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Why can’t I open a new thread in “pilots QandA”


Will we be able to choose the server region (EU, RU, US, SA) in invasion mode? (like we can in PvP, PvE and Sector Conquest)


We want all pilots from all over the world meet each other in the game. Therefore, we are currently working on the improving of the algorithm of automatic server selection.


To expand upon that, any chance of getting a way to opt-out of regions (for any game mode)? Many players can deal with 2 or 3 of the regions but are forced to leave the game/the invasion zone if they happen upon one of the regions where the high ping makes it impossible for them to play.

Alternatively any chance of getting better netcode anytime soon that allows for playing in high ping servers? Even at 150 ping already my ship is just wobbling all over my screen. Things like that can be solved in 2014…

Since the dynamic match-making that you mentioned some months ago seems to have arrived, will there be some official information (devblog) on it soon?

Many players are unhappy with the direction it is headed, namely small match sizes that the new match-maker creates as well as the merged T4/T5 match-making (because of the huge imbalance created by the R13 implant). Will there ever be an option for players to choose whether they prefer to wait for a large match in their own tier (and possibly server region) over getting a quick match?

Any plans to ever remove the bots again from what should be player vs player combat only? Games often get decided by who kills the suiciding bots faster or by which team first gets that bot which latches onto a friendly player instead of suiciding. This is even more prevalent with the tiny match sizes that the current match-maker produces.

What’s the progress on the rework of the contract system that was announced long ago. Selecting a contract that can only be completed in specific game modes is a huge risk because of the randomness in game mode selection (yesterday it took me 15 battles until I finally had a game for my beacon capture contracts.

New match-making forcing me to drop down to T3 I wondered why capture the beacon game mode was apparently removed from that tier?

It is now possible in every game mode (except Invasion) select a preferred region. We think this is enough.


We are trying to fix the unpleasant consequences of the delay in the netcode. But, unfortunately, only software methods can’t solve this problem.

While matchmaking is being configured, we don’t think it’s good idea to publish any information about it, because it quickly becomes obsolete.


It is too early to talk about it.


Perhaps, someday, we will take such decision.


Unfortunately, no comment right now.


It is the most difficult game mode. That is why, it is available for the most experienced pilots.


Clearer saying:Ok so custom battle is like a user-made server,but in custom server,all rewards are disabled (except pve).So that just sucks.And the age long Matchmaking problem is what hauting SC now,the best solution is to add dedicated server host BY THE DEV and RECEIVE FULL REWARD,like in any MMO game.Servers can have different mode or same mode,like 1 dedicated server hosting only 1 game mode.That will solve the hauting MM system.


And what the hell do you mean “Not soon” when answering to the T6 question?Though t5 is the maximum,this question has been asked many time with the same result is no,but “Not soon” has different meaning.

Issuance of awards in such battles leads to attempts to earn money dishonestly, in the staged fight.


Considering the last developer blog was on the 22 of May and there have been a number of updates with information not included in the dev blog since then I suppose the developers consider communication to the ENTIRE player base very, very important.

Although I do recognize that developers fix bugs, they do not give a more defined idea of what they plan to do. For example, the recent shield buffs. The RUSSIAN IIN or INN, can’t remember which, told us a very general idea of what was happening. Not only was it not readily available to the entire player base but it almost left the base in the dark. The developers did not discuss with the entire player base what would be best. The developers did not give an official statement.

Allow me to rephrase my question(s) and add some more.

1.) Why do the developers not give BALANCING information before they update the game?

2.) Will the Corp/Squad chat bug be fixed in the next update? This bug has been known for quite sometime.

We analyze all information from our pilots. Before and after updatings.




Are there plans to give factions the missing ship roles?



-Will the pvp maps be integrated into invasion?


-Will guards be getting a buff in the near future? ~ I say this as at the moment they seem far too easy to kill and there are certain empire engineers that are just as strong as guards, faster than them and overall better.


-Will modules be able to be obtained via the loot search at the end of matches in a future update?


-Will mk3 upgrade kits be able to be found via the loot search at the end of a match in a future update?


-How will the shipyard work?



Maybe, if the statistics show their lack of effectiveness.


No comment.


No comment.


This feature is being developed right now.


Bringing back an old question: When will we be able to make and use dreadnoughts? And what will they be like?

And on the topic of invasion: What kinds of crafted modules are we to expect, (Like the A1MA,) and will there be “Pirate” versions of every module eventually?

And just because I love it so much: When will I be able to use the Hunter’s ship? It is like my dream ship…

Please follow the news.


Different. We will tell you all news a little bit later.




Will invasion gameplay become similar to EVE gameplay? For example, massive amounts of grind, over-complex, etc.

What happens(effects) to thermal weapons for the J6 implant? Increasing temperature doesn’t really explain much. Does it increase weapon damage, range of fire, rate of fire?


Thank you for the free 2-day license. Very appreciated.

Do not know. We do not look at EVE Online.


Imagine, that this weapon has a rate of fire. So, this implant raises it.


