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Will all classes eventually get unique weapons?



We create weapons and don’t identify it with some classes.


How will the new game mode (open Sandbox) affect the Pilot Profile? Will it have impact in Average Kills/Assist as well as the Wins/Loses and of course the ratio?


No comment.

When in transition to open sandbox, will all Free Synergy, Credits, GS, ships and modules will be transferred over?


The sandbox or open Space is another one game mode, not a new game.


Will there be a way to import our own texture for ships or to edit them ?


No. Sometimes we use pictures, sent by our players. For example, some players have their own unique stickers received as a prize for participating in the competition.


  1. In regards to the Rank 1 Armadillo Implant, what exactly qualifies as ‘explosion’ damage?


  1. Also in regards to the Rank 1 Armadillo Implant, is only the bonus damage from the critical reduced, or is it the full damage.  For example, I am critically hit in the hull by a 100 damage weapon with a 50% critical damage bonus.  With this implant will I take 140 damage (100+(50*0.8)) or 120 damage ((100+50)*0.8)?


  1. The description of the ECM weapon system inhibitor module seems a bit ambiguous.  Is it only reducing the damage my target does to me, or does it reduce all of his damage against everyone?  Does it only affect the main weapon, or missiles and modules as well?


  1. Does the Rank 9 Gigas II implant really raise hull AND shield resistances, as stated in it’s description?  If I recall correctly it only used to raise Hull resistance.


  1. Explosion of rocket, ship, the nuclear bomb, Coil Mortar. In general, any explosion.

  2. Decreases all damage. For example, critical hit with 100 units of damage (100 general + 50 from critical hit = 150 damage). So you reach (100 + 50) * 0.8 = 120 damage.

  3. Weapon system inhibitor reduces damage from weapon (it means the main one).

  4. Yes, it raises both.


Does guided torpedo count as a missle? And is the guided torp speed and manuverability increased in the higher tiers?because im thinking that if not, than all ships would b able to outrun or outmaneuver them


Yes, it’s a rocket. More details here. I should add that if you can outmaneuver the rocket - it is good. In other case, no possibility to outsmart is bad.

Camouflaging an answer as a question: Is it not rather true that the guided torpedo is a special module which is unaffected by modules and implants meant for missiles? Also speed and maneuverability stays the same for missiles and guided torps in all tiers.


Guided torpedo is unaffected by implants. But Long Range ships’ modules have the effect. Yes, speed and maneuverability stays the same.


As corporations reach the 3000 iridium limit how do they go beyond that cap, I have noticed corporations with 64k iridium. How do corps reach that lvl of iridium?


They can’t go beyond the limit. Another thing is that the statistics do not indicate the current number of the Iridium. It’s total amount, gained during the existence of the corporation. For example, when a corporation spends iridium (Corporation’s emblem), its value of the Iridium is not reduced.


Tacking onto this question, Would you consider removing the Cap or making a higher number? Like 100k?


We considered and decided not to change it.


The Free Space achievements mention killing / kill assisting vs police. Will police have unique ships like pirates do? If so, will they be available to players? If so, will they be DLC or GS? Would you consider polling players to find which they’d prefer?


No comments yet. Follow the news. Coming soon!


Leaderboards -> corporations -> influence

How does this stat get calculated? Is raw infl gains per week(or other time fraime) or is it some thing else?


Influence gains in the ‘Sector Conquest’. Once a corporation gets control over the location - it scores a point of influence. Points are added at the end of the big cycle - currently once a day. Points do not decrease.

I remember ships having a sort of background description when you hovered your mouse above them, but you removed this feature. It added a bit of spice, for someone like me at least…are you going to bring that back?


Will you be giving the ships their own backstory / flavour text like we had back in the 0.7 era?


Are all sectors provide equal “influence value” or those with higher minimum bid provide more points than the cheap ones?




I really like the new hangars…since station changing is not available atm, haven’t had a chance to try out the others, but I’m pretty sure they’re pretty sweet  :001j: still…are you gonna bring back the original one hangar you had way back? The one that didn’t really have any affiliation? It was pretty damn sweet…I  miss it…


The opportunity to change the hangar will be soon. No, we aren’t planning bring it back.

Will we get pirate / police hangars in the future?

What about Corp hangars?

Would you consider adding cosmetic options to hangars?


Customization and corp. hangars are planned. But it is too early to talk about it.


The Ant II implant(Rank 13) works only once in a match(even in pve) or constantly working?


It can be activated several times in a battle.


When is the projected release date or release window of the open world/ sandbox? (remove if asked already)


Would you consider adding a icon for the “adaptive Shield” to tell players when its activated up in the Buffs/debuffs section of the screen in game? 


