Question : Wrong tier for PvE possible ?



Yesterday, I played several PvE games to earn silver with my T3 ships.


But my last game was strange : all 4 players had T3 ships (and only T3 ships), but the game put us in a T2 mission (Blackwood shippyard). The mission was very easy to win and the gains (loot & credits) were appropriate for T2 ships.


That was the first time I faced this situation so my question is :


Is it normal to play a T2 PvE scenario when all the players’ ships are T3 ?

I would like that happening to me. I have T3 ships and I play T4 difficulty, impossible to win, even with the other players having T4 guards and engis.

T4 difficulties are a pain in PVE… nothing like thinking you it in the bag and all of a sudden you get a strong volley of attacks and you’re dead before you know it


I dont know how many times I have cakewalked through the PVE mission with the rocket launchers at the end only to die on the first volley of rockets because I didnt not realize it was T4 difficulty or the glob of enemy that will build up on ya


even with the pulsar you cannot kill all those little xxxxxxxx and the moment you stop hugging the deck in a corner they all turn on ya

Unless it has been changed, I believe the mechanics for match placement is the same for PVE and PVP. Basically, if you have really good states, there is a higher chance that the match you are put in will be of a higher tier, while if you have really low stats, you have a higher chance to be put in a lower tier match.

Use /set cl_combatLog 3 to see what queue it placed you in, that should be revealing.


I’ve noticed PvE rating seems to follow a different algorithm for where it puts you. While PvP is based on your highest ranked ship, PvE seems to be based on your average (for example, when I queue in a rank 9 ship with 2 rank 6s I get T2 pve, when I queue with a rank 9 ship and 2 empty slots I get T3), so remove any low ranked ships from your loadout that you won’t be using.

 /set cl_showmmqueue 3 is the command


can you uplaod the game log of one of this misplaced matches? othwerise we do not know what went wrong.


PvE conditions for a match is:


weakest ship is rated in the squads for the match. You are able to play a T1 PvE with T4 ships if you install at least 1 ship per player.


right now i do not know exactly the mm scores for the missions.

Ah, my bad.