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Regarding secret ships.

For clarifications sake -

  1. What exactly is the loss of materials when disassembling a completed secret project ship?

and, more importantly -

  1. Why have a loss of materials when disassembling a secret project ship?

P.S After several hundred (thousands of) hours of playing this game and several questions posed on the forum, I have never had any direct response from the dev staff.

If this is because you find my forum name offensive then feel free to change it.



Why can I only do one ship forwarding mission now? I used to have 11 going at any given time and I had a purpose for my unused ships finally! Now I’m back to having a bunch of stagnant ships in my hangar with no use. I like putting them to work!



How much shield does particle purge heal, and how long does it take to heal?


Does ion diffuser stop particle purge from healing shields?



Hmm, you are forcing me to be ingenious… XD Here is my question:


Have the devs ever considered that the amount of vodka consumed by players may have a serious influence on their gameplay in Star Conflict, and should therefore be taken into account in the MM? And have they ever tested this themselves?


Sorry, I know this is a serious thread but I couldn’t help it  ![rudolf.gif](< base_url >/public/style_emoticons/default/rudolf.gif)   Here are some serious questions to compensate: (feel free to ignore the previous one ^^)


  1. Why a survey now?

  2. Why is there no mention of the Dreadnoughts gamemode in the survey?

  3. What next? After the MM is finalised, what will be the next big objective? Or will the results of the survey determine this?

  4. Kindof linked to the previous question I guess: when can we expect the next developper’s blog?

  5. It has been four/five weeks since the first official tutorial video with Igromania. Are you happy with the work produced and do you think it has an impact on new players? If yes, how will you make sure all new pilots know about the videos after completing the tutorial?

  6. Can you give us a hint as to what Santa Claus will bring us for Christmas this year?



Are there still plans to improve the visual customization of ships? Awhile back there was a poll about the colors players wanted to see added to the game, as well as multiple suggestions on the sticker and paint patterns available.


Now that we have all the Secret Project Ships, will we finally get an improved visual customization system?



Is the expansion of ‘payment with gift cards’ to Europe planned in the future?

What is going to happen with T4 mods with the upcoming rank/balance changes? Will we be given a higher tier equivalent, a lower tier equivalent or will we get a  full credit/voucher/iridium/monocrystal refund?

When will you add more decorations and vidual effects for ships and weapons?


joystick is at a disadvantage because anyone an easily move a mouse and shoot. This places the aviator’s aiming at a huge delay.

I want to be able to compete when it comes right to it. The free aim does not work with the joystick but i want to be able to

manuever in defense so a switch key would help tremendously. The true test is if you could get the joystick and the mouse to work

together with no need to switch. The use of one would deactivate the other simutaneously to recenter the mouse pointer.

How do you plan on encouraging squads to queue up in future? Right now there is no incentive for squads and it is impossible to squad up outside of 7pm-9pm EU time, and even then, 4 man squads rarely find a match.

How will the new equipment system avoid making worse the issue of new players being driven away by people both solo and squadded looking for an easy farm in pvp? I understand these sorts of people will always exist, but as it stands this new system could potentially serve to make a disease into a plague and it will be mixed tiers exodus all over again!

Why dont you hire or buy new servers? It is a known fact the current ones are crap. Why isnt anything done with the ongoing connection issues for hunderds of players for years? Are you actualy working on a permanent solution? 

No discussions in this thread.

A suggestion for a new Open Space feature,

 Route Planning

I am currently building a project ship it would be really great if

 I could look at the map and plan the stops I need to take along the way to my next faction

so would it be possable to plan my route on the map click the zones I need to go to and

Have a blue or green or yellow dot apear around the warp gates I need  to follow?

This thread is not for suggestions.

What is the drop rate/finding chance for blue prints in pve? because i ve found nothing in the last 4-6 months, Is it 1/1000 pve matches or 1 /10 000 pve matches?

Matchmaker is (or is becoming) a 2-rank system for Skirmish, so this narrows the rank 15 field to 14 and 15…


What do developers and designers say about rank 14 and 15 grind tree ships relative to sp ships? Are these intended to be regarded as 3rd class ships? Will testers, designers and developers fly them to see what they are like against sp ships? If they are formally found to be scrubs, will they be tweaked to legitimacy?

Is there a maximum on buffing main weapon rounds per minute? If so: is it a universal cap, or does each weapon have its particular max? What is the actual number for the universal cap or the specific weapons caps?


Is gunship overdrive main module permitted to or prevented from surpassing it?

When are t5 dreadnoughts going to be launched? Our corp (and many others) no monger have any upgrades to do. Also we are sick of playing t4.


Also, do you plan on only having 3 t5 sectors, or will you rearrange all the sectors with a fair number in each tier?

Will the new ship class have any kind of limitations when it comes to battles?

Will it require players to grind excessively to obtain or be obtainable for credits?

As this game is a damage/hitpoints model, and therefore the meta revolves around increasing output and decreasing input whether it be by equipment or playstyle, do you have any plans to prevent previous ship types from becoming obsolete with the introduction of the destroyer?

With the squad system restricted, will we once again be given the ability to get matches in a squad even if there are no squads on the enemy team?


Honestly if we get this back, it should significantly offset the frustration players have with the current setup. Most people can’t get games in squads at all right now because nobody wants to queue in one.

Is it planned to answer my question about particle purge? I asked it approximately two months ago now. It took about the same amount of time to find out how diminishing returns on ECM stuns work.




Greetings to all developers, I would request an attention to developers, I am assiduous player of this game and try comperar the most for it to become even more widespread among the gamers, and I bring a proposal that I understand you only have to add the game and makes it even more outstanding, the proposal and make industry achievement of one larger event and more dynamic taking into account all potential corporate sectors and improve the division. The proposal is the following:





The sector of conquest happen in the open space in Conquerable maps, and corporations could move as many players had dispuniveis the desired map, there happen one epic battle where the field would take place by the corporation that remained in the node at the end of a specified time, on this map the ship of corporate battle come the hyper jump and would be static, with guns shooting the other ships battles and purpose of the battle would win the stationary map objects, structures, turrets, docks. then the battle would end as soon as a corporation dominate all map structures, or who had higher field at the end of a certain time. Then the bonus would be available, but in the meantime would have to be delivered upon the cargo, so that each player needed to escort a freighter with the bonus content for the map to the base station coorporação, a freighter trasportaria a reward, so that corporations would have to escort freighters queanto many players had a day and so all would receive the rewards. Something like this kind of achievement has been done in a Brazilian game Taikodom, follows a video with an achievement for everyone to have idea of ​​what I speak, I start to hand to further explain this idea.


Complementing each corporation would have to have so many battleships qaunto sectors they wanted to win.





sector conquest of video link similar to that explain:

Why are 95 percent of the games on russians servers when I select any region? (at europe prime time)