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Any new missiles or guns in development?

Or pickups?

(such as a radar jammer pickup which is similar to adaptive camo, only for 5 seconds like the invulnerability pickup, as a possible example.)


Yes we are working on the new content. More information closer to the date of release.

I already bought all Premium ships that exist in game.

Why do I still get yellow Premium notifications in the global chat-box, if I already own all of them?

Note: Make an option to disable such notifications by choice, or make them only available, if you don’t own such Premium ship yet.



We will need time to consider that suggestion

What is the health of Tier 5 Mk.4 Engineer Static Barrier?

Does it have resistance?

If yes, what are they?


Health is 46000. It doesn’t have resistance

  1. What is the Laboratory and what will it do for the corporation?

  2. If the current sector rewards are not what we will see in the long run, what is? Note that I am in support of the current standardized rewards across sectors, and the replacement of credit rewards with iridium.


  1. Laboratory is one of the projects we are working on. It will present a system for developing shipyards of the corporation. 2. what do you mean by not what we’ll see in the long run?

Can we got an option to give us to we can lock allies in PvP/PvE battle ?

For example in game option player need to choose between lock allies/or never lock allies.

This can be more easier to heal especially when we play as an engie.

Maybe that not to hard to implement because in open space we already can do this.


I don’t think that i fully get the question. There is a possibility to lock neutral players in open space but there is no option to lock allies…

Will scenario consist of PvE, PvP or a combination of the two?

Will there be a merch store with items promoting star conflict, e.g a fuel container coffee mug, “#1 ECM Pilot” tee, Cargo Drone Plushie, Ect…


  1. It will consist of PvE only. 2. actually we are working on it and there is a group of people totally into this idea, but it’ll take to implement it.

Will we have rank 9 recon and lrf ships from empire, or are they gonna stay the way they are? Is there a plan to make rank 9 “superior” ships for all the factions in the same way hyena and achilles are?

Also, will there be new types of game play for the dreads, possibly including non-corp members in the attacks?


Thanks for all your hard work! Enjoying it so far



  1. we are planning to add them but not in the closest plans. 2. there will be this possibility and actually it is close to the final stage of implementation. Glad that you like it! See ya in space:3

 Do you have anything in the works to try and fix the appallingly low player counts in T4 and T5? It seems the majority of games there are 4v4!



Yes we are now working on reconsidering the while leveling process and also on focusing on ranks instead of tiers. This actions should solve this problem.

Could we expect something inspired from Touhou (other than dodging shots from dreadnought missile batteries/turret nests, or dodging emitter shots from the rear of a defiler)

Note that Im asking about the general concept of a “bullet hell”, rather than the series of games (created by Team Shanghai Alice) itself.



Ok. I have never played this game so i unfortunately i can’t compare. But i would recommend you to check out the developer blog which tells most of the plans for autumn.

Two quick questions for the devs.

  1. When can we expect another patch/server reset. The servers have been extremely slow the past few days, and have been screwing a lot of pilots out of battle (especially dreadnought battles) by giving the “failed to find battle” notification, even though both teams were present and readied for the dreadnought battle.

  2. When can we expect the squad matchmaking changes to be reimplemented (the ones where 2 man squads didn’t need a squad on the other side to get a game, and where no more than one squad could be on either team). Those were excellent changes when they were tested, and I know I would like to see them reimplemented.



  1. we have a group of team members working on that problem. The improvements will be presented asap. 2. those features were experimental. Unfortunately they were not perfect so we will present what we believe a better version of matchmaking improvement in the nearest future.



-How long will it be till the attacked sectors mode takes server preferences into consideration?

-Why are there no instances of attacked sectors on the south asia server or US?

-When/if a new dreadnought is added, will corporations with pre existing dreadnoughts have the opportunity to build the new one or remove their old one?

-How come there are no MkIII upgrade kits? I ask since most players regard MkIII to be the hardest to get to whilst MkIV is relatively easy

-Is there an e.t.a on the new secret project ships?

