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When will I get my Hunter?

2 minutes ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

When will I get my Hunter?

never gets old!  ![:007_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_2.png “:007_2:”)

1.When can we expect the destroyer from ellydium? there have been some leak since a while now but nothing coming from any devs.


2.What is the plan for the end of this year?


  1. Can we expect new sectors soon? since there is a large part of the galactic map that isn’t used yet.



When can we expect another major balance pass? Some combinations still feel unreasonable powerful like front blaster that when it start shooting is almost a certain frag.

When will front blaster be re-done like A1MA

Will we get new colours to paint our ships with?


Will a few of the less useful modules (Asyncronous Shield, Multipurpose Shield, etc) get a rework like the Teroxide Injector?


Will Secret Project ships get a few new toys to play with? Possibly a single unique module or Weapon? (Like Dynamic Superchargers for Saw One, Nanolocator for Cyning, etc)

When will we really get three different tiers?


We have this now in max T ;  OGYul1l.jpg


This is not my screenshot but the question is valid. And it happened just today 16.10 after you delivered all teddybears to us how we have separate tiers.



When will you remove low-rank ships buffs??

What is the max number of players in one squad that can actually get PvP game? 

When will you fix this leaderboard?





will you change exchange rate?


What is the max number of players in one squad that can actually get PvP game? 

ORCA1911: Max squad number was always 4 players, wing was 12 players.


The question included ‘that can actually get PvP game’, but I imagine the answer is 'we don’t disclose information on the matchmaker.



First off, congrats on the promotion ORCA!

Secondly, I have a big list I’d like to express now that I know a developer ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

All listed here are possible things you guys could look into that I feel that need to be changed or tweaked, and its a rather big list of “questionable nerfs”


  • Tai’kin
    • I feel as if its just too good to be a balanced Recon, compared to the other recons in the game as of now.
      • The Tai’kin has always been a maneuverable ship thanks to the dual synthesis spheres way back when, however, at its current state, I feel that it could use a slight nerf to the rotation/strafe as many of the modules give it bonus movement, to balance it could get more health, for guns such as Aim-Assisted Cannon its still quite hard to follow a good - Tai’kin players movements if you happen to land a shot.
    • Module wise, something needs to change with them;
      • Inhibitor Crystal + Crystal Drone 
        • This setup is used by nearly every Tai’kin I’ve encountered and that’s… a lot.
          • The crystals damage is too much for the instant stop that it provides.
          • Crystal Drone slowdown is nothing like what a Recon should have, especially with the Tai’kins maneuverability, its a feature it should never get, if its so maneuverable why does it need to slow down everything that this drone shoots, by a rather bonkers amount. 
    • The quite frankly broken camo+bomb technique. 
      • I’ve seen a mass of people in Tai’kins get the bomb, and somehow render themselves invisible with it, even to a recon with almost 20k range, this is totally broken and needs to be fixed. 
  • Manufactured Ships ( Some need a buff some need a nerf ) 
    • Wolfhound
      • Archangel missiles move rather quick and turn heavy, possible nerf to the speed/maneuverability of them as the damage is immense. 
    • Zhen
      • Possible change to the modules so the engine hack isn’t as abused as it should have been. 
      • I don’t know if its a bug but I’ve tried countering it with the crew, and it doesn’t work, so I’m left flying straight.
      • Change the guns damage or bow firing to make it ‘fairer’ to use, because it is kinda the frontal blaster all over again, sorta.
    • Project
      • Is the drone faster than a normal disintegrator? If so could this be changed?
        • I’ve encountered a project and on numerous occasions on a USA server with a 200+ roll/turn spike making impossible moves, just to get sniped, when focused in a different sniper, by good people they miss. 


  • Boremys
    • The special module has a major bug, that I think I tested with you and posted a bug report but its yet to be fixed—  it decreases your resistance instead of increasing at  a certain point, leading to near one shot ( 2 shot by disintegrator with over 80k surv and decent resistance on top of phase ) 
  • New ships
    • When will the Engineer/recon come out? I want the engineer and will they be premium?  (please don’t make the special modules 120 parts! that grind is litterly the worst in the game, period, ever, always has been. ![:sad:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.png “:sad:”)
  •  Gravi- lens changes
    • I and my entire team don’t like the ally pull thing, many modules/missiles don’t affect allies now.
  • Inhibitor Swarm
    • Possible nerf as 70% knock is kinda broken especially since its not a tackler? I’d be fine with maybe 40%
  • Destroyer Guns?
    • In monolith the destroyer that spawned had explosion coilgun, please oh please oh please add new guns for destroyers!
      • Halo is useless.
        • Too slow projectile speed and ROF to hit anything other than other destroyers or fly straight players.
      • G’Thar
        • NErfed to oblivion because the past devs didn’t know how to balance it.
          • Increase ROF by 30%
          • Decrease damage on hit, slightly increase damage over time but make it once and lower the pull time of the orb(only stuck for half a second)
      • Coilgun
        • OKAY all around really.
  • Monocrystals
    • WHY DO THEY COST IRIDIUM? ![:sad:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.gif “:sad:”)
      • The amount they cost is very very bad considering your chances, and the ‘free’ option to get them was nerfed to oblivion out of the game, please come up with a better, balanced system.
    • Maybe add the option to buy them, but not as much? Or lower the iridium cost of the 5x to 2000 or even lower and decrease the amount given.
    • I LOVE LOVE the anti-pay to win side of it but ooooooooooooooof for the new players it is stupidly hard to build ships now. 

USA servers? where dey at?

I will sing “Shut up and take my money” for you, because I will pay for USA servers now. ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)





12 hours ago, GatoGrande said:

When will you remove low-rank ships buffs?


you didn’t answer to this?






ps; it is nice to actually see that some dev care for the community here, big kudos to you ORCA



Why Combat Recon doesn’t count as regular PvP? 

And why don’t we get purple loot after first played Combat Recon battle?

Will monocrystal tasks be re-added? I feel like that was unfairly offed way too fast, plus it was also a good income of monocrystals.

So PvP is not a mess. It is once again playable and even fun again.The bots used as a buffer for players hot joining works (except in demolition) I don’t like them but, I understand this is a compromise of sorts. Still don’t like seeing Archons, Brokers  and Stingrays when I am flying all 15-17s but, it seems to be working.


When are we going to get some new ships? It feels like it’s time for another green machine. 


When are we going to get a “limited time sure to be nerfed after two weeks OP Kinetic” so were not all stuck at level 22 for the rest of our lives - gun?

8 hours ago, GatoGrande said:

And why don’t we get purple loot after first played Combat Recon battle?


Well, you didn’t answer this? Why can’t we get the first purple loot when we play this game?

Something else… will ship patrol rewards be reversed? I actually like the rewards I was getting from the patrols before, as now just credits are…  kinda meh.

11 hours ago, Exarus said:

Something else… will ship patrol rewards be reversed? I actually like the rewards I was getting from the patrols before, as now just credits are…  kinda meh.


What… ? Really? That didn’t need to be changed in the first place…


I really did enjoy getting vouchers and ship components from the patrols. Is there a good reason this was changed? I’m not very happy knowing this isn’t going to be changed when again, it didn’t need to be.

Will we be getting a new way to get vouchers reliably? And I’m not talking 20-30k per day I’m talking something useful.