 bot per match is more than enough, but it is fair question.

Any plans to re-introduce the sub-faction’s special modules ? Except on the T6 projects.



i would like to know what is the reasion behind this hiding the number of players online.


its too obvious that you are trying to hide that…

-we had player count (removed)

-we had tier occupation chart (removed)

-we had number of players per faction (removed)


why is indication of player count such a big problem, that it had such a high priority, to be removed?

Because it became less informative: we have SC, PvP, PvE, Invasion. Too many modes to show all of them.

I’ve a question about secret ships ; where is the rest?  There are many empty spaces on that line are you planning to fill them or they will stay like 1 ship per faction only?


 If I’m gonna craft engineer I wish to craft empire one  , or secret fed tackler ,emp command ,jeri guard ,emp recon…

Yes, we are.


I want the truth on this and not some crap response like “commercial secret” or other stuff like that. What do super testers do? I have asked people, mainly ESB members, what super testers do and all i get is, “can’t tell you or i’ll get kicked out of the program.” 


So far, i have found out that they get free premium. This is truly unfair that “special” developer’s pets get to do this without anyone else getting to. If you have a non-ESB or non-Russian super tester, by all means, who is he/she?


My second question is this, if I don’t get a satisfactory answer, how can i contact Gaijin to report this? I have reason to believe that they would care about this and wonder if they know about failed advertising and partiality to Russian gamers. I’m sure they have thousands of dollars invested in this game and aren’t going to be happy to hear that it’s going downhill fast. Very fast. 


Thank you so much and I am looking forward to your response.


P.S. Deleting this will only cause me to go to gaijin. I do not kid around with things like this.

They help us test patches before release. Yes, we have super testers not from ESB and not from Russia. But the main language of the development is Russian, so it’s better if ST can speak it.


When will the north american servers be fixed?

pZ7c8YD.jpg 6DRuLVt.jpg

When will south american servers be implemented?

How high is the usage of the south asia server(s) compared to the other regions?

Try to play on other servers.

In the near future is not planned.

It depends on where you are.