Dear Devs,

I have just started playing Star conflict and really enjoy it.

However, there are two problems I have noticed. Firstly,

my Saitek X52 Joystick and Throttle controls do not work

with the game. Whether this is due to the game or the

Joystick and Throttle, I don’t know. Please Help?

Also, as I logged in the first time using my Gaijin account

I was told that, as a War Thunder player, I would get access

to a special decal and an exclusive ship, the Ghost I believe.

Despite this promise, I have only received the decal. If

you could either tell me what I’m doing wrong or fix this,

I would be most grateful.



A new but enthusiastic player

i’ve noticed my joystick has been axed too, i think it’s becaus nobody really played with one and it wasn’t very easy to play with one unless you wanted to invest in two joysticks and a set of rudder pedals to get the level of control. One joystick for aim, one joystick for fly. Easier to use a mouse and i /think/ some people use a gamepad (like an xbox controller)

Address the issue here and do a proper bug report. I think some face the same issue on Steam SC forums.

Spread the word.

Welcome to Star Conflict Waetcher9904 !


About your problem with joystick, please note that [joysticks and Gamepads are not supported at the moment](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/88-controls/)


Concerning the exclusive ship, please contact support here.

So he didn’t receive the Ghost…well, it is a Ghost after all, it’s bound to go missing occasionally!