Questions to the developers of Star Conflict February 2015

Dear conquerors of the Star Conflict Universe!

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It’s almost February… Any word on Season II?

What would be the harm in making Muerto an interactable station? PvP rules? Bots? Player rage?

Nothing, just no plans to release it right now. 


ion emitter

In deep open space or among the fragments of destroyed aliens.


PVP match making.


Is there any way you can improve the pvp match making?


I’m not a very good player on pvp. Can you not force it to only match players with a negative win/loss with each other? I feel I am bringing the rest of the team down. It will ensure any good players only match up with each other.


1 good player can dominate the whole round. It wastes the PVP.

It depends on the player’s ELO, both for your team and for the opponents.


Is the current state of the tackler going to be looked over? I ask this as tacklers as a class are fine, but currently I think that they weren’t intended to aggro a ship, poop out their drones and fly off at the hard limit.



Why are the new weapons only for t4-t5?Will the new weapons be added in t3 as well?last years weapons are t3-t5.

It is not excluded, but not sure if it’ll be in the near future.


When will the new Secret Project ships be released?

With Season II? With their own little update? With a ninja-patch? Never? I need the facts, man!

When will you take 5 minutes to give us back free team-revives so we don’t have to waste duplicators on silly team mates that like dying? The only semi-logical thing to use duplicators for is the “return to dock” feature!

It’s secret. 


How many new top secret projects are we going to get in total?


So far we got: Empire Gunship

                       Federation Engineer

                       Jericho ECM


Please, provide the rest of the missing classes for top secret projects.

No names are needed, only the classes you worked, or work on.

Do not keep us in the dark!

We are planning to add SP ships to each role. Don’t worry)


Will there be more than one type of dread per faction? A class system - entry level up to top spec annihalator.

Can’t give you an answer right now.


With this recent dev blog just posted a question popped in my head.


With the release of “season 2” and the ability to own sectors in invasion mode, will Corporations be able to form alliances (or mercenaries trade guild?) of some sort in game with actual mechanics to it?

For Example: Say we (Ultra Corp.) own a sector and have a dreadnought parked in it. could an “allied” corporation request permission to bring their dreadnought in along with ours? 


I ask this because the C.D.F alliance is quite large (Ultra, Vking, SRO, Garc, Behem, FDEF, Finn and more to come) now and I think I speak for us all when I say that we hope/want for more to backup our up alliance than just an external verbal agreement to be allies.

Will there be an in-game option for allying corporations? For example, creating the CDF and being able to see who is in the corps and online etc to pair up with.

At the moment, we haven’t planned alliances. Two dreadnoughts in one location is not a good idea.

Why DID you take two guns from the guard and engineer class?

And why have the LRFs still not been given their power back? They still feel nerfed!

Because they were too powerful.

We think, that LRFs are really good right now, if we talking about a teamplay. But anyway, we are monitoring the situation with the balance.

Does sector sweep award influence points if you are in a Corp?

After gaining, let’s say, 3 victories in sector sweep in update 1.0.12 thread it says 200%. Does that apply to PvP and PvE synergy and credit gain? If so, how long does it last?

It doesn’t depend on it. Now we have tournaments, which were mentioned in [1.0.15](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26110-star-conflict-v1015/)


I’d like to point out that the only thing that can hit my Sai with main weapons are bots. Maybe a few pulse laser pilots.


Because of that I’d like there to be no bots.


I want to rule uncontested.


I can put up with frigballs. I seriously can’t stand going 650mps while maneuvering and bots hitting 95% of the time.


Any plans to make bots be no more in T3?



would you accept ideas to review the operation of the disintegrator to limit abuse of the module through spawn camping, which ruins games.

It functions as planned.


How far back has the next major update been pushed?

We really do our best to release it asap.

To: Akaurl, Skula1975

  1. This thread is not for suggestions. Any suggestion posted in this thread will be deleted.

How long do you expect the community to wait for “the big update”? 2015 is almost 2 months in and nothing.

And I refuse to take “until it’s done” as an answer. :I

We really do our best to release it asap.


You will probably get that because you had no way of enforcing the refusal.

The servers need to be upgraded. This is obvious from the mass disconnection that takes place during the weekly tournaments. When will these changes come about?

The server are being monitored all the time, but not always the issue is because of the servers. In order to improve the situation much faster please help us to collect the [required](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25324-info-connection-losses-high-ping-and-related-issues/) information.

Are more craftable modules and weapons planned? The current ones are quite limiting, especially since most seem to be in Tier 4.

And I don’t mean Mk5 upgrades, thought that would be nice. I mean original weapons that have special effects like the Doomsday missile or A1MA.

Planned, but later. Most likely, after the release of Dreadnoughts.


  1. Will mk5 modules and weapons be added to t3?

(I know some people that have mk5 weapons/modules in t3 witch means that they exist but aren’t added.)

  1. Will tackler sentry drone be nerfed?

(Currently it’s over-used and it has 100% accuracy so it’s op.)

  1. Some pilots have it as a reward for helping the project. And we are planning to consider it after the release of Dreadnoughts.

