Questions after a looong time of not playing this game.

Hi !

So, I didn’t play star conflict for something like 1 year. I left a bit after the Open world and before Dreadnoughts.

First of all, the most disturbing : When I logged I got a pop-up that said something like “you have some modules that have been removed due to a change”, I’m not really sure.

But then I found that I don’t have a Spacial Scaner anymore (for t4 or t5, I don’t remember but I’m sure I had one). An explanation on this?

Then would be “What’s the things to know after one year?”.

And finally what’s the current meta?

Snipe torpedoes are useful now? Still everything in hull or shield is fine too?


What was your IGN again? EDIT: I remember, Swifter.

Spatial Scanner should be now R12-15, if it’s just gone you may contact the support.


What changed? 


A lot.

RIP you.


And welcome back of course!  :012j:

Oh boy, are you up for surprises … lol 


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/30522-the-hitchhikers-guide-to-star-conflict/) 


Here’s a guide for SC if you need help fitting in.

Ah thanks.

I’m Swifter

One of the old active players. I even won the “create your stickers” contest.

I guess I’ll have to contact the support.

Yeah I know a lot of things have changed.

Quite disturbing to see that my old t3 ships with a full purple items can now equip t4 items, which mean that I have to grind everything again.

Ah well, welcome to the grindathlon :Đ

And finally what’s the current meta?


Welcome back! I remember you :slight_smile:


Yes a lot has changed and there is no real way to summarise sorry. I you have specific questions, just send me a PM here and I’ll answer

Hi! Reading recent Patchnotes and Dev’s blogs might be helpfull as well to find yourself in Star Conflict again  :012j: