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Do you plan on adding more achievements for PvE? It just seems neglected that a mode that some players spend more time than in pvp has just 2 achievements.

Also,will there be a trading and/or gift system?(Just yesterday i sold about 50 upgrade kits I didn’t need, could have given them to someone who is starting out for example)


Are there plans on bringing back weapon modulators which change damage type like in 0.7 era?



Is it planed to make a credits to GS exchange system (ratio doesn’t matter)?


Finally, are stickers you buy now the same as the ones bought before 0.8 (meaning you can apply one to unlimited number of ships) ?




No trading, but we will consider the gift system.



No. You don’t buy stickers, you pay fee for the services to add new aerography on your ship. But there are unique stickers, which are free.


Will there be additional graphics for mining? 


Can mining be done with any ship or frigates only?


Top secret…


When open Space comes out,Will we be able to Squad/group up in more than a 4 man group?


Top secret…


What does the engineering matrix do?


Resurrects ship in PvE mode.


Would it be too much to ask to have all the info about open space compiled and put into a pinned thread so we don’t have to look all over the forums for links/vids/info? Please  yes_yes_yes.gif


All official information regarding the new game mode is published in our blog. Some pictures can be found in the Steam gallery.


A couple of patches back the default chat window in hanger was changed. As it is now players can’t have chat up in hanger and use shortcut keys. It has curser default inactive on all maps but not in hanger. Are there plans to revise the hanger chat window so that default is inactive curser to make it more consistent and convenient?


If you think that the chat is not working properly, please make out the topic [here](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/84-launcher-game-client-and-connection-issues/).


What will the dreadnaught be like?


Will it have multiple people controlling the ship? For example one piloting while another controlling turrets?


Or another person launching and controlling drones?


Dreadnaught is an enigma right now and i’d like to know what feature it will have besides being big and having huge stats.




How graphic intensive is open space mode?

Will players be separated in different open spaces because of different ships/ skill ratings?

Will there be multiple stations in open space?

Will open space be on a single server, or many? Which one will be on if so?


Coming soon…


Will there be something to show how many enemies are locking onto you?

How about setting an amount of damage required dealt by the enemy to stop someone from capturing the beacons?Not one hit with like less than 100 dam to stop someone from capturing the beacons,i know this will be useful in pvp,but in pve maps like blackwood,shipyard raid,it will be difficult to complete.

Will you change the fee to change hangars?Or it just a kind of fee for the lazy people?I don’t know about changing the hangar by fly to it in free space mode.

What’s the fee for building the dreadnought?Will it be all-iridium or all-Galactic standards?Or Gs and iridium mixed (credits perharp?).

About pirate in free space,will they always be overcrowded like in pirate complex?

Will thers be police patrolling the sectors?

How do we earn and lost karma in free space?


No comment.

We will think about it.

Please wait official news…

-Are there plans to make the customisation process available for credits?


-Are there plans to be able to apply multiple decals?


-Are there plans to be able to apply decals freely on the ship (instead of fixed locations on the ship)?


-Is there a approximate date for the open world feature and the dreadnoughts?


No comment.


Ships have complex geometry, so it’s hard to apply decals freely.



Follow up to this,Could  a player possibly Be or take on the role of police for a sector?


Top secret…


I personally witnessed on follow, one player in long rand frig using aimbots today! I suspect another simply because his aim was WAY too accurate. So… A: Are the Devs aware that there are new aimbots in game B: What you gona’ do about it?


If you suspect someone in using aimbots, please contact GMs or moderators with the application of combat logs and detailed explanation of how, in your opinion, the bot works.


Is there any hope for a south american server?


If there will be a sufficient number of players - not excluded.


1: Are you considering  developing more teir 5 premium ships there already is the mauler but are there plans for any others?


2: Is there any plans for further dlc?


3: Is there plans for another ship tech that is a mix of all current ones? (a fourth fraction of sorts)








This game - Star Conflic will be in Polish language?




Hello, id like to know if pink is being planned as a custom ship paint color, i know many pilots including myself are looking forward to it being availible


We will consider this idea soon.


Can we see in the future alliances between corporations?


Not excluded if it is due to the logic of the game.

Hello, how can I get Grand Admiral title?


