Questions to the developers of Star Conflict March 2015

Dear conquerors of the Star Conflict Universe!

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Does “This Spring” in the 1.0.18 announcement for the Sector Conquest change mean early spring or late spring? Will we see the change in March? I hope we don’t have to wait until May.

We hope, it will be released as soon as possible.


Will the 5-7 day forward fleet missions get a buff? I ask this since I’m not active during the week anymore and rely on these missions for the income and resources but they provide so little income that one pvp battle would equate to losing 4-6 ships for a week which isn’t fair on any players using the feature to help provide resources and credits.


Also, what is an Iridium girder or Battery and why were they removed from the forward fleet missions?    (not screended battery, just battery)

Planned, but not soon. 


What about

Will we get it back somewhen?

Yes, but there are few difficulties with rating system now. Will be fixed and released.


When I write a suggestion about some good idea or improvement, I usually write it in a good faith, that this suggestion will get properly translated or explained verbally to the Russian developers.

I usually include vote poll as well.

I have reviewed all of my written suggestions. So far, I think that I only found 1 out of 30 suggestions, which got implemented. Maybe even that one, was just a stroke of luck and not even related to me. I do not know.


6 questions. I would like to have all those 6 questions clearly answered.


1.) Do you get only written (English to Russian) translation, verbal translation (English to Russian), or both?

2.) How many people is in charge for translation/verbal explanation of the text to the Russian developers?

3.) Do suggestions get always fully translated in all cases?

4.) Is the vote poll relevant to you, especially if the one made is clear and valid with a clear connection for each suggestion?

5.) If a suggestion is too long , because it needs to be, to be fully explained, does it get ignored automatically, since it requires more time and work and thus effort?

6.) Why don’t you state your own reason , why was some suggestion/idea rejected? Rejected ideas should also get locked , since they are no longer relevant and thus pointless to discuss.

     Note: I do not mind, who responds from the official staff - Administrator, Developer, or Senior Moderator, etc.

              I want to know for a fact, that each suggestion has been reviewed. Additionally, at least give me a clear reason , why it was rejected in the 1st place.



With respect,  Koromac

  1. This always depends on the suggestion. If it is written in a good style and kept to the point, then there is no need of a long translation.

  2. Since not everything needs to be translated and the devs also read the suggestions themselves, it is not possible to give a real number.

  3. Some suggestions are very long and therefore we do short translations of the most important points.

  4. The vote poll is a nice addition, but we prefere to have the players own feedback instead of prepared choices.

  5. Usually we ask when we do not understand a suggestion or when we need further details. Therefore it is better to keep it as short as possible, but with all needed information. Long suggestions do not get ignored, but the longer the suggestion and the more content it has, the more difficult it is to say a clear yes or no to it.

  6. When ideas get rejected, it is 90% because they do not fit or we see no point of them at this point. Because of the last reason we do not close the topics. A suggestion might seem

not usefull today, but more important next week. The game is always under development and all points might come back at any time.

Tell us how translation process works in general from start to finish, when you help with translation for the whole game.


Thank you.

This will be answered to applicants in private when they are interested and fulfill all requirements.

A few additional questions. Thank you very much for your time answering these:


  1. Why is it possible to not receive certain login rewards? The valentine’s day patch said 3rd day would be 1-3 monocrystal and the 5th day would be 1-10, but several times now I have not received any at all.


  1. Will corporation logos be updated with the next patch?

My corporation among many others are waiting eagerly to get our logos added to the game.


Thanks again,


  1. Please create a full bug report in such cases.


  1. It is planned to update the corporation icons with one of the next patches.

*impatientness growing* So when’s the next patch? >w<

When it is ready;)

In version 1.1.0, why does the game say “unknown server version”?

Please create a bug report.


It looks like you’re moving things in the right direction now~

When can we expect the next patch? (Hopefully to revamp SecCon and add some more fun stuff)

And like someone said above: what are “Battery” and “Iridium Girder” for? They look like for construction of ships but I can’t be certain.


About a week. They are old crafting items that are not available ingame anymore.


To win the Aggressor title, what does it count? Does it count only the sectors you have right when season 2 starts, or does it count all sectors ever claimed by a corp? If it’s the second, is there any place to check how everybody is doing?

The first one. The sectors you have when Season 1 ends.


the game has changed a lot since the trailer was released and I was wondering if you would consider giving out some neutralised copies of the game to people with screen recording software (neutralised as in no enemies to show off free-roam in glory) and the community could put together a new trailer for advertising, because the game needs advertising. I would be more than willing to help do this

Please write via PM what kind of tools you are interested in? We don’t have such copy of the game, but we’ll try to find something for you.


Sooo… just out of curiosity, how many dreadnoughts are there total?


But aside from that, will the customisation system get a rework/rollback? I ask this (again) since back when I first joined when you purchased a customisation you got to keep it forever, but now it’s a one time purchase on time use.

Now it’s also forever. Yes, this system is live, so it can be reworked. For now, we are planning to make much more interesting features there.


I got 7 questions this time.



 1.)    Do you already have support tools, which can grant people, what they lost, if they provide all the logs, screenshots, basically the whole evidence?

Note: I am talking about blueprints or stuff in general. Support told us that it’s not possible, but that was back then.



 2.)    How and when do you plan to seriously start up advertising this game “Star Conflict” on the same level, like “War Thunder” is?

Note: I am talking about paid professional advertising, like on Steam and other channels, which deals with reviews, promotion and so on, since at least for now, the efforts are barely visible.



  3.)   Do you have sufficiently proficient, strong and stable, short to say, reliable additional servers, which can handle a sudden influx of at least 50000 - 100000 players for this game?

Note: Advertisements would rapidly increase the interest in this game, especially if some “famous personality” would review such game, which has a lot of viewers/subscribers.



4.)     How long do you think will be the lifespan of Star Conflict, if there are some deadlines?

Note: You probably know, or at least anticipate certain time period, based on general standing.



5.)     Do funds, which you get from Star Conflict go to some other titles, or are the resources you get, only reserved for Star Conflict?

Note: I know that this is economic question, but a lot of players would really like to know the answer. Simple yes or no should suffice.



6.)     Will you release the Teaser/Trailer video about dreadnoughts, before the new “major update/patch” is out?

Note: I would like to have 1080 HD video option available as well, not just 720 HD option on YouTube.



7.)     Do you think that the " dreadnoughts" project will be scrapped/aborted in the end, since it was promised multiple times and got delayed , due to the lack of ingenuity, skill, or game engine limitations?

Note: There is a lot of people, who believe that the dreadnoughts are months away , or that they will never come at all, because we have seen only a few screenshots and no actual representation, like a video.

  1. It should be possible. It may take some time and logs, but possible.

  2. The advertisement in progress. Don’t worry.

  3. Yes, we are ready.

  4. Forever, of course.

  5. Really hard question. Don’t know, we are focused on the game.

  6. The major update has been released, but we still have some interesting content to show. Soon.

  7. Which one dreadnought did you choose?

Aside from the Spark and its hidden energy bonus, what other ships have hidden bonuses, and are you able to tell us what they are? If you can’t tell us what they are, again, which ships are they?

There are no hidden bonuses now.


Can I have a Scout ship? :3

I mean with my lack of Hunters, I might as well ask for something a bit less OP to see if that works~

No. But I hope, we all will be able to have it! 


Since you guys nerfed the invasion loot (which was one of the only ways to grind up enough credits to buy a new T4 ship in under a day), will there be a buff to pve rewards or pvp?


*Also, when will invasion be afffected by the preferred server selection?

Actually, we balanced it. It was preceded by a lot of work, connected with monitoring the situation in the Invasion at all levels.

Regarding the Invasion’s server - not planned.


Why do the 7 day forward fleet missions give fewer rewards than the 3 day missions?

Need to be balanced too. In progress… 


What is the maximum rate of fire that ion emiter (fighter laser weapon) can reach?

It depends on the modules you have. Ion Emitter doesn’t have rate of fire, because it’s a laser. In this case, it has DPS.  


Is there ever going to be official serious advertising for Star Conflict?



  1. If a player in Invasion finds a Blueprint a message is displayed to others in the sector. Something like “Carrier of BP detected”. Noticed that myself and heard it from others.

    Is this intended or is it a bug?

    If it’s intended, why did you do that?



  1. What’s your intention in the massive credit nerf in invasion?


Only kind of “explanation” i could find is this:




Will the details you want to reveal include the following, or can you answer it right now?


  1. What are the biggest credit items out there now?



  1. How did the probability of finding “expensive trophies” and Blueprints change (before / after the patch)?

    Especially what’s the chance of getting a Bluprint from a mystirious container?



  1. Is the credit nerf in Invasion a final decision, or are you already considering to change it again soon?



  1. If it will not be changed again, will there be a compensation like getting more credits from PVP / PVE or something else?



  1. Will you refund people who purchased the spatial scanner? (Real Money / GS)



Thank you for answering.

  1. Intended. As it’s unique item, we decided to add some excitement in the process of finding & looting it.

  2. We just balanced it for all levels.

  3. Can’t answer. You should find it.

  4. Not much.

  5. No, we continue monitoring the situation there.

  6. Probably, we consider this idea soon.

  7. Not planned. It still has good bonuses.


Are each of the Dreadnought construction stages going to be barred at 1 week-timers? If so, aside from the contest, is there any reason to rush their production?


And why was the loot in Invasion lowered so drastically?


Despite the earlier focus on the integration of the open world, it seems like most players have left invasion for PvP in order to get iridium. Was this the goal?


Thank you for your response. I appreciate your transparency in this matter, and I look forward to future content as always!

There is an ability to accelerate, but it has certain limitations.


No, we aren’t moving players from mode to mode, we just balance it to make less exploits in the game process.