Questions about today update

I’ve opened the launcher, and a new update was available… download finished with no problem, try to launch the game… and in the login page i see a message that tell me “outdated version”. See the screen:


Here full size: http://img820.images…21619271372.jpg

Now two questions:

  1. the news box in the left of the screen: what’s the content? something about server stop?

  2. the “outdated version” message is to be to considered “normal”, due to maintenance work?

It’s only to understand if this thing it’s a bug/problem, or you know and next all work fine :fed_cool:


The server is currently down for maintainance. It should be available again at approximately 14:00 GMT

Ok Zakzak, thanks for the info :fed012:

I’ve supposed something like this, but in doubt, i’ve ask :00111: