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Dear conquerors of the Star Conflict Universe!

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Will the developers consider adding a feature for the forums that will allow the original poster to see who has viewed his topic and how many times?

Not planned, but we will consider your offer.


How about adding damage effect on ships?Like when you got hit in a specific part of the ship,that part will receive a special damage effect like burning (i know it’s weird in space),small debris,…

I’m really looking forward to the custom color scheme,so will it be included in the next patch?I really really  can’t wait  :yes_yes:  .

How DPS is calculated for HB?

Good idea. In the future, we will try to add this effect.

Nomenclature of available colors will be expanded.

It has complex mechanics. Standard cycle consists of 3 phases - first one is “acceleration”, which grows it up to a maximum rate of fire, then shooting at a constant rate of fire until overheating, and the last one is overgeating. DPS, which is shown, calculated based on the fact that the pilot should use the HB with this cycle of fire. But experienced pilot may, for example, not to overheat the HB and thus give him a higher average DPS.


Will certain rules in the forums and in game be modified to the extent that the game itself follows them? 

When listening to the voice comms of the AI pilots you will hear everyday foul language (fairly mild) that the players would be potentially banned for using.

Will the rules be changed to allow players to use this language. For instance, I had a friend who had a perfectly fine name. SOMEBIGJERK. Now, in the English language, that name is a very mild one, and, personally, I find no use in changing that name to anything else because it is mild. I ask that such items be allowed; because, you yourselves do not follow this rule.     This is not a suggestion, but it is simply a question that may reach into that territory for being asked. My apologies if it is confused as such.

We constantly monitor the relevance of our rules in the game. Regarding the foul language, please report a bug in the special [section](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/86-sound/).


Is there plan to add hull indicator of cargo in 2nd stage pirate complex? just like everyone can see captain’s hull/shield status?

We will think about it.


Is there a plan to address the lack of pilots during the offpeak hours of the EU and RU playerbase, or is the playerbase dipping below 400 for 4-6 hours everyday considered acceptable? If so, why?

Yes. And it’s in progress…Please follow the news.


(Copy/paste job from last week’s patch notes thread.)


Not sure if this is the right place in the forum for this, but are there any plans to add death counts to the PvP score screen (as well as a points penalty–100 or so per death) and pilot profile? For some match types it may be worth it, but in other match types, a player who has 7 kills but 5 deaths probably shouldn’t rank as highly as someone who has 4-5 kills but 0 deaths, all else being equal (e.g. beacon captures). Also, it adds a penalty for failed Self-Destruct attempts and abandoning ships.


Similarly, a points penalty for killing allies (I don’t fly Jericho LRF’s, so maybe this already exists).

We’re considering this idea.


When will PvP/PvE Sandbox “Incursion” be available to everyone?

 When it will be ready.


What is the approximate date that the invasion game mode will be OBT?

Will it be in a couple months? Weeks?

 This year.


Will the invasion game mode be open to everyone in the future?



Will Star Conflict be at the next Gamescom in Germany?

Yes, devs will come to give an interviews, but without stand of the game.

are you planning to add in blueprints for other mk5 weapons and modules when invasion is released?

For such questions we created special section on our forum. If you have an access to the ‘Invasion’, you also have access to this section. Please post your question there.


As far as I know, previously mk5 stuff was the reward for extraordinary achievements. Do you plan to compensate those who got mk5 before Open World now that everyone has access? Like upping their stuff to mk6 or something?

This Mk5 stuff is still unique. And its uniqueness will be saved in the future.

How “finished” is Star Conflict in your opinion? Do you have an ideal (not confirmed) release date yet?

It’s a little bit hard to give an answer in two sentences. We will try to give all our players our vision of the future of Star Conflict soon.


-Will customisation ever be available for credits?


-If not, are there plans to make it so that you only have to buy a sticker/colour once and then be able to apply on all ships?


-Are there plans to introduce NPC ships larger than frigates that aren’t some sort of cargo ship?

(I mentioned this as the description of several sectors states cruisers disappearing or research expeditions gone wrong, yet there are no cruisers.)


-How long does it take to fully complete a ship?  (From the first sketch to the final product)

The customisation is developing now and we can’t give you any exact answer regarding the economic part of it.

Please repost your question to the special Invasion section of the forum. All discussions are there. Also we’ll be glad to listen to your offer.

It takes really different period of time. We will also try to make an article about it soon.


How about adding PvE exclusive contracts,most contracts can only be done in pvp,and not everybody play pvp,some play pve more than pvp (like me).


Any plan to improve the attack drones AI?I’m sick of them pushing giant stuff.

Some of the contracts can be done in PvE also. But we’ll consider you offer.

If the statistic shows that they are not effective enough, so they will be improved.


Will there be a ingame list for SR of all players?

So the list on the homepage is only telling ‘???’



This is probably a pretty usual question, but what’s the status on dreadnoughts? Th “dreadnoughts are ready” news was over 2 years ago.

Second, will new ships appear in Invasion (for players)? Concept art pretty frequently included an interceptor…

Third, will you be producing unique, special-buff empire and federation ships as well? (Such as the cutter, sawtooth, blood tormentor, renewed flamberge, ect.)