Title means that pilot has all ships and all ships are elite (all synergy levels).


please add pink in to the colour palette


are there plans to add in more colours to the ship customisation?




when do we get dreadnoughts?


In progress…

Regarding Dreadnoughts and Openspace:


Sorry for ‘No comment’. These features are developing right now, so we can’t give you any definite answer. Please follow the news.

What does the engineering matrix do?

A little clarification: It is used for your ship.

Why can’t we customise DLC ships? It’s been said before they have a “specific colour scheme” or somesuch before, but all the new unique ships like the Mauler and Loki can be recoloured, so why can’t the Pirate ships, etc.?


We are working on the possibility to customize all the ships. Customizing the DLC ships will be released soon.


  1. Why is Gaijin not pushing for North American and EU exposure ? Games expo and media reviews etc.


  1. Have you done first impression surveys to improve metascores should Star Conflict ever gets properly reviewed by journalists ?


  1. Why does Star Conflict suffer from abnormally low retention rates ?
  • EVERYONE who tries this game will say in global chat that THIS GAME IS AWESOME! then they disappear 3 weeks later.


  1. Will development team consider variable matchmaker rules ie. making it less strict if a certain tier population is too low ?


  1. Do you have a plan to differentiate your product from Star Citizen and Eve Online when launching open space ?


  1. In progress. In particular, we plan to visit the upcoming E3.

  2. Of course, and we always interested in reading the first impression of any pilot in our game.

  3. No comments.

  4. Yes.

  5. Yes, we do.




1.) Will we ever get an additional option/choice, so that you can actually convert mark-IV upgrade kit to certain fixed amount of loyalty vouchers, depending on the tier and type of it?


2.)Will there be an option, so that you can actually use artifacts to get fixed amount of loyalty vouchers, or will be those only available in Faction contracts, like they are now?


3.)Will you reward players with standard-elite or premium-elite ships that are using all mark-IV equipment types on all of their slots, so that they can get some special passive bonuses, like for example, additional 5% standard and free synergy boost - standard-10% instead of 5%, premium-25% instead of 20%, or maybe some other change, like slightly reduced penalties for certain penalty equipment stats, something that gives you a small edge?


4.)Will all of the ships soon receive an option to get mark-V equipment, marked as the best legendary equipment which can be obtained by certain means? if so, is that already planned in Open Space Mode?


5.)Will there be an option in the future, that you if you earn medals, they will actually yield some sort of bonuses/rewards, that can improve existing score, efficiency, synergy, etc., especially, if those medals were earned in certain order, time period, combos and with specific classes?


Sincerely, Koromac


  1. No comments to the economy questions.

  2. Not planned.

  3. Perhaps.

  4. Possibly in the future.

  5. Also possibly.


What is the current match making mechanic? You said 3 months ago you are working on a dynamic MM, so what are the parameters when MM changes rules, or what are the exceptions?

What is the MM mechanic on putting player on certain server regions? I know when more people queue for USA then the end up on USA (or at least they are supposed to). Here a couple examples if you can tell me which region the game will be put depending on what players queue for.

  1. Team1: 4x USA, 2x Any ; Team2: 3x RU, 3x Any

  2. Team1: 4x USA,2x SA;   Team2: 4x RU, 2x EU

  3. Team1: 4x USA,1x Any; Team2: 5xRU

  4. Team1: 4xUSA, 2xAny; Team2: 4xRU, 2xAny

Is there a default region where MM puts the match when the match has an equal amount of players queuing for different regions?


Matchmaker is now in setup mode. Once completed, we will publish its mechanic.

At first it searches a game in your region, which was choosen by the pilot. If there is no suitable game, it continues to search worldwide.

These classifications are fundamentally impossible. Each region has its own queue. The region “any” also has the queue.

You can choose your preferred region (see answer above). If you select “any region”, then you get into a special queue with the same pilots as you and pilots who can’t find a game in their home regions. After the MM defines the optimal region for both teams.

-Will there eventually be a replay editor in star conflict?


-If so, how will it work?


It will, but not soon. It will be a record of replay, which you can watch later.


Once bought you use it many times or it is one time use ?

Meaning 200gs for one use or permanent ?


It’s one time use.


Are you considering a racing game mode? The community is very positive about something like this.


Possibly, but not soon. Maybe our pilots will want to make a race tournament?)

Will SC devs open a 3d spacecraft designing contest?