This may have been answered… sry if it has…


Are there more T5 Premium ships in the works and if so what is an est. time frame (soon, kinda soon, not soon)?


They will be created…from time to time.

Are there any news about when packet losses in russian servers are going to be fixed?

Please create a bug [report](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/15572-how-to-report-client-related-bugs/).

I have some questions, i havent asked them previus thogh.


1 - When will the Dreadnoughts be released (soon / not soon).


2 - What will the use of shipyard at corp tab will have?. we will be able to make many kind of dreadnoughts or corp drones or helping NPCs (bots) etc?. or its planned for other feature.


3 - Will the dreadnoughts be released when / if you merge sector conquest in invation?. how will it be?. you will order dreadnought from the hagar (order dreadnought by a corp officer when sector conquest is active) or it will be free roam driven (players can drive them anytime)?. then corp players will drive it to the map its needed for sector conquest fights?. how is it planed  to use the dreadnoughts?.


4 - Are there plans adding more hagars in invation?. i mean each solar system has its hagar etc. or each faction will have one hagar?.


5 - Well i dont know if this is against the uper rules but are there plans of “marketing” the game soon i mean advertising the game releasing it etc.  a small amount of players is playing right now want to know if it will be increased.

(dont anser this if its against rules writen uper or dont want to be told).


6 - Are there plans of changing the gun / module  level up system? i mean its REALY hard to make a weapon to mk3 but super easy to make it mk4 will the mk4 need vouchers in the future and mk3 modules artifacts ot it will stay as it is?.


7 - will the invation loot rewards system be reworked  i mean. many random minerals can be found for example  extracting a rock  that gives 100 credits or  “jokes” like that will the stones give specific materials and  loot from pirates be reworked and not giving 10k - 20k rewards? thats litle man :(?  geting more satisfying rewards or somewhat? will this be reworked or it stay as it is?.

  - in some words: will the loot system in invation be reworked?.


8 - Are there plans for leting the player choose the server in invation? i mean players cant meet eachother and some sectors geting heavy lag.


9 - Will you add any other way of earning monocrystals?. i mean only from assignments limits the player. I mean a player that plays many hours in game shuld get more than someone that plays litle. in my opinion. will this be reworked?.


Thanks for asking my questions in previus thread for june thogh i may ask some more later and sorry for taking your time.  :)




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1 - There isn’t any exact date. Possibly, this year.

2 - It’s a secret right now. Please be patient.

3 - Not planned to merge it. And regarding the dreadnoughts, this feature is still being developed, so we can’t give you any 100% info, but we’ll try to make an article about it.

4 - No.

5 - We know about marketing and we have a plan.

6 - But you can’t create Mk4 without Mk3.

7 - Not planned to rework it completely, we read all feedback and may balance it, if it’s needed. But we don’t think so right now.

8 - There are plans to optimize the performance, so decrease lagging.

9 - We don’t plan it in the nearest future.


How expensive will alien ships be to build? One would assume thousands of arti or a mass amount of alien trophies.


Economic questions are not commented.


Are there plans to introduce more T4 Pirate ships?


Will there be more T5 premium ships introduced in the future?


Are there any plans to introduce Mark 6 modules and weapons, or will Mark 5 (crafted) be the final evolution?


Also, will Alien weapons ever be introduced for player use?


Can we expect to see an ultimate Alien dreadnought among a broader variety of Biomorph and Alien ships?


There are no plans right now, but possibly some new pirate ships, including T4, can be created.


It is not excluded, but not now.


Maybe in future. First, we should finish the dreadnoughts for corps.


are there plans to balance the invasion modules when invasion is released? for example the A1MA module in tier 4 will destroy an interceptor / fighter in under 3 seconds with any laser


We constantly monitor the balance in the game. It doesn’t depend on the dates.


Are there any plans of introducing new Premium ships to the Federation and Empire such as Jericho has (some time ago) their own new ships?


Stay tuned for the updates!


Are there plans to let players gain synergy from invasion?                                 -other than mission rewards-


If you have any good offers, please feel free to send us it via forum.


What is the end goal of Invasion? Right now it seems a little all over the place, it’s PvP enabled(+Karma), but focuses on PvE(quests, plenty of NPCs, station protection). While I get that the mode is still in the process of being developed, a road map or general overview for what the devs plans for Invasion would be nice. Like the Dev blog, but over a longer period of time rather than what to look forward to in the next patch.


The benefit to that is you can see what the community thinks of the idea rather than having to try to fix piece by piece every implementation not knowing if the next content you add throws that out of balance. I’m sure you guys know what you’re doing way before the dev blog posts about 1-2 subjects. You’ve let us know about Dreadnoughts and they aren’t a week out.


In general, it’s fun mode for pilots, who like to move freely throughout space without any restrictions. In the nearest future we will increase the amount of opportunities.


Will there be more class specific crafting modules?

If so, will developers be willing to use ideas from players if the ideas are good enough?


Yes. And we always read the players’ offers.