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Why is there no purple / pink colour for the ship?

Because the colour is not fitting for a space ship.


Here is my actual question: After returning from my Hiatus I noticed that the warp gates don’t work fully anymore. I’d go through and warp 500 meters then disengage warp. Is this a new game mechanic or what?

This change was made about a month ago.


Is there any plans for the officers of the corp being able to see who had donated to the corp?

Is there any plans for a advance recruiting setup for open recruiting? IE a requirment for tier level or type of ship.

1)For now there are no such plans.

2)This is not needed our opinion. Players can just buy a premium ship to break this system.


is this a catalog of previous questions that are now being carried over to the next month?

and when could we expect bio and the INN (not asking for exact answers, just a general one at least)

Yes, we usually carry over the questions to the next month.

Currently the INN has been delayed and there is no eta for the next post.


 Would it be possible to tweek the times of dreadnought battles?  I live on the east coast of the US and for me during the week I have no opportunity to play dreadnought battles.  the battles   start at 1 am  

the next is at 2 pm   and then again at 4 pm this is the middle and end of my work day. It would seem that if you wanted to build a larger US player base you would give some consideration to the players from there  Perhaps an every 8 hour rotation would be fairer across the board

  Also our Dreadnought was done before the ship building deadline and we have not received any recognition or reward,  please don’t forget us.  we started with 15 k iridium and built each section on time, we  saved and boosted the last stage. this was a major undertaking for our corp and it was done with the help of many members. I would hate to see all of their work go unrewarded. 



We have tried to set the most fitting times for the majority of our players. Please fill a suggestion if you think another time would be better.


Where is iaxil and why is she no longer with us?

Note: She was always active and she responded to every inquiry I made to her.

She is no longer a part of the team. More detailes won’t be given out.


It seems the loot in Spec Ops was decreased. The last battles showed credit loot below 100k in pink loot slots.

Were there any changes ?

There have been no changes.

I know it is my fault for living in such a remote part of the universe but…


Could some consideration be made into moving the dreadnought battle times around.


At present the dreadnought battles are scheduled for 4am, 6am and 3pm  AEST


Most Australians would be playing between 6pm and 12pm AEST.   8am to 2pm GMT


We have tried to set the most fitting times for the majority of our players. Please fill a suggestion if you think another time would be better.

In any future update, will we be able to alter the configuration of what our starfighters look like as well as being able to have different weapons combos on our fighters and frigates?  Will we eventually be able to have continious respawn capability after being shot down during combat in pvp and pve instead of having to wait for the next round?

These changes are not planned.


  1. Will all of the loot in Invasion be returned to what it was before the patch a couple months back?

  2. Why was the Invasion loot value reduced so significantly, or at all?/What was the reason for that patch? & or will there be an update in the near future to fix this, or compensate for this somehow?

  3. You might not be able to answer this directly, but is there a rough time frame you can tell us that we can expect new project ships for the game??

  4. Will there be more Mark5 weapons & modules?

  5. Has anyone ever considered making a weapon/gun similar to the primary ability of a guard that is able to switch damage types over certain intervals?


  1. we are not planning to return it

  2. this decision was made after analyzing statistics and other collected information. we believe that it’s reasonable, but we’ll keep an eye on feedback from players.

  3. unfortunately, we can’t announce date but we are working on them.

  4. yes we are planning to create them but not in the nearest updates.

  5. that is an interesting idea, and we were discussing it before but it’s not in our current priorities.


What is planned for the A1MA? I heard somewhere that a revision was queued…

yes we have ideas of making its usage convenient for casual players but can provide more specific information yet.


Are there anymore ‘Pirate’ premium ships in the making?

Will we ever be able to put our corp logo’s on our ships?

These ideas are both under development at the moment. Especially the question of logos is highly being discussed and we are trying to find the way for the implementation as soon as possible.


Are there “Pirate Multiphase Shield Adapter V”(Tier 5), & “Pirate Shield Booster V”(Tier 5) blueprints you can find in Invasion/free roam loot?

Was wondering if there was because I own all of the Pirate shield boosting modules (I think most of them anyway) for tier 4. I haven’t seen any ones for tier 5 anywhere because all I have seen was these tier 4 blueprints so I was wondering if they even exist in the game at all…?

& if not will there be tier 5 pirate shield boosting & tier 5 multiphase shield adapter modules & or tier 5 pirate/non pirate modules in general, added to the game??

& if this is so can you tell me how soon this will be added?


They are not available in loot yet, and we are planning to add them in the future, but we can’t announce any dates yet.


00 7 questions.

1.) When will you introduce the rest of mark 5 blueprint variants for T3, T4 and T5 in the Workshop and will equipment be upgradable to mark 5 as well?

Note: We need new blueprints, but they should be all available for credits ASAP.

2.) Why is it stated, that we can get ship parts for Secret Project in any destroyed ship in Invasion , or amongst debris or loot , if that is not true?

Note: If this is not intended, the description should get changed for all 6 ship parts in the Manufacture menu.

3.) When will we see more new Premium ships?

4.) When will we see more new Standard ships?

