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To echo what I said elsewhere…


  1. Is Invasion primarily meant for PvP or PvE players?


  1. Is invasion primarily meant for Solo players or Squads?


  1. Why isn’t there any kind of team mechanic (eg: all players with Station Protection become allied) in Inavsion Mode?


  1. Why are there no mechanics of any kind to encourage co-operation in Invasion Mode?


Invasion is designed for pilots, who like to move freely in space and explore the open world.

We have team mechanics in the Invasion, you can create a squad directly in space. Also team mechanics depend on the players, if they are not willing to cooperate, no one help them.


Will the developers consider removing the autoselling for loot found in “Invasion”?

Will players be able to bring credit loot or crafting items into “Invasion” into their cargo hold?


We will consider every offer, if you post it in special section on the forum.


Why is it that there is no collision damage in Invasion unless you’ve engaged a cyber or you micro-warp into an object?  Even colliding after the microwarp but before the full slow down can result in death.  Why isn’t micro-warp exempted?


There is, except the station protection.


Will the A1MA blueprint be back? Because it’s not fair to those who don’t have it (those who already bought the blueprint or crafted the A1MA get to keep it)


Module is being revised. We will return it.


-Can we have a preview of the dreadnoughts???


-Will we see some ships to fill the gaps in the secondary roles? (eg, t1 tackler for Jericho, t1 gunship for feds, t1 command for empire, etc, etc)


-Can I have acopy of a ships diffuse (the paintable features in game). I’m just curious tosee how hard it is to make skin for a ship.


You may visit the “Blackwood Shipyard”. It’s just an example of the main concept.

Not planned.

No, sorry.


Why did the developers decide to change some sectors to station-protected sectors? This is a honest question. This question is not ment to be smart-aleck


To give some pilots a chance to make long-distance trip for assignments.


Looks like the hunter (alien) pulse module pass by rocks and walls in open space mode, this is a glitch or it relly should do that?

If you mean the big rocks, so it’s glitch. We’ll check it.

-Will players be able to earn synergy from invasion in a future update? I ask this as invasion is currently depicted as the central game mode right now and you currently can’t earn synergy from anything in it apart from missions.

You are able to do it right now.


How often do the developers actually check what is happening over here on the English forums?

Every day.


Presets. Are those even planned?

Set up x patterns of ships for example

4 ships for Solo queue

4 ships for Squad play

4 ships for Sector Conquest

4 ships for level up


And ofcourse to be able to switch between those with 1 click.

It is tiresome to have to swap 4 ships more than few times per day.

P.S. Not talking about loadout of 1 ship with different modules, but loadout of 3/4 ships.



Can we expect a new line of ships to be added to the game? Either a ship line that provides a new role, or a new faction?

Is this game fully released? Why has it not been reviewed by major publications? (Its a good game!)

Not soon.


How does one go about becoming a tester/S-tester? I am dying to try some yet-to-be-announced epicness. And believe me when I say I can debug the hell out of just about anything.

And why does nobody important ever check their inbox?

Please feel free to ask [Error](< base_url >/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=send&do=form&fromMemberID=12279).


When will we have the result of the Stickers contest?


Is it planned to remove all A1M1 modules from the game?

Will a LRF’s reverse thrusters have an increase in its cool-down time?

Will a healer’s warp see an increase in its cool-down rate?

Currently, this module is not produced and is being revised.

We have to check all the statistics and then decide what to do.

Possibly. We collect feedback and balance, so we’ll consider this offer.


Will Reverse Thruster be removed from the game, given how broken it is?

Not planned.

How does energy regeneration work? I know that the rule is generally that the less energy you have, the faster it regenerates, but that stops being true after a certain point. What’s the algorithm?


xKostyan is right. There is a multiplier (YY) and [recovery rate](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21299-energy-regeneraition-curve/?hl=energy) depends on the % amount of the energy you have, it multiplies by the number from YY.

What other uses will the iridium have in the corporations?


We are planning to use it for the main corporation updates, but can’t give you an answer right now. Please, be patient.

-Will players eventually be able to skin their ships? (War thunder currently offers this, although the skin only shows client side)


  • Will the invasion sectors be expanded? (I say this because at the moment the sectors are about 20-21km in diameter and I think that it’s kind of small when a recon can warp 11km)


-Will the entry to sector conquest be lowered to rank 10 to even out the ranks?


(this lot of questions will be added to by me over the month)



Not much.

