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Can we expect more ships in the future following Hyena’s and Achille’s path? (R9 Federation Engineer, R9 Empire Recon, R9 Empire LRF, R8 Federation Recon)

Yes we are planning to add more ships, unfortunately can’t give the deadlines yet.


Can we expect more PVE missions in PVP Zones or more PVE zones? There is alyready the option to be full time PVP. Where’s the Option to PVE more in open space?

Yes we are working on them now. And some of the changes will be presented this autumn already.



I recently had an issue w/ an open space mish. I would like to know why we have the ability to cancel Only One mish a day. In light of the current special event, It seems very limiting, esp if I as a player get a mish that for instance forces me to go into a level 10 zone… and I don’t have any level 10 ships. That right there forces me to use my cancel to get a mish that I actually can complete. And If that mish is bugged or I cannot figure out how to complete it, then I have lost my daily progress in the special event. Could we Please get at least one more daily cancel/change mish, esp. for the open space category?



If situations like that occur again please make a bug report and there will be no need to use your “cancel”. Unfortunately we are not planning to extend the number of missions that can be canceled.


-Will the above questions ever be answered?

-Will the passive AoE heals for engineers be revised since they can be outdone by most passive modifiers like regenerative coating

-Why was the loot in invasion nerfed so badly? I ask since yesterday I found a tech insignia and it was worth only 40k!? I later found an alien warp scanner worth 60k and those are considered common now.

-Is the secret ship reward going to be high tier (3-5) or low tier (1-2)? I ask this since I just realised that it would cause a massive surge of players in whatever tier it is released in since anyone can get it.

-Will the Pirate blueprints/mk5 from pve get a slight drop rate buff, even if it is only for the purple dot?

-Why do scouts and predators have identical survivability and almost the same in DPS? And why do predators have a 4.5km aggro range?

  1. yes)

  2. the passive heal was already been revised after 1.1.6 patch.

  3. we are working on loot, but balancing it is a delicate process

  4. it will be done

  5. they do not have the same survivability. the range is supposed to big


What Tech is the e free premium ship going to be?

all information available info about the secret ship is in the [thread](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27610-secret-ship-pursuit/)



Question: How long do you (the development team) estimate this game will be around? Is their a specific timeline for when development will stop? Or is that all completely dependent on funding?

There is no timeline like that. We have a bunch of plans and we are going to make them come true. So we gonna have long and stable relationship with you guys)))



How were aliens designed and conceived?

Any plans for more alien NPCs?

You can find the full info in the storylinethread of our site. And yes we are planning to add new NPCs, but not in the nearest updates



Are we going to see any love given to ship customization in the near future? More colors, patterns, sticker competitions, revisions to purchase duration,etc?

of course. As far as i know we are planning to present more colours in the nearest future.



Advertisement of Star Conflict is practically non-existent or barely noticeable, at least on paid channels. Yes, I am not talking about free promotion, but a paid one.

Why don’t you ask GINX TV to help you with paid promotion of Star Conflict?


Are you still preparing for the main advertisement event, which you promised months ago?

Note :

People, who watch TV, will surely notice this game, or at least try it out, since those games are in demand now and Star Conflict is unique, one of a kind, but unfortunately  ignored by Gaijin.

You’re practically wasting a good opportunity here. Timing is crucial, unless if you got some serious plans in motion, enlighten us a bit.

Thank you.

We have the whole department working on it and they will be informed about your suggestion. We are planning big actions in this field in September.



Write me only a  number  of all currently active developers, which are working on Star Conflict project alone.

We can’t give this info due to the policy of the company

Since my original question was asked three months ago now, I think I should ask a simpler one and hope for an answer:


Do you guys have documentation on diminishing returns for ECM stuns?

This one deserves a decent answer.

Every next stun which a ship gets during 25 sec from the previous one has 25% decrease of the actve time. So the 4th one doesn’t have an active time at all. I hope it helped.

when there will be definite list of rule for GMs to follow, so far we can see different GMs acting more on personal will for judging situations rather than have definite guideline.

Why does it take so long to change dreadnought times and gather data?


I don’t want this misconstrued to be a troll post. This is an honest question to help me be more patient.

It takes some time, because the activity varies from time to time so it is not possible to find the p


Can LRF minimum scanner range be set to 6km?

Please use the [suggestion](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/230-suggestions/) section.


Do you think you will - in the near future or something - implement any changes in the dread battle times or how it works or maybe even create some hybrid form between dread battles and old sector conquest? I must say dread battle mode itself is nice, but I still miss the freedom old sector conquest offered; guaranteed battles for an hour if you like, with a 3h break in between, the mechanics of sectors bidding and all that…

For now we plan to stay with the current Sector Conquest mode. Adding the old mode back would only make queue times longer again.


is there any Chance to make open world to x3 - tarrain conflict / albion prelude style (build)? with stations or…

damn i bad english…

The X games are a solo game and very different from what we have, but we will of course improve the Invasion mode further.


All about: motivation of players


Topic: Open Space

Problem: Open Space was a fun and beautiful playground with different difficulty levels. Now, missions have to be done, but it is not that I love to fly out there anymore.

Q: Why is Open Space so unbalanced?

  • You encounter hordes of Scouts in lower tier sections
  • Scouts are waaaaaaay too hard as enemies (high DPS, massive HP)
  • Predators: could be high tier enemy - but not as long as they are accompanied by so many other ships
  • The ‘thrill’ of the greenish sectors with: “Aliens arriving” is gone, they are everywhere and they are like cancer
  • Why should I go out there? Before economy patch, you could get some money for the risk. Now I kill 4 Scouts, my Spark is almost dead, and I get 4 containers with 8.000 credits each. My ammo costs more than that.
    Problem: Missing End-Game-Content since you dumped Sector Conquest

Q: Why is Dreadnought not loved?

  • High waiting times
  • No T5
  • High amount of players needed
  • Attacks / Defenses are filled with fake attacks to prevent enemies to go in
  • Why should I join this battle? Before, in Sector Conquest, you could go in alone, team up, do whatever you wanted to. Now I have to find 7 other players to “play” for 90min (with preparation etc)
    Those are in my opinion the two most pressing issues. Any form of feedback is appreciated - and I really hope I can get an answer.


This might be more fitting for the [game](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/177-game-discussion/) discussions. I don’t see any question here.