Questions about Black Market and OBT


I’m asking myself a few questions since I consider buy some Golds to extend my “premium” status (and the 4 squad option)

I completly agree to get some funds by proposing micro-transaction so soon in the game developpement.


As far as I know, we are in beta, and once the Release will be there, all content will be vanished ; spaceship, corp etc…

This means that all the money I could invest in the game will be lost because of the Release ?

This idea slow me hard

Again, I agree to support devs by purchasing Golds, but 10€/month (may be more with the 1€=1$ system) with a beta that could last 6 months, maybe 1year. you know what I mean, It’s annoying.

So, what’s the truth


I apologize if these questions have been already asked.




Ps: To many T4 in this anniversary day >_<


And, at least if this company works as any other company out there, you will get your Credits back if there is a reset,

Thanks for your response,


I don’t care about Exp and ships, otherwise I would not play the beta,


But I guess you’re right. It seems legit anyway.

I would hope so, I have already thrown some cash at them and plan on firing another shot at them soon, the Freelancer combat style has me hooked. :smiley:

I was informed in a ticket that I submitted that there wouldn’t be  reset for the game at the end of the “Beta”

There are no resets planned.