-Can I fly the alien death star-thing at leviathon?

  1. We have scheduled times for the battles in which we tried our best to combine the statistics and the preferences of the players. 2. all the specific details will be presented closer to the date when present them. 3. that is part of the game economics. 4. some of them will be presented this autumn. 4. there is no option to fly the alien ship but there will be opportunities to fly on the ships based on the alien technology.

Is there’s anyway of like being a camera in a certain sector? I saw in that happening in videos of Star Conflict in its YouTube channel. I want such a feature for some of my videos which are tutorials and such.

Also will there be an option to remove HUD in Hangar? I need that also for my videos.

And one more, will there be a battle reply mechanics like some other games? Need that for my videos as well. Trying to make them high quality and professional even with my low end laptop.

We don’t have those features yet. Though we are very interesested in the video content so if you want you can send me the link to the video via PM and your initiative will be rewarded.

What should we do, if a game goes terminated, since it really looks that noone new is interested to play it for an extended period of time, except for a few remaining players, which started to play in beta stage already?

I need to know what else will you do, to increase popularity of this game and to contribute to greater interest for new players? Comparison between War Thunder and Star Conflict chart is catastrophic.Time is running out!

Your concern about the future of the game deserves admiration BUT I’d like to ask not to exaggerate the situation. If you have any ideas you can contact me we always consider them with due attention.

Is there any plan at all to solve the “wobble” issue?

If you dont know what i mean with wobble, please stop by these posts:

  1. [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25740-wobble-in-ship-caused-by-ping/#entry304112)

  2. [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27420-fix-the-wobble/#entry325855) (first video here is very ilustrative)


Our team is aware of this problem, but unfortunately it includes a lot of issues not only from our side but also from the side of the gamer’s connection. We are in the search of the solution but it’s not that easy. 

How much energy does using engineer auras leave in the capacitor after use?


How many points per energy does the enhanced effect give for engineer auras?


Should I make a suggestion to include the enhanced effect information in the tooltip again?

  1. 1 shield point per second per 3 additional energy

2) 1 armor point per second per 6 additional energy

  1. we believe that it’ll make the tooltip too heavy


What modeling programs are used to model in-game objects?

This is out of curiosity only and not for harmful purposes against the devs.

No doubts that your motives are pure, but according to the policy we are not allowed to provide this info.

Thanks for the information, but the fact that I have to ask in this thread for such an important game mechanic is a bit silly. I’ll make a poll in the suggestions section after this post.


How much energy is left in the capacitor after using the engineer auras?


How many shield points per second per energy do you get with pirate mass shield generator?

1) 10%

  1. 1 shield point per second per 2 additional energy.

Ragarding hm “silly” If we see that most of our players feel the need of this info of course it will be added. And yeah let’s try with the suggestion, if it gets enough resonance we will consider adding it, but for now we have a policy of not overloading the players with info in the tooltips.


Well, will there be at least just the HUD removal thing in hangar? I pretty much need that at least when doing a ship review + gameplay. You know I don’t want to review with the LAUNCH button there, or missions list, or chat, or all the HUD.  :fed001:

The suggestion is on the discussion stage yet, so can’t promise anything for now.


Will there be a possibility of custom user-made content (such as custom made single-player missions)?

No we are not planning to implement this.

What are the damage and explosion radius of holograms?


How much damage do spy drones and parasitic remodulator do in an average match?

On an average day, how many corporations announce dreadnought attacks in Empire space? In Jericho? And Federation?


On an average day, how many corporations show up for dreadnought attacks in Empire space? In Jericho? And Federation?


On an average day, how many corporations do damage to sectors in Empire space? In Jericho? And Federation?

Should there be a guideline for suggestions for weapons, following what I had done for my OAB Suggestion, or something similar?

In general you should keep all suggestions short and to the point. Explain it simple and leave out the numbers.

