Questions to the developers of Star Conflict February 2014

Dear conquerors of the Star Conflict Universe!

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Hello, first of all thank you Error for your effort to make this thread =)

Now I will start with the first questions:

  • Are you planning to add more premium ships (like Mauler, Loki or Razor)?

  • Are you planning to add more DLCs?

  • Will be the pirates developed in the future? I mean more ships among tiers

  1. Yes

  2. Probably, yes

  3. Yes, but maybe they won’t be pirate ships.


When will you fix the shiptree unbalance on tier 3? Like empire not having R9 gunship only R7 (not counting premiums of course).

What do you plan to do about the massive increase on Styxes on battles? Named as Styxballs.

And any thoughts about the also increased number of torpedo frigates filling our ears with incoming messages and the battlefield with radiation clouds?

  1. There is a Federation Gunship.We have to look at all ship, no matter which faction.

  2. We are looking at the statistics. If they are not just popular, but also overpowered, we will balance them.

  3. See 2.


Will you add more colors to the game for ship individualisation?

(I want pink)

Not excluded.


  • What are the values for explosion dmg modifiers for each ship class? (I.e. interceptors take less exlosion dmg and frigates more, how much less/more)

How to calculate diminishing returns on dmg reductin(critical dmg in my example) when i have these modifier taking place:

  • Resistance+armadillo+weapon inhibitor+signature masking)

Or maybe general diminishing return formula for dmg taken, and ill try to work it out myself.

1./2. These links should cover the needed information:

Link 1:

[Link2:](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20483-damage-resistance/)


  • Will there be another Best in Space styled tournament coming up this year?

  • Will there be an option added into the settings to return the efficiency notification system back to the old simpler way?

  1. Yes.

  2. Not planned.


  • Are there any Plans to change the Inventory Space Mechanics ? (More Space, or maybe remove it completly)

  • Is some sort of “Transmogrification” Feature planned (Let Ship A look as Ship B without changing stats…i like the Razor Design but dont play T2 atm but would love to have my T4 Ship look like this).

  1. A resizing of the warehouse is not planned. The warehouse will remain as it is.

  2. No.


THANKS YOU SO MUCH for a Q/A thread. It is yet another indication that you guys are finally taking this game in the right direction/

-Are there plans to add a new race with its own tech tree? would this change happen in the near or far future.

-how will the pvp sandbox universe work, will it be various sectors connected via warpgates, or one gigantic area with points of interest and “empty” space in between?

-can you tell us something about the upcoming dreadnoughts?

-any plans to make warehouse space management easier?

-How soon can we expect a rework or the ship painting/customization system?

  1. In the long run it is not excluded.

  2. This is still a secret.

  3. They will be added this year, but they will be for corporations.

  4. Depends on your suggestions on the forum.

  5. Not in the near future.


Can this game have some change in gameplay to increase the number of players and resemble the other f2p game of gaijin in terms of popularity?

At the moment we think that 12*12 battles are the optimal size.


What was the reason behind having the in game voice chat default to “off”? Most players are unaware of it even existing. can you make it so more people use it?

We think this way it is the better choice. If you don’t not need this feature you have not to do anything.


Thanks for setting this up.

  • What are the current match making mechanics/calculations and what are the exception rules, when MM decides to put players and more than the usual ranks together just to give them a match? This thread [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21604-matchmaking/) is outdated and appears do have undergone a lot of changes in the past. Maybe just update the first post. It seems the matchmaking is now with a smaller range of ranks than it was several weeks ago.

  • When is the “final” release date/quarter?

  • Will you implement all features mentioned in the first post here: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22099-developer-blog-entry-27-december-2013-summing-it-up-and-plans-on-2014/) before the “final” 1.0 release?

  • Will you consider releasing some additional features (like deathmatch, dreadnoughts, sandbox or other game modes) after the “final” 1.0 release as an 1.5 or 2.0 release?

  • When will there be an option to change the efficiency visualization back to the old way or disabled it or make it in some way less annoying?

  • What are the plans with the endorsement/thumbs up system?

  • What are your plans to improve the current chat system?

  1. This subject is indeed outdated. Without going too much into details, I can say that we are working on a MM with a flexible logic.

  2. The game will always evolve. The game will not end for us at Vers. 1.0

  3. We will try. Equal to 2.

  4. Same as 2. and 3.

  5. Not planned.

  6. Waiting for your suggestions.

  7. Same as 6.


Hi, and firstly thank you for opening this thread!

-My first question is: are there plans to add more factions, eg; pirates, precursor ships, etc.

-My second question is: are there plans to implement the “SandBox PvP mode” prior to version 1.0

-My last question is: Will the dreadnoughts be entirely premium or will they be available for in-game-currency?

  1. Maybe in the long run.

  2. Same as 1.

  3. Still a secret.


-Tier 1 feels extremely lacking in options. Are you ever going to give T1 ships more weapons, modules, etc?

-Are you going to fix the Ship Tree period? (ie: make all tiers like Tier 5).

-What do you see the “role” of each Tier is? (ie: is Tier 1 just for beginners? Is T5 meant to be veterans only? etc).

-Do you think the DLC-heavy nature of Tier 3 makes people reluctant to move up to T4 and T5?

-Who is Sector Conquest for? The high Rank requirement and Wings suggest it’s for “elite” Corps, yet the reward structure favours “Zerg” Corps; Are you trying to cater to both, or do you have a clear demographic in mind?

-Are you going to change the poll system to discourage people from just voting Option A for the sake of Gold Standards?

-Buying a full Mk III loadout with Gold Standards is expensive (Around £30-40 per ship in T4 / T5; more than some of the DLC!). Would you consider lowering prices to something more reasonable?

  1. Tier 1 is designed for beginners. We do not want to overload it with items, because new players will get too confused.

  2. Bigger changes are not planned.

  3. Yes, like this.

  4. T4, T5 is endgame. It is most interesting for corps who want to achieve total domination.

  5. Sector Conquest is designed for all corps. We want the corps to grow and get stronger.

  6. Are you suggesting to remove the reward for votes?

  7. Questions on economy will not be commented.


Thanks for this option!


  • Are there any plans to make hangar management easier and lessen the manual work when switching ships e.g. from tier to another or between PvE and PvP setup?

( Suggested at [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21757-multiple-ship-setups-switching-ships-made-easier/) )

  • Are there any plans to make certain hidden cool-down counters more visible in-game, like Adaptive shield and Emergency barrier?

( Suggested at [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22336-info-on-adaptive-shield-and-eb-cooldown-needed/) )

  • Are there any plans on modifying what you can do and cannot do while in queue? Current implementation seems restricting.

( Suggested partially at [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22300-suggestion-see-ship-tree-while-queueing/) )

  • Is warehouse behavior and its restricted spacing (to 1100) final or are any changes planned for that?
  1. Not excluded.

  2. Perhaps.

  3. We wish to, but also we want to see lower queue times.

  4. It is not planned to extend the warehouse.


What are your plans for corporations joining forces? (alliances)

Are you going to do anything about the fact that Ping has a near 100% influence on the outcome of the match and the pilots performance? Can we see more tweaks for ping compensation?

Are you going to reduce your prices for GS, DLCs, and Prenium ships after or before the “final” release?

  1. In the long run it could be.

  2. We are working on the servers.

  3. Questions on economy will not be commented.

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