Questions About Shield Havoc

Do shield havoc fields merge together or the overlapping area deals higher damage when planted close enough to each other?


Can multiple shield havoc fields be planted on the same ship at the same time?


This is all for now. Anyone knows these?

They shouldn’t sure to being area effect but I guess a test would help.

The highest level effect takes priority until it runs out.


If one person uses a Mk4 Havoc module on a ship, then a few seconds later another ship uses a Mk3 Havoc module on the same ship, the Mk4 module will be the one that affects the target. Once it runs out, the Mk3 one will take effect.

If two of the same Mk modules are used on the same ship, the module with the highest time remaining will take effect.

Also, if the same time is remaining and they are the same Mk, then the enemy will be effected my the one closest to it’s source.

This mechanic affects all modules with AoE, except for weapons and missiles.

Makes sense, thanks.