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Do we need to build all ranks of destroyers or just first and then we can buy rest like normal ships?


Any christmas weapons this year? There has been no mention so I was wondering (and if yes, will they be ridiculously OP, do white damage and cause FPS lag like the previous years?)

Has there been any discussion on any new missile modules.  Specifically dumbfire missiles for the fighter class.  There have been alot of new weapons but no new missiles and the fighter class really needs them.  Any good interceptor can avoid 80% of all self guiding missiles from the fighter class. 

Will there be any alteration to dread mechanics to limit the abuse of fake attacks?


In other words the corps that take an attack slot but never show.

Will any form of advertisement be done for the release of Season 3? It would be really nice to see SC get featured on Steam like it did when it was first released on Steam.

When will the destroyer update be? Someone said that it wasn’t until next month but I don’t believe that.

Will the next update be making dread battles more accessible for smaller corporations?

I am thinking of using one of Star Conflict musics as my channel trailer. Can I do that? If yes, can I monetize the video?

When player online counter will return?



Within the hours of 1am to 4am GMT -  On several occasions recently, I’ve queued repeatedly over the course of an hour and entered no PVP matches at Tier 3.


The situation is even worse than it was a year ago during these hours.


I’m sure you’d you agree that increasing and maintaining your player population is a vitally important issue. So my question is -


What are your immediate plans to - 


a. Increase the number of new players.


b. Increase player retention.


As much as I love this game, I’m reluctant to continue to invest time or money unless the situation is addressed.



Will destroyers be usable like standard ships in PvE and Invasion as well?

Also will there be a restricted gamemode specifically for use with Destroyers?

When can we expect the missions from Miss Frost and Klauss inc?

Will you be releasing the update within the next week? Because next week I will not be on as much and I want decent chances of finishing the Klauss missions before they end.

Will destroyers have a massive cargo bay?

How about extended pickup range?

Will the map for the “Fire Support” PvE mission become available for PvP? I think that map would make for some amazing PvP matches (I think beacon modes would work best, esp. CTB).

1.)How and when do you plan to fully advertise Star Conflict, when Season 3 is about to be released soon?


2.)How much players can the servers hold without any technical issues or limitations?


3.)When do you plan to return and improve ship’s lore (backstory) for each and every ship?

Why are you stalling the release of destroyers? Did something go wrong in development or have you yet to actually make them? I understand that at least one of them is functional already, so why not allow these Frost missions to be completed just as the first is done?

How does ping aware prediction work?

After the initial release of the destroyer, how long will it be until you release the high-tier destroyers?