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New month=new request: Can we have a way to make alien tech/alien ships? :3


Not now, but devs have such idea. As it’s not a major one for nowadays, I can’t promise that it will be soon. And yes, it’s a secret!

I have been on this game for 1  year i have observed your rules even though ias feel thattodaysgame star Conflict is not fair to the serious player. Today iwent to fallon to protect a ship  a transport i set up my drones and i accidently hit a guard. in the past i hadto fly back through the gate to reset it. but now they keep trying to destroy meall theway back to the station where the guard is super destructive ships andso i lose my cargo.

I feel thatthere should bepick ups on all gates wherre a person can place their itemsat the 10% costto save them. You devs have already taken mmy abilityaway to gather ore and parts nowyou want meto buy more within the game?? Wont happen me an my family will leave like we left EVe for their obstinance.

I tell you this because you are very well placed into an elitsit frame of mind now and i have that in real life. My sugestion is that if i transgress themn kill my shiop but thenlet it reset so that i may be able to pick up the little stuff you let me collect.

 This game is on the verge of being too proletariate and  Ive already been through that before in real life. email is

Please use the suggestion section.

Will the Attack Drone AI be fixed? They get stuck A LOT in Crimson Haze Stage two.

Make a bug report and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Why aren’t any of the above questions being answered???


Are they not clearly defined; obviously stupid? What am I missing???

Questions will be answered as soon as possible. Currently it takes some time due to some other work that needs to be done first.

Greetings to everyone.



TheDarkRedFox, on 03 Apr 2015 - 8:16 PM, said:snapback.png

Real question:
So now that we have our dreadnoughts, can us little people have our craftable ships? I am dying to make a Command or LRF…

All the information on the dreadnoughts would be released in tomorrows patch


DerpNukem, on 04 Apr 2015 - 03:53 AM, said:snapback.png

Will there be a balance inbound for the RF blaster since the plasma cannon is now a better version of it with longer range, lower spread, same rate of fire.

There are no balance inbound planned for the RF blaster in upcoming update, however we would revise it sometime.


Engle, on 07 Apr 2015 - 04:22 AM, said:snapback.png

Please, I want a detailed reply–not simply a sentence. What are the long term promotional plans for this game? In other terms, we the community have grown frustrated at the lack of advertising, so we are wanting to know what is being done by Gaijin on this. Are there any HD trailers being worked on? Are there any web campaigns being launched? Thank you for answering my questions :slight_smile:

There are planned promotion - we do work on advert.


ArcTic, on 07 Apr 2015 - 04:28 AM, said:snapback.png

When dreadnaughts are completely out, will there be U.S. servers in invasion? 

There is no invasion mode anymore its called open space now. Yes.


o0ANTI0o, on 09 Apr 2015 - 12:34 PM, said:snapback.png

Are there any updates planed for the manufacturable ammunition where you can set the ammount of ammo you want to create at once?
That would be pretty neat :slight_smile:

Yes, its being developed, however i cant give you time when it would be implemented.



Kazumi_, on 12 Apr 2015 - 4:32 PM, said:snapback.png

Will there be mining ships added to gather resources from asteroids (purely ores, iridium and crystals)?

How would Dreadnought Battles work? (Base Vs Base? Player Dread Vs Player Dread with Team Death Match? Dread-less wing (attacking) Vs Dread (defending)? Vice versa?)

Mining ships would not be added, however, most likely we would add a hull module, which would increase ship’s cargobay.

As for Dreadnoughts wait until tomorrows’s update.

Top 007 questions.



1.) Where can we get Secret Project components , which are listed in the Workshop? I do not mean craftable, but the ones, which were supposed to be found.

     They are not in any of destroyed ships or debris/lost cargo, etc. in Invasion , so why are we being lied to, for 6 months now about those, that we can find them there?

     I already made different threads about this, but up to this day, there were no aswers, just a repeated statement that you can still find them in Invasion, which is just not true.

     Please, clarify this matter or remove the description, which states that you can get it from destroyed ships or cargo in Invasion then.



2.) Did you already reviewed and discussed my [suggestion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26489-new-classified-module-revealed-extended-shield-barrier-matrix-aka-guardian/) and what can you tell me about it, since it was forwarded to you, the development team?

     Will it be implemented?



3.) Tell us an approximate ETA for Secret Project ships and the number of ships classes for those. Will we get a total of 9 or 10 ships classes?



4.) Rank 9 Empire implant , the one on the top. Does it work with the bots too or does it work with the human players only, when they lock on you?

     I have no locks shown, when the bots lock on me in PVE or Invasion mode, but I can still hear them. Do I get bonus resistance from bots and or only from human players?



5.) Will you repeat 9th of May - Victory Day sale, when all Premium ships will either have a temporary fixed price of 1945 GS or a 70% discount price in the game, since it will be the 70th Anniversary of WWII?



6.) Why is the Defiler not dropping any special loot, like Secret Project components when it is destroyed in the Invasion mode?



7.) Will the Dreadnoughts have any visual changes (different textures) and any other additions (structual additions) on the weapons, armor, size and shape in general, once they will get upgraded?




Sincerely,  Koromac

  1. Secret project components could be found in the open space in any location. What does it mean? That it is programmed like that and if you can’t find it - its just bad luck.