The dreadnoughts are developing right now. Please be patient and follow the news.

It’s a top secret =)


Atm in Empire and Fed we have the DLC pirates + Loki. Also Panther has special visual like Flamberge, and devs said they would eventually add it to more ships.


But talking about that I want to ask, is there any plan to add non-pirate premium ships like Loki or Razor?




Questions…Suggestions…Guess mine are a bit of both  :dntknw:


Will progression through the game be made easier by reducing credit and loyalty requirements in the future?

Will the timer be removed on looting?(I mean the timer that when you select a node to loot it takes 3 seconds)

Will modding/creations by the community be a possibility in the future?(Skins, ship creation contest, UI and things like that)

We are constantly monitoring all the statistic, which concerned this progression. But methods to configure it are not necessarily economic.

Please post an offer and we will consider it.

Maybe skins in future.


-Is there a set release date for invasion to the rest of the community?

It exists and we announce it soon. Please follow the news.

How much attention is given/going to be given to Invasion compared to Sector Conquest/PvP/PvE? Will it be a new development priority?


Obviously, at the stage of CBT we give a little bit more attention to the Invasion. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t develop other aspects of the game.

Will there ever be a reset button for our combat stats? Aside from medals, I mean. Kill/death ratio, those kinds of stats. Will they be able to be reset?


P.s. I’ve noticed in allot of the posts, and news, that you guys have been using loosing in the form that losing is supposed to be used. 

Loosing is a word. You are searching for losing. ‘Loose’ is to have a loose knot, and the like. lose is to lose the war. Anyways, explain this to the translation team, please.


Not planned.

Is there any chance for having a visual representation of player/target buffs/debuffs visible? For example an icon for the Adaptive Shield on player/target, enemy survival module buffs or engineering buffs present on the target - so it’s obvious to a player when it’s active or not - because visual indication is very,very limited or nonexistant on those things - or perhaps a feature simmilar to the great HUD options we have now - ranging from basic player/ally buffs to a full list, some sort of standard MMO addon interface.


All impacts have the visual representation, except ‘Adaptive Shield’. We are working on it. If you have any offer, please fell free to post it in special section on the forum.


If i jump with my “Reverse Thruster” and i have the bomb in Detonation, i don’t drop it. Is that Intention?


No it isn’t. This is bug.


Will there be a ship design contest anytime soon?


Maybe. We are planning few big art contests in future, but still don’t know when.


Are there plans for releasing  Tier 6?


Are there plans for releasing Pirate faction (there are pirate factions that might confirm that in wallpaper section of the star conflict site)


Are there plans of puting sector conquest in invvation maps? 


Are there plans for adding pirate sectors  in invation? (not controlled by faction but by pirates)


Are there plans adding alien guns with very high prices and  v hard to get  and add more alien ship kinds?


Are there plans placing pvp / pve maps in invation sectors?


Are there aplans Adding trading system that willl alow players sell items or the ability to mount a item to a ship slot to give it to a corp mate or something like that? 

  • so players can meet in a place and echange items and puting price  that will be paid  with credits?


And the last Are there plans adding more buildings in ivation and more features kinds like

for example you go to arm dealer to buy something then travel it to hagar to equip it or a repair place or a secet shops that will take your loot for 10% more credits gain or some things like that?


Not soon.

We don’t have any final decision.

This idea is interesting, but first we gonna merge Invasion and PvE.

Not now, because we don’t have any fraction, called ‘Pirates’.

We are planning to create several new unique weapons. I think, the aliens eventually get more ships.

We started it in version 0.11.1

We are thinking about it, but no final decision has been made yet.

Yes, something like this is planned.


1.) Why do the developers not give advanced notice to what they intend to do on a new update?

2.) Why do the developers not negotiate with players before updates take place?

It removes backlash, helps solves problems with more understanding and communication and players know what to expect. You also solve problems at the root and not halfway fix a problem and start an entirely new one.


We have a developer blog, where we talk about new features.

We constantly communicate with our players, regularly read the forum and collect your feedback and offers. It is very important for us and have a significant impact on the development of the universe SC.

Any plan for dedicated server browser?


Could you rephrase your question with more details?

What is Uhmari’s involvement with the development of this game?


just to clear things up…


“Slander, placing false information about the game, the Administration, game masters or other players.”



Are there any plans to release stat dumps for ships / items again, maybe even in some automated way with every patch?

There was a nice CSV on a dropbox account once, would be lovely for tools, websites, etc.


Yes, we are making it right now. But the original in Russian and translating also takes some time. And, unfortunately, we do not have enough players, who want to help us with this process.


Are there plans for adding a weekly average kill ratio?


There are no plans at the moment.


So turn around, use it, and plant the bomb. OP :3


Is it planned to add Invasion’s specific module to each classes ?


We try to make universal modules, suitable for all game modes.

The question was about numbers, no translation required. Happy to help though if you provide the raw data or allow me to “hack” the client to retrieve the data from there. :wink:


You don’t need any hack. I mean, that raw data are collecting and sorting right now + we need to translate it for you.

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