  2. If it’s really OP, it will be nerfed.


  • Is it planned to add the Corp Logo as aerography to all corp members?
  • Would it be possible to add custom/corporation avatars?
  • (Want an Omega)
  • Will we probably get the dreadnoughts until april?
  • Are there more/custom taunts planned?

Not soon.

Possibly. We haven’t decided yet.

We hope. We are working to finish them, because do not want to let them unbalanced.

More - yes. Custom - we’ll consider, but not sure.


To: Akaurl, Skula1975 and the rest of Development Team,




I got 2 very important questions to ask about Secret Project ships.



Already released so far: 3


Empire Gunship - “Mjolnir”

Federation Engineer - “Octopus”

Jericho ECM - “Caltrop”


Still in development: 6 or 7


Empire Recon -

Empire Long Range Sniper Frigate - (conflict)


Federation Interceptor -

Federation Tackler -


Jericho Command -

Jericho Guard -

Jericho Long Range Torpedo Frigate - (conflict)



Question 1: Will we get a total of 9 or 10 ship’s classes released?

Note:          If we want to get Secret Project ships for every ship’s class, we will need all 10 of them.

                  LRF class is divided into 2 types or categories - Sniper and Torpedo.


Question 2: Will Jericho faction feature 1 more Secret Project ship, since it’s the only one with the Long Range Torpedo Frigate to fully present us with all available ship’s classes?

Note:          Jericho would then be the only faction, which would own a total of 4 Secret Project ships instead of 3.



Please, elaborate.




With respect,  Koromac

Nobody knows. Planned 9, but maybe there will be more or less.

It looks like they will get only the Torpedo.

Why is sector conquest on a russian server 99% of the time? is it that you favor russians or is it that you just don’t have U.S. servers? 

Server choice in any game mode is depending on the players in the match. If the majority of players from the match is from Russia it is RU server, it is from EU it will be EU server.

When will you fix your matchmaker? The majority of the players in my matches have been U.S., not RU. in the best and i still got ru servers. 

Create a bug report.

You mean “sniper” surely? Torpedo is Jeri secondary - whereas the current trend suggests the LRF would be Empire.

It’s hard to give a 100% answer. Planned to add all classes, how it will be allocated is not known.


How does sector conquest bidding work? It’s confusing to me and I’d like clarification.

Corporation in Sector Conquest earns “points of influence”. Than the head of the corporation bets to one of the sectors. The winning bid gets the sector, losing bid are returned to the corporation.


Well this crushed my hopes for the most broken guard the game has ever seen  fed008.png


My question is: Are there plans for advancing modules. For example, a suggestion I proposed for flairs added an effect at Mk4 which gave it a chance to drop all enemies locked onto you on use. Would there be a possibility for something along the lines of these mechanics to be introduced?

No plans to release it specially. But maybe something like that will be added in the planned process of balancing the game.


Are any changes planned to the recon’s microwarp so that it can warp while being shot?



Will “Target Tracking Coprocessor”,“Light Weight Hull” and “Submatter Shield” be added to t3?

(Because some of us have them,and you can not buy them anymore or craft them,it’s not fair to those who didn’t get them while they were available.)

Not planned.


Top 10 questions from Koromac:



1.) When can we expect a teaser/trailer about upcoming dreadnoughts?


2.) Will we be able to construct bases, like an Outpost, Main Base of Operations, Observatory, Listening Posts, Starbases and even multiple defences (multiple types of turrets, missile launchers, sensors, etc.) to expand our influence in space? (SQ, Invasion mode)


3.) Will you modernize the Fort Muerto to be Neutral (No affiliation) " 4th dockable" Pirate Base of Operations, when it comes to resources, or mark V blueprints (Black Market) or some special assignments?


4.) Will a dreadnought feature their own warp jump capability and even cloaking devices?


5.) Will a dreadnought be able to change turret types in a battle, or must they be docked to do so?


6.) Is the Iridium the only essential resource, when it comes to construction of a dreadnought, or is there more than 1 requirement?


7.) Will equipment for the dreadnought require loyalty vouchers or even GS cost for the upgrades, if they even exist?


8.) Will the dreadnought damage model come into effect, if the ship takes major amount of damage on hull? (textures only)


9.) Will the dreadnoughts be able to be operated or piloted by multiple people? (turrets, torpedoes, piloting, targetting system, energy distribution levels, etc.)


10.) After the release of the “Major Update”, will you advertise the game on the main store on Steam, to promote it to more people?



Thank you for answering to my Top 10 questions!




With respect,  Koromac

  1. Very soon.

  2. It would be nice, yes. But for now it isn’t planned.

  3. No.

  4. Secret. Please, be patient.

  5. Secret. Please, see #1 and #4.

  6. Iridium is now the only essential resource for building a dreadnought.

  7. Secret. You’ll know it soon. Please see #5.

  8. No.

  9. Secret. #7.

  10. Sorry, can’t be commented.

80% of your questions will have a “Stay tuned to the news!” answer, because obvious reasons.


I want to ask if there is any plan to add more weapons apart from the obvious gunship lrf and co unique weapons that are left and that if we continue with the tradition we will get next xmas holidays.

Yes, but don’t have any details now.