Any plan to improve texture for some ships?The Castor and its variants have bad texture,very bad texture?


How about giving non-missiles secondary weapons like Attack Drones,Mines,…the affection of implants?Like Rank 4 implants.


We had [one](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22560-contest-%E2%80%98ancient-nomads%E2%80%99/). Possibly, there will be another one in future.

Yes. There are plans to gradually remake the texture of all ships.

We will consider your offer.




  1. Are there any plans to restructure the customization pricing? (I ask because the general consensus from most players I’ve spoken to is customization is considered cost prohibitive)


  1. If there are no plans to restructure the customization pricing is there a possibility to occasionally have customization discount offers, like you currently do with ships and modules?


  1. Are there plans for more advanced customization? eg.  Allow us to pick our own colour (colour wheel) and finish Matte, Shiny, Textured (like the “Titan Protective coating” or the “OBT Squad” on the Falcon-M)


  1. Finally if none of these ideas are on the drawing board can we at least get some more “Universal” (eg. Can be used on any ship) Pre-sets like the current Christmas snow textures and “Titan Protective coating” that can be used on any ship?.


Thank you.


No comment.


Yes, in progress…

The number of coloring presets will also been increased.


Will you guys be able to implement a module such as this one if you guys agreed with it?

Is it in your cards to implement such a module? (Please make sure to read the full page before the response.)

I beseech you, please, ask the person/s in charge of implementing modules, and see if he/she likes the concept or not.


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23264-new-ecm-module-metastable-field-tachyon-cocoon-enchancer/)


We think that at the moment the special module is working satisfactorily, its nerf can break the balance.


Well sometimes you queue very long and don’t know if that is because you queue for your local (non-RU) region or because of other conditions in the queue. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter and you get on a US server even though you queued for Any region. Not really seeing what is going on is frustrating and some players maybe even just leave it on Any and then maybe cause the match being put on a Russian server even though most players of the match are located in the US.


So what is the timeout when MM decides to put you (your squad) in the special queue?


The MM debug queue graph (and of course in the logs) you can see what queue (number) you are in. I.e. if I use Rank 9 ship(s) I’m queued in queue 35 (not sure how relevant the Mk level of the equipment still is).

During mixed Tier match making several queues were put together. Is that still the case? So will players of lets say queue 35 be put together with players of queue 33 (which still seem to be the same Tier but just lower Ranked ship)?


Do you still use win streak in match making? If so, how much or to what extend?

As you had mixed Tier match making every couple wins or so you were put in a higher queue and reducing the odds of winning the match as it gets harder. For those who never witnessed mixed Tier match making here an example: a long time ago I queued with 3 NASA corp mates in a 4man squad and we had max. Rank6 premium ships (they count as standard Rank5 ship), first match we were queued in queue 29, after a winning streak of 12 matches MM broke us in queue 35 (queue 35 is the top end of Tier 3).


This time is different. Usually it is in the range of 200-300 seconds.

This information is currently not relevant.

This value used in the distribution of pilots by commands in a random battle.


We will post an article regarding the MM, so please follow the news.

Will the developers consider adding a feature for the forums that will allow the original poster to see who has viewed his topic and how many times?

-Are there any new ship roles in development?


-Are there any new ships (regular, not premium) in development?


New roles are not planned in the nearest future.

The possibility is not excluded.

How about adding damage effect on ships?Like when you got hit in a specific part of the ship,that part will receive a special damage effect like burning (i know it’s weird in space),small debris,…


I’m really looking forward to the custom color scheme,so will it be included in the next patch?I really really  can’t wait  :yes_yes:  .


How DPS is calculated for HB?

Will certain rules in the forums and in game be modified to the extent that the game itself follows them? 

When listening to the voice comms of the AI pilots you will hear everyday foul language (fairly mild) that the players would be potentially banned for using.

Will the rules be changed to allow players to use this language. For instance, I had a friend who had a perfectly fine name. SOMEBIGJERK. Now, in the English language, that name is a very mild one, and, personally, I find no use in changing that name to anything else because it is mild. I ask that such items be allowed; because, you yourselves do not follow this rule.     This is not a suggestion, but it is simply a question that may reach into that territory for being asked. My apologies if it is confused as such.



                 That is all.


                                             - WolfKhan