  2. We reviewed your suggestion. No, it won’t be implemented due to the high load of work for Developers, however we might come back to it later.

  3. ASAP

  4. When build it should be working with both and you should be able to get your bonuses from both as well. If it wouldn’t work, just bug report.

  5. Yes there would be Sales and Discounts

  6. Because it is programmed that way and its not supposed to give loot.

  7. All Dreadnought information would be released in tomorrow’s update.


  1. How soon do you expect to revise the ship customization system? You stated once that revisions were planned, but not soon. Will the revised system allow players unlock colors and stickers for continual use like stickers used to function during the beta?

  2. How soon do you expect to release the rest of the Secret Project ships? Next month? Next year? A general time frame would be nice.

  3. Was any more thought given to switching the methods of upgrading Mk 3 and Mk 4 gear? Currently there is still an issue with a massive power gap due to vouchers being harder to earn than irridium/upgrade kits.

1.All the problems are revised when happening, we collect ideas, look through them, then implement them if they were approved by developers. When we have an opportunity to implement something good we do it, if we haven’t done it yet - means that we do not have resources or time. However we do not forget good ideas.

  1. ASAP.

  2. Irridium mining for contracts was increased there shouldn’t be any problems with it.


How do the diminishing ECM stuns work? I know that if you get stasis’d a lot, it eventually barely even phases the ship, but I don’t know what the formula is. Is there a time limit to the diminished stun? I’m fairly certain if you die, the stuns will go back to being full length again, but I’m not certain. Could I get details on it?

Modules reviews are availiable in the game.


Is it possible the introduction of visual customization is causing some of the connection issues (a.k.a. lag and packet loss)?

I don’t know how you went about the programming for these features, but could it be possible that they are not well optimized and are causing excess server load?

We are working on server and ping problems


When will the “fancifying” update be?
I think there should be an update period where the only thing is worked on is graphics and design~

There is an ongoing work for graphics and design, but we would look into your suggestion, however i cant give you “when” would it be answer.


Thank you guys for your questions and thank you for your patience.


Kind Regards from Developers and IAXIL

My questions:


  1. Will Dreadnought Battles be allowed for a custom battle option? Allow players to ‘deploy’ their dreadnoughts into the custom battle room for these fights. You can find the original suggestion here in the 1.1.3 discussion.

  2. Will the [suggestion to add a 24hr countdown instead of “battles in XX:XX”](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26935-change-the-dreadnought-battles-in-xxxx-to-a-24hr-countdown-between-battles) be added? Many players have voiced their support for it.

3. Will the suggestion to change the faction logo to the corporate logo in the shipyard be added? Again, many players have voiced their support for it.




You can cancel now warp gates in the same way that you can cancel microwarps.


*Edit* Forgot the actual questions. Fixed.

Answers to the suggestions will be posted on the suggestion forum. This thread is not for bumping suggestions.

Answers to the suggestions will be posted on the suggestion forum. This thread is not for bumping suggestions.

Apologies. The first question still stands though, if the devs will make Dreadnought Battles a custom battle option.


So that this post isn’t useless, however, I have a few more questions:


  1. When should we expect t4 and t5 sector conquest to be opened?

  2. Will t3 sector conquest credit rewards be increased? Currently they are not particularly desirable, considering that 65000 iridium was spent to make dreads it is unlikely that less than 1million credits is incentive to encourage attacks.

  3. Will we likely see additional Secret Project ships as the next major addition to the game, or is there another significant addition in the works first?

  4. Are there plans to implement more dreadnought equipment, or is that gear planned for t4 and higher?

  5. When will early Dreadnought finishers get their achievement? Arms race rewards aside, I remember there being an achievement for any corporation that finished their Dreadnought early.


Thank you very much for your response and transparency on these issues. As always, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Are there going to be more project ships released in the near future?

& are any of them going to be:


Long Range Frigate



Particularly curious about the release of a guard project ship, & how soon it would come out. Thanks!

There will be one for each class.

New questions:

  1. Will all of the loot in Invasion be returned to what it was before the patch a couple months back?
  2. Why was the Invasion loot value reduced so significantly, or at all?/What was the reason for that patch? & or will there be an update in the near future to fix this, or compensate for this somehow?
  3. You might not be able to answer this directly, but is there a rough time frame you can tell us that we can expect new project ships for the game??
  4. Will there be more Mark5 weapons & modules?
  5. Has anyone ever considered making a weapon/gun similar to the primary ability of a guard that is able to switch damage types over certain intervals?

Hi guys, 


I have just started playing this game and am loving it!


I have found a corporation to help ease the learning curve.


The tutorials that are in the game are ok. I’m still having a hard time figuring out everything though.


More in depth tutorials would be great, particularly in the areas of crafting, resource gathering, and a much more in depth wiki when it comes to the weapons, ships, and gameplay.


Specifically where warnings pop up on the hud and what they mean, and a roadmap of sorts to navigating the different menus and submenus while you’re in the hangar. 


I still can’t figure out how to use weapon/module kits to do upgrades. 


Also, it seems to me that for both credits and synergy to balance of this game is skewed incredibly to the PVP side. I’m definitely no ace pilot in pvp but I usually end up with ~50k -100k credits per battle win or lose and 5k-6k synergy if I only use one ship. While PVE missions are only returning 40k credits and 0 synergy from what I can tell.