A question/suggestion that I have is, would it be possible to actually have all this info on active mods, etc. in the game? The current descriptions are alright, but I would like a detailed version too (e.g. one that would explicitly say how much damage Static Barrier can actually withstand, or what the actual values of engie heals are; both as explained in this thread by Aliskosan).

DerpNukem, on 30 Jul 2015 - 07:16 AM, said:snapback.png

-How long will it be till the attacked sectors mode takes server preferences into consideration?

-Why are there no instances of attacked sectors on the south asia server or US?


  1. We have scheduled times for the battles in which we tried our best to combine the statistics and the preferences of the players. 2. all the specific details will be presented closer to the date when present them.

DerpNukem question was aiming for invasion/open space map, not dreadnought/new sec con mode. It would be nice to get a response for that :stuck_out_tongue:


This font was created by us specially for that logo, so you can’t find it.

DerpNukem question was aiming for invasion/open space map, not dreadnought/new sec con mode. It would be nice to get a response for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry, I got enough info for my liking on the topic :slight_smile:


And also a few more questions:

-What is the ETA on the rework for ancient ruins? 

-Will the secret project ship lineup include two LRFs (one for Jericho, one for Empire)?

-If/when a new special operation is added, will it have a MM? I ask since barely anyone does the current one in my time zone and I’m yet to beat the defiler :frowning:

-Will the secret ship from the event be exclusive to players who completed the event or will it be released after a period of exclusiveness?

I know I’m being greedy and the last batch of SP ships hasn’t even arrived yet, but could you tell us if you plan on something similar to SP for secondary ship lines? I’d love to see a customisable Fed recon or a Jerry tackler.


(Apologies, I know that even if there’s a positive answer to this question, such update wouldn’t be released very soon, but I’m not sure where else I could ask this question)

I got 10 questions.



1.) Why are you no longer removing provided YouTube’s Star Conflict videos with malicious links and hacks, even when I inform you to remove them?

Note: I am aware that those links don’t pose any major threat, if you’re smart enough to avoid them. It is a matter of principle.


2.) Would you be willing to add some additional weaponry on each main station in Invasion, if I suggest it?

Note: I would like to know, if you would be willing to improve Station’s defenses.


3.) Now that the update 1.1.9 and 1.2.0 is approaching soon, will you update an outdated Fan-Kit?

Note: New soundtracks, videos, art, etc. In short, all up-to-date material should be included.


4.) Are your plans for Star Conflict advertisement almost complete?

Note: I am talking about paid advertisement on Steam and elsewhere, after the update 1.2.0 is released.


5.) What should I do, if some annoying major bugs, which were properly reported in the bug report section, according to its policy, are still not fixed after one year or more?

Note: I do not wish to post again on the old existing threads, since there are so many of them.


6.) Why do we get so much new or old bugs back with each new update?

Note: Quality assurance team is in charge of testing, right?


7.) If you accidentally deleted some exclusive item, when it is no longer available, will the support department compensate you with one such item, if you provide logs and/or screenshots as a proof?

Note: I hope that the support team has all the tools to make such things happen.


8.) When do you plan to add or unlock all tier three to tier five mark 5 items , all of it?

Note: We only got a small percentage of such items unlocked so far.


9.) Why did you or your development team decided to implement mixed/merged tiers again?

Note: Rank 9 Premium ships will still be matched against Rank 12 Premium ships, since they no longer count as one rank lower, like rank 8.


10.) Is it possible to provide free Premium license for 7 days to all new players in a game?

Note: I think that people would realize then, just how much better and useful a Premium license can be, when they see the difference, after it expires.



I hope that your answers will be clear enough and thorough.






Can I get the voice acting (ENGLISH acting) for my videos? I mean like the phrases they say, but in audio format not text.


Like “We’re on the same target, fire of a missile” or whatever he says.


I can get them my self by recording, but it’ll take me a lot of time to get all of them.

How do i make a spoiler on the forums.  :snowgirl:

How do i make a spoiler on the forums.  :snowgirl:

Click on the small image next to “Font”.