5.) When will we see more Secret Projects and how many of them?

6.) When will we see more new DLC content for Star Conflict?

7.) Did you ever consider rewarding players for full and proper bug reports with all necessary information , like 50 GS per each proper and full bug report , to ensure much increased effort and preciseness?

Note: If you value our contribution to you, you should make it so. However, bug report would have to follow all listed regulations. Other alternative is, that you create no more bugs for us to report, if you don’t like this.

Thank you.

  1. we have this idea but so far in long-term plans

  2. thank u for this notification. Yes they can be found only in special operations or manufactured.We will provide adjustments asap.

  3. 4)5) we are working on adding Premium and Secret Project ships now. Standart ones are in long-term plans for now.

  4. we have several ideas about that, but not for the nearest updates.

  5. we had this suggestion before, but this idea unfortunately has some serious drawbacks solving which will require a lot of resources.


One further question on the 12c implant. (implant 12, on the bottom, or 12J/J12. Shield regeneration increase 25%)

  1. Does it also affect how quickly a shield booster finishes its batch of regeneration on your ship?

  2. Does it increase the rate that an engineer’s healing modules heal your ship?

Good day. no it doesn’t affect any of them.


Will more unique ships like the Cutter, Loki and Blood Tormentor be added any time soon?

Will the rest of the secret project ships be added in this next patch?

it is in our shor-term plans but we can’t give specific dates yet.

When will you fix the broken Destructor weapon? the beacon games are just unplayable in any other thing that are not guards.


Good day! This weapon should work fine if u think that there is a problem please leave bug report or suggestion how to make it better.


Could you list how much rewards increase as you gain higher ranks in a single faction, two factions, and all three?

For instance, in T2, you start out with getting low rewards, but by the time you hit T5 you re-enter T2, you gain even more rewards (not counting synergy bonus from the fleet)

How does this affect all of the tiers, farming/grinding, etc… and how much does it increase?

In other words - I want all of the information, so I can determine how to best send people into the quickest farm routes possible.

To reiterate - Credit and synergy chart that changes with your highest level ship rank, please.

it influences your reward. Silver reward depends on effectiveness in fight. Synergy reward depends on the fleet strength. So in general it influences only your synergy reward.



Will there be a way to practice dreadnought battles in custom battles?

Will there be more PvE missions?

Will there be a Dreadnought Vs Defiler/Dreadnought Sector Defense mode?

Will there be new alien ships added?

Will there be a bestiary of NPC ships added in-game as a type of encyclopedia, also showing information on different locations and missions, a “Star Conflict Guide”, per-say?

  1. Will Dreadnought Battles be allowed for a custom battle option? Allow players to ‘deploy’ their dreadnoughts into the custom battle room for these fights. You can find the original suggestion here in the 1.1.3 discussion.

  2. When should we expect t4 and t5 sector conquest to be opened?

  3. Will t3 sector conquest credit rewards be increased? Currently they are not particularly desirable, considering that 65000 iridium was spent to make dreads it is unlikely that less than 1million credits is incentive to encourage attacks.

  4. Will we likely see additional Secret Project ships as the next major addition to the game, or is there another significant addition in the works first?

  5. Are there plans to implement more dreadnought equipment, or is that gear planned for t4 and higher?

  6. When will early Dreadnought finishers get their achievement? Arms race rewards aside, I remember there being an achievement for any corporation that finished their Dreadnought early.


1)no it’s not planned at the moment, but we will collect feedback about this idea and analyze it.

2)yes now we are working on new maps and special operations, which we are planning to present in furure updates.

  1. it sounds like an interesting idea, we will discuss it, but it won’t be implemented in the nearest updates.

4)we have ideas about alien ships but they are not our priority at the moment.

  1. not in the game, this information will be available at external resources.

6)no it’s not planned at the moment, but we will collect feedback about this idea and analyze it.

  1. t4 is already opened, and now we are working on t5. we will announce the exact date of release.

8)we are planning to reconsider our reward system, but can’t say any deadlines yet.

  1. yes we are now developing secret project ships, and we’ll inform players when these ships become available.

  2. we are now testing t5 and preparing some additional modules.

  3. the achievements have already been given.

still no word on secret ships?

  1. yes we are now developing secret project ships, and we’ll inform players when these ships become available.

How does dreadnought main caliber damage translate into fleet point damage?


The dreadnought stats display that shield regen and main caliber damage is in “kk”, which might possibly refer to millions, or simply be a typo referring to thousands. Which is it?


If we don’t take into consideration the shield and its regeneration, every 10kk (millions) damage take about 1 fleet point.

will the servers ever be improved at all?

We are constantly working on this.

Is it intended that people are unable to join back in a fight once they get a disconnect/connection issues/kicked by server issues?

This happens to me and other people since patch 1.1.4.

Our designers are looking into this.


Any word on when more USA servers will be available? I recently moved, (temporarily,) and my epic Internet didn’t follow… If I’m on anything but US I get 14k ping and can’t do anything but wobble and swerve…

We already have US servers. Server perfomance is being monitored all the time, however there also might be issues on the players side.

Please use this tool to create a bug report.