This year. We will consider it.


adding to that, when it says “lowers dmg taken by 40 pts when ship is going at maximum speed” is it reffering to max speed WITH afterburners or WITHOUT?


Each ship has a tooltip with the parameter SPEED. It refers to this speed.

Do you plan to have an “economy breakdown” or a blog on how the economy is going to work right before release?


Economy questions are not commented. The economy is a part of the game and any changes are possible.


Is Dev team still working on optimizing network code or do they consider it as done and in its’ final form ?


Which aspects of the game Dev team will still consider suggestions on and which parts of SCon they do not wish to work on anymore ?


Of course, we are optimizing the code, including the network code. We consider all offers. And we’re working on the whole game in general, so no “closed” parts of the game exist.


Do you plan on reworking long range frigates to something more “Mid range” ?

Will you introduce hull/shield/energy stealing on damage

? (Percentage of the damage output transformed into HP)

Will there be a way to change our ship directly on a battle without destructing it?


The main objective of long range frigates is making powerfull long-distance shots. This is the basic idea, which we use.




Why has the currently as ‘Hot’ marked ship Panther something like a blue pulsating energy light?


It’s new awesome skin. Over time, such ships will be more.


I already know the answer to this, but… To what extent, if at all, consider counter-play when you design / balance ships and modules?


By counter-play I am specifically referring to two things in particular: 1) How many viable options there are for a player to counter the item in question (ie: Tacklers counter missiles by cloaking, Guards counter Interceptors via Pulsar, etc), and 2) how fun it is to use those counters.


Subject Counter Play plays an important role in the development of the game. And of course, it is considered in the development of the balance of ships, weapons and modules.


I have heard that developers will be creating unique ship roles for T5. Is this true and if so are they willing to take suggestions from players?


it’s not true, but we consider all offers from our players.

I have a question about player Skill Rating. How exactly is it calculated? So far as I can see it only matters if I don’t die in combat. So if I get a Maniac Medal and top score on a winning team… that takes skill… but I died doing it … so I lose points. I get top score but die once … I lose points… I hide behind a rock in a command ship and avoid combat … my rating goes up… How is that skill? Explain pls.


Easy one. Depends on the SR of the guys you kill, and the guy that’s killing you. The greater the difference, the greater number of points you lose/gain. Google ELO for more details.

Syrinx is right. To improve the SR you have to kill someone, whose rating more, and not to die from someone, whose rating is lower than yours. Killing low SR pilot very weakly increases your ranking. And death from the same pilot greatly reduces your rating.


Are there plans for a class specific scenario (each role has a different spawn loactaion and objectives but are all allies)?


We may consider your offer, if you post it [here](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/230-suggestions/).

No discussions in this topic!

Do enemies in pve lock on the players’ ships?


Yes, they do.


Questing: Why do i get no effectiveness rating in the game? ( i got the Naga and played 255 pvp and 257 pve battles ) i think i should have some or not?




In this case, please contact our support.


Are there any plans to increase the fun of playing an interceptor by a raise on the speed limit? I mean, are there any plans to change the skript to make it possible for the game engine to put up with Intys flying with 800 m/s without lags in the battle?




What are Dev team’s opinion on merging the tiers down to only 3 tiers to improve waiting times ? Or do you firmly believe 5 tiers is still the best structure ?


Negatively. Two adjacent tiers have too big difference in power, and merge them in one battle is not a good idea.


And if not, will new gameplay mechanisms be added to promote playing higher tiers than 3? Because all you get at ranks 4 and 5 are like 3 or 4 new passive modules, compared to the jump from rank 2 to 3 where you get more module slots along with tons of new active ones ones that change your gameplay.


Or yeah as has been suggested just scrap T4 and 5, noone plays it anyway.


In progress.

If i have the gigas II implant installed,and get into a pve mission,10 enemies approaching,and they all lock onto me,does it mean i can have 120+ resistance to damage?


Regarding the gigas II implant in pve,does it make you OP when there are a horde of enemies lock onto you?


Yes, it does. But it doesn’t make you OP, when you are locked on by 10 ships.

Do you plan on adding more achievements for PvE? It just seems neglected that a mode that some players spend more time than in pvp has just 2 achievements.

Also,will there be a trading and/or gift system?(Just yesterday i sold about 50 upgrade kits I didn’t need, could have given them to someone who is starting out for example)


Are there plans on bringing back weapon modulators which change damage type like in 0.7 era?



Is it planed to make a credits to GS exchange system (ratio doesn’t matter)?

Finally, are stickers you buy now the same as the ones bought before 0.8 (meaning you can apply one to unlimited number of ships) ?

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