It depends on the currently situation in “Sector conquest”. By now, we can’t give you definite answer.


Are there any new Federation Premium ship planned?


We planned, but don’t know when yet.

Will the Reverse Thruster Mechanics be changed? At this Point, it’s kina OP and more of an reverse Warp.


Yes, we are working on balance, including this module too.


Are all players going to be forced to play Invasion in order to upgrade their modules to MK5 and remain competitive? Or do you plan to add the MK5 schematics to PvP loot drops also? For me and perhaps for others this is a critical turning point, where the game changes from PvP Arena to PvE/PvP open world grinding.


We are trying to make a comfortable game for different players - pvp lovers, explorers, crafters. So noone will be forced to play “Invasion”.


Squads are not teams. Teams can contain squads, but they are not the same. all pilots in a PvE match are a team, which may be one or more squads. All pilots in PvP and Sector Conquest are split into two teams, which may contain one or more squads. Squads are not teams.

So I ask again: why does Invasion not support Teams when they are integral to every other game mode?


How do you imagine the teams in the “Invasion”. You may give us an offer in the special forum section.


so, what happened to all the other pve scenerios?


They are waiting for their turn in the rotation.


Are you going to balance open world modules such as A1MA? I do not know any other shooter game that has an Aimbot function built in. Considering that the blueprint has been removed shows that it should not be in the game


Are you going to balance open world modules such as Reverse Thrusters? It is over powered and increasing the energy use of the module won’t change anything because most long range frigate users are stood still when they use it


Will the spawn rate of alien stash be increased? 10 minutes for a stash to re-spawn seems a bit long


We are balancing and will balance everything.

We’ll consider your offer.


In the contracts window I see a gold band on the upper left corner of the “Raid” tab. What does that mean?


All contracts of this fraction finished at least once.


Why did you decide to allow Biomorphs into PvP battles? Is it just for the pre-release event, or will this be permanent?



Are you considering re-working ship customization to make it more rewarding and enjoyable for players?



When the full game is released in version 1.0, will that also signal the end of player-suggested changes?


Well, we have the Invasion here. Let’s see how our pilots can handle with it.

Is now customization unenjoyable? Right now we are working on it.



Question :


    Will there be new content directly coming with the release ? (Think about dreadnoughts, new UI for invasion that allow team, customization tools…)


   Approximately, when will you had the stickers that won the event (And will I have to pay to buy my sticker ? ^^)?


   Are there plans to create a color + brightness picker to allow the creation of our own color ?


   Are there plans on allowing the player to create his own 3ds + skin model and use it in-game by modifying some files (Visible only for the client) like many games allow for free (At the cost of hard work to create what we would love to see of course) ?



   Same way, will there be a possibility to choose where we want to place a sticker on a ship + re-size/rotate  them and place more then one ?

    And do you plan on adding Stencils ? (Stickers where you choose the color, witch could lead to a complete skin creation if the question above is yes)


   Will the advertisement of the game start with the next-week release or it will come later ?


   Now that we have invasion witch allow small trades, are there plans on making invasion a huge trades platform with an exchange interface and allowing the player to come with his own money/artifacts/voucher ?


You’ll see. Please stay tuned! =)








Is there still going to be a regular weekly update after 1.0 is released?


In 0.11.7 changelog, it says Tier 1’s can’t enter invasion. “Т1 ships can no longer enter Attacked Sectors” What does this mean? I undocked with my rank 1 ships just fine.


For the first time, yes.

Are you sure? If so, please report a bug. Or maybe there is a misunderstanding.


When are ships getting their background information back?


Will be in Wiki soon.


Can we get a hint of what the new A1MA and Reverse Thruster will do? I’m hoping they will still function at least similarly…


Please, follow the news.


Will there be added Trade System?




  1. Are there plans to implement corporation logos on ships? if so, is it going to come soon?

  2. Are you currently working on improving the ship customization system?


  1. Will it ever be possible to dock at Fort Muerto?

  2. When corporation hangars are implemented, will they be located outside of the 3 home sectors? will there be more than one possible sector per faction for a corporation hangar?

  3. has the drop rate of osmium been reduced since the beginning of open beta? where is the best place to find it?




Not soon.

We can’t give you any information right now.

No comment.


Currently having a license only has a benefit for missions in invasion.  Will having a premium license help in invasion in any other way?


We are planning to consider more features for the license.