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Why was salvaging nerfed? Salvaging upgrade kits was the only way to get decent amounts of crafting gear for Secret Projects, and now it seems to give nothing but metal blanks!

Also, why was the day 5 login reward changed?

Questions of the economy are not commented, sorry.


Will the drop chance of Blueprints from the purple node be in pve be upped?

* I haven’t gotten one since the removal of the monocrystal Blueprint and I’m not sure if its just RNG hating me or if the chance is just that slim.

I’m not sure at the moment. As you know, we always balancing each element of the game, if it needs to be balanced.


where specifically can I find a mark V T5 Ion beam blueprint? My search for one actually caused me to step away from the game for a series of months after I burned out on farming and scavenging, but I really need one so I can become maximum unstoppable.

Sorry, could you clarify what model/weapon are you looking for? We can’t find the “Ion beam” in the database?


Will there be more paint colours added into the ship customization menu?

RNG does not like you :stuck_out_tongue: I have quite a few from PvE (t5 purple loot)

We want to add it, but not soon.


Is there a way we can get an option to have a region locked search for skirmish? Some of us would prefer to wait for our selected region than to end up in a region where we cannot play due to lag and latency issues

We have several queues: PvP and PvE, Open World, Sector Conquest. Current online is not enough to fill up all the modes. If we release your offer, you’ll probably have a risk not to find a team.


Was this really necessary?

Every player, especially new ones were happy, that they could get 1 day boost during the weekend, at least. Now it’s gone. Why did you make such a decision and why are you less and less generous with already scarce rewards?

Questions of the economy are not commented, sorry.


Hello everybody,

I hope it’s not to late to ask two little questions here.


Have you any plans to add a possiblity to get loyalty points in the open universe?


Have you any plans to add more content in the open universe? More quests, open events, open boss fights or simply exploration goals.

Thanks for the time you spend to answer our questions.

Something similar is being discussed, but decision has not been made.

Sure! We are planning to improve this game mode, but can’t give you any detailed information.


I have looked but been unable to find the step or steps necessary to TURN OFF the HUD with all its various marks on the screen. The graphics in open space (Invasion) are absolutely stunning, and I desire to take screenshots of the amazing vistas which I find as I explore all the various parts of space reachable by my ships. I wish those screenshots to be “clean”… with no maps or range marks or jump gate markers or other “non-natural” elements.

I have looked but have not been able to find any means of “scrolling forward” completely into 1st person view so that no portion of my ship is visible on the screen. I’ve been able to roll forward into the “sniper” (zoom image) view which magnifies the front of my ship and the enemy ship(s)… but I’d hoped to be able to get into 1st person view so that I can take screenshots without any evidence of my ship or my presence in the photograph.

Is it possible to do either of these things at this point in time?

If not, are there any plans to implement either of these capabilities?

Thanks in advance for providing the answers in a timely manner.

Alt+H. Also you can move the cam away by holding Ctrl.

It’s not possibly to scroll forward as you want right now.


Are the developers working in any kind of replay system? So we can review our games like in other games akin to this (warthunder, world of tanks)

Not now, but we planned to add such system.


Are there going to be some more experimental ships coming out soon (1-2 months)?



I seem to recall some people on this forum saying that they “own” the colour preset called “warp sequins” in the game description, in that it’s available to be applied to their ships free of charge. First off, am I remembering this wrong? Second off, is it possible for me, or any other player, to “own” it as well?

Yes, we had the event with this skin. Now, it’s impossible to get it. Maybe it will be available again in future. Follow the news!


is there any way the developers can make a video tutorial in the star conflict channel on youtube, on how to make bug reports both for windows and mac. the instructions are nice in the forums, but for does of us that are computer illiterate it would be nice to watch someone how to do it step by step, I think this would be a helpful tool for the comminuty, and also encourage people that are not on the forums but do watch the youtube videos, to get more involved in star conflict

We always try to improve all our staff for community. Anyway, if you need some fast help, you may ask on the forum or via PM.

Now that all of my previous questions have been answered to the extent of your contracts…

When will Fort Muerto become a dockable station? The poll shows that many would like it to be.

We don’t have such plans.

That begs the question; WHY are questions about the economy not commented? It’s the most important thing people can possibly ask questions about!

Because most of them are dealing with financial issues.

Season II got pushed from January 2015 to early 2015… Check the logo, where the Defiler is pictured.


Just give us a honest answer.


Are the dreadnoughts already made and already in the final phase of testing, so we can see them in 2 weeks, by mid of February?

With answer, like yes, it means that we can expect them by then.

If no, it means we won’t see them, probably for a long time.


No more false promises. Just facts.


And please, no more:


They will come, when they are ready.

It has been stated several times that they will be added as soon as they are ready.

As soon as there are more news about them, we will announce it.

About the servers of the game, I was wondering if you guys think about South American servers or something to help the South Americans with ping, as I and several players I met have in common the ping that is between 200-450 depending on server.We try but we often do not play as equals with players who have 30-100 ping.Our internet connection is not so bad … and in any other game we dont have this problem. A positive response would be helpful.

The situation is being monitored, but for no there is nothing we can say about a South American server.