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How does the critical hit mechanism works for destroyer modules? do they have a fix value or weapons modify them?

What are the ships “Pandorus”, “Buckshot”, “Evilmask”, “Precursor”, “Zim”, “Numbfish”, “Mosquito”, and “Tick”?

I recognise that some of them may not be ships, but they are not in the ship tree, so I’m asking.

If a player joins the queue for Special Ops with a rank 12 and a rank 15 on the platforms, what happens? Does it make me eligible to get into either the higher or the lower spec ops? Or, does one ship cause me to only be eligible for one queue? If so, is it the 12 or the 15 the ship that counts?

How will Rank 11 destroyer be balanced compared to Rank 8 destroyers?


Will there be more special customization presets in the future or only the ones we have obtained from last year?


When invasion/open space receives its overhaul, will loot values be reverted/looting mechanics be changed to make it more viable as a game mode?


When can we expect an EM main weapon for destroyers?

Will be somesort of fix for destroyer spam in pvp’s?

Will be somesort of fix for destroyer spam in pvp’s?

During the early days of destroyers, on the patch discussion thread, this issue has been pointed and it has been answer that:

-They are monitoring how destroyers influence games.

-They will probably do something to the matchmaking to have equal numbers of destroyers in each team if needed.

You’ll have to read Doomb0t’s answer in the patch discussions

Now that there are big ships (Destroyers), can I have my Hunter? :3

How slow is the wormhole projector barrel?


How much damage does the wormhole projector do to enemy ships? Is it explosive or normal damage?


What conditions have to be satisfied to damage yourself with a wormhole projector?


What is the radius on the effect of pyro emitter? Meaning the cylinder’s radius, of course, the range is clearly mentioned in the module description.


How do Tempest launcher missiles lock on? It’s definitely not limited to two per target at a time, as any destroyer pilot could tell you.


How much health do destroyer modules have?


How large are destroyer shields, in meters from the center of the ship?


Is there a hard cap on rate of fire at all, any more?

Will there be any super secret crafted destroyer turrets? :3

Can developers access a live, player’s eye view of what an online pilot is doing & seeing?


If this was your system, what would your Star Conflict settings be for best performance?

Linux Mint, SteamOS

AMD FX 6300 6-core 3.5 GHz

8 gigs DDR3

GeForce GT 640 1 Gig Frame Buffer
Download speed around 20 mbps within USA

Upload speed around 5 mbps within USA

Why do some topics get no respons, tho it is a hot topic and basis for a lot of discussion and confusion?


Arent you afraid T4 destroyers will ruin this game? Seeing how a T3 destroyer can even positively influence the outcome of a T5 match? Dont you think that skill is becoming less and less imortant since the intoduction of destoyers (and some other things in latest patches)?

Let me explain; Even an average destroyer player forms a challenge for a very good non-destroyer player. In a battle between equaly skilled player the destoyer always wins. So without improving his skill this player became harder to deal with. Some may disagree but i ve played a lot of battles since release and i see what i see.

Will we get another chance to obtain “Shield Havoc”?

Will there ever be an ingame calendar about future events showing their start and/or end at least a week earlier?

Do you prefer giving us players a heads up in game or the regular surprise or improvised surprise like the current material daily missions?

Last time a new set of weapons was released into the game, they were made unavailable to buy for a while to people who couldn’t complete the missions on time, and then banned them from tourneys because of that.  I think you had realized this was a big mistake, and I’m here to ask - will there be another new set of weapons this summer/holiday this year, and will those weapons be made available to buy sooner rather than later for people who didn’t complete the missions this time? and will those weapons be turned into class-specific weapons later on?

Would it be possible to change the default setting of server region to any? It would help new players with faster queuing and make them stay longer.


Could we get a percentage or a number indication for mouse sensitivity settings? ‘Each’ ship class require different sensitivity setup especially since destroyers were introduced and it is hard to find the same setting each time a different class is being played. This would help players without gaming mouse a lot. 



Why cruiser in fire support have 10x more size than a destroyer

Will you add more random/special events in OS? 

In a game I won’t mention, sometimes there are special “alert” missions, which give player more/unique rewards. Are you planning to add something like that? For example, in the OS map you could find a pop-up that could tell something like: “An enemy cruiser is approaching to X sector! Destroy it and claim your X big reward!” This would help populating OS maps. 


Also, will you give players more options to customize their in-game hud? For example different colors, different health/shield bars or something like that?


I know this is a really asked question, but will you add limitations to destroyers numbers in PvP? I think that 2 per team is more than enough, since these ships are very powerful. 

I am not sure if links work in in-game corporation description the same way as in the chat now but it would be practical for corporations with forum thread or other sites. Would it be possible to provide this feature for corporations? Thx. 

Will there be varying destroyer missile-slot weapons? Or will they be restricted to just shields?

(Seems I put this in the wrong place to get a proper answer)

What about Career guests? Will players who are playing longer obtain quest reward from lower quests that are automaticaly completed?

That’s not fair because new players will get more rewards than others. Really it isn’t funny to collect resources in open space.