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Can we expect more ships in the future following Hyena’s and Achille’s path? (R9 Federation Engineer, R9 Empire Recon, R9 Empire LRF, R8 Federation Recon)

Alright, I asked it two months ago, and it wasn’t put back here, so I’ll ask again.


How do diminishing returns on ECM stuns work? I know that if you survive an ECM stun, they tend to be shorter. But I’m not sure if that’s something that stays with you so long as you’re in the same ship, or if the diminishing returns only last for so long, or what. What are the formulas, and what are the conditions for the diminishing returns?

Can we expect more PVE missions in PVP Zones or more PVE zones? There is alyready the option to be full time PVP. Where’s the Option to PVE more in open space?

I recently had an issue w/ an open space mish.  I would like to know why we have the ability to cancel Only One mish a day.  In light of the current special event, It seems very limiting, esp if I as a player get a mish that for instance forces me to go into a level 10 zone… and I don’t have any level 10 ships.  That right there forces me to use my cancel to get a mish that I actually can complete.  And If that mish is bugged or I cannot figure out how to complete it, then I have lost my daily progress in the special event.  Could we Please get at least one more daily cancel/change mish, esp. for the open space category?



-Will the above questions ever be answered?


-Will the passive AoE heals for engineers be revised since they can be outdone by most passive modifiers like regenerative coating


-Why was the loot in invasion nerfed so badly? I ask since yesterday I found a tech insignia and it was worth only 40k!? I later found an alien warp scanner worth 60k and those are considered common now.


-Is the secret ship reward going to be high tier (3-5) or low tier (1-2)? I ask this since I just realised that it would cause a massive surge of players in whatever tier it is released in since anyone can get it.


-Will the Pirate blueprints/mk5 from pve get a slight drop rate buff, even if it is only for the purple dot?



-Why do scouts and predators have identical survivability and almost the same in DPS? And why do predators have a 4.5km aggro range?

What Tech is the e free premium ship going to be?

Question: How long do you (the development team) estimate this game will be around? Is their a specific timeline for when development will stop? Or is that all completely dependent on funding?

How were aliens designed and conceived?

Any plans for more alien NPCs?

Will client settings ever move to server-side? This would help people like me with annoying PCs…

We are always trying to keep the hardware requirements as low as possible, but everything has its limits.


Do you will add Dreadnoughts battles in customised battles for have a trainning with other members of his Corporations ?

No it’s not planned at the moment, but we will collect feedback about this idea and analyze it.

Are we going to see any love given to ship customization in the near future? More colors, patterns, sticker competitions, revisions to purchase duration,etc?

Advertisement of Star Conflict is practically non-existent or barely noticeable, at least on paid channels. Yes, I am not talking about free promotion, but a paid one.


Why don’t you ask GINX TV to help you with paid promotion of Star Conflict?




Are you still preparing for the main advertisement event, which you promised months ago?



Note :

People, who watch TV, will surely notice this game, or at least try it out, since those games are in demand now and Star Conflict is unique, one of a kind, but unfortunately ignored by Gaijin.

You’re practically wasting a good opportunity here. Timing is crucial, unless if you got some serious plans in motion, enlighten us a bit.




Thank you.

Write me only a number of all currently active developers, which are working on Star Conflict project alone.




Thank you.


If purple is not a suitable colour for ships, why do some of the preset paint jobs use purple? And why can’t that shade of purple be added to the custom colour list?

Good day!

We are now discussing adding customization elements. How about creating a survey of colours which you’d like to see that? We will be happy to add them in the future updates.



What are the conditions for gaining defense on a sector in Sector conquest?

There are only 2 situations when the defense doesn’t grow. 1) when it’s been attacked 2) one corporation owns more than 4 sectors. In other cases the defense should grow.


Will sector defense percentages bug be fixed? Currently the defense percentage does not go up for any reason whatsoever, even if no attacks against the sector are ever registered.


In addition, will the defense percentage system be revised to allow percentage to increase if no attacking corps are victorious, rather than the current system where even so much as announcing an attack and then not showing up causes the sector’s percentage to stay static?

The defense should go up. Make sure that your corporation doesn’t own more than 4 sectors. Now if the attacker doesn’t show up on the battle field the sector defense keeps going up. 



-are there plans to add a warp animation for the jumpgates in invasion?
-what happened to this dreadnought design:

-When can we expect another Pve mission to arrive?
-Have the precursors been forgotten in the lore or are they hidden within the lore of the aliens?
-What big thing is coming up next now that the dreadnoughts have been released?   

 - no we are not planning to add this animation

  • this was one the experimental versions of the design and maybe we will come back to it in the future.

  • we are working on PvE maps constantly and also we are planning to add a new PvE scenario for newbies pretty soon.

  • precursors haven’t been forgotten but new information about them will be presented in uocoming seasons.

  • all information will be presented closer to the date of release.


I was looking for a statement about Windows 10.

As far as I learned today this gonna be shipped end of July.
Can we switch to Windows 10 without any problems ?
Or will there be patch to use new functionality (e.g. DirectX 12) ?

 there won’t be a patch for Dx12 support in the closest future but we are constantly looking for new technologies, Win10 support sould be w/o any problems


In 1.1.5 patch notes says ;


Due to popular requests, we improved cargo hold utilisation and also made it bigger
Cargo hold now has 16 cells

item description says the same

but on space i see my cargo hold still limited to 9 (frigate with 3 extended hull) 

I cant take more than 9 objects it says cargo full .

What am I missing?

We had some issues regarding it but It should be possible to reach 16 now.


What are the future plans for Dreadnought Battles,

   Are there plans to open the times up so there are more opportunities to play?

 such as having all sectors having 2 time zones like federation space?


Defending corps,

 Would it be possible to add a rule that if a corporation owns over three sectors they should have to defend alone.

this will help encourage more attacking and a more active game mode. 

 What smaller corp wants to face over whelming odds each time they attack?


are there plans to have achievements based on Dread battles

In order to allow a smaller group of attackers to stand a chance

  would it be possible to hire a mercenary? or a balancing bot?

it seems all things being equal

the smaller group loses.




  1. We have shanged the times recently. but also there is a special thread to vote for additional time that is needed.

  2. we are not planning to do that for now. But the defense of corps which have more than 4 sectors will not rise.

  3. We are working on helping the smaller groups. We are planning to raise their chances by giving them an opportunity to get needed pilots randomly.



How can we get Star Conflict redeem codes?

I know there was a giveaway with 2000 codes last year.

Will something like this ever happen again?

It was a one time event and we are not planning to restart it. At least for now.


my question is why do they have auto afterburner option when you engage it for some of your selected ships it makes and ships with micro warp engine useless it wont allow you to engage the microwarp you should allow microwarp engine to be engaged at full throttle? sorry if this is in the wrong section i havent used forums much thx

We will fix that in the next patch. thank you


Any plans for a south america server? If yes, could we know when please? I see a lot of people from this location playing, most of them give up of The game because of The high ping. The only ‘good server’ for here is USA and it isin’t avaliable in open space mode. And is a Little rare to get in pvp.

We are not planning to create a decent South American server, but i would recommend to visit this [thread](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25324-info-connection-losses-high-ping-and-related-issues/) and this thread. Here you can leave more specific information so that we can work on the current problem.


Important request:



Provide me with the full up-to-date answer or the chart of all lost resources (ship’s parts - materials, including Monocrystals, credits, synergy, etc.), when you disassemble or deconstruct a Secret Project ship.


I need to know, what we lose and how much of it and how much we get back.


Thank you.


We can’t provide any